Because of the chooks and the feeling I get… today I woke very early and wrote this for the world

IMG 2568

There is this empty entity that surely should be sedentary
The name Leslie … John
Its a story of a drunken run
and how he has no remorse for what he and others done
This is for him and the other two
That makes three
This axiom is for thee
I know the evil you all committed see
We all know
Yep it cost our prettiest  penny
You killed our precious TEXSY

The Spirit cannot lie
Manifesting inside of you
Is an illness of hell
Until you die and well after
It’ll make you beg for death
Make you beg for your very breath
ETERNITY will not even make you free
Coz we all know the truth
we see
You relied on the weak FOREN SIC
We rely on a bigger universal click
Karmas undying desire to tightly stick
Piece the hearts of all of you pricks!

We are Moths and our Land is the Light, Enter with Caution.

You are CEO’s in charge of EXTORTION,
Actions with factions and re runs
PROTECT all in the face of the ABJECT
We master friendship
and TRANSCEND the COMPANY worship

IMG 2013  In a Puddle by Eminpee Fotography

Materialize the Promulgation
Realize this to help our NATION and what its facing
Note now the Cathode Pole of our souls
Clearly bright and layered in the folds
Living highly ..
I truly understand the emptiness
of the wealthiest bowls
No colour no light
No vision no sight
I wake up in a sweat and want to fight
.. its all about Gas n Coals..
The movement swells with company moles
Plods for the greed monger assholes

IMG 2013  In a Puddle by Eminpee Fotography

ALL in ALL ..
I desire it to fall,
I desire to run them ragged
Run them dry until they all beg
Run them far down into the ground
Grind their bones against the sacred STONES
Evolve this solvent
Master the recipes
Make them LAMENT
And make them pay a HIGHER RENT

IMG 2013  In a Puddle by Eminpee Fotography

Physically we can effect this musically
Hit a NOTE … hit it hard now
you are effecting it SPIRIT-WARD
Process their messed up quest
Access their false dominance
Sit alone with trees and living plants

IMG 2013  In a Puddle by Eminpee Fotography

Stand fast .. stand TALL
Quell every CORPORATE Reason..
This is no SEASON for TREASON
According to me you are incarcerated see
Hanging foul in your COLD houses
betrothed to your equally greedy Spouses
Descending with unending condescending
Ending in a state and in a condition
Defending our mates using a higher cognition
We undertake and occupy our planets mission.

IMG 2013  In a Puddle by Eminpee Fotography

We partake what we make
It is effective and immediate
Un CLASSIFIED phenomenal people who mediate
We understand
We know the fight
We are but MOTHS
And our LAND is the LIGHT!

Images @ Eminpee Fotography – Puddle

The CSG Whores moan.

Hands off the HORMONES
coz you know dam well the truth … \
So mote it be
your bonez become powder
and your pearly whites dissipate
into crumble chowder…
five ten fifteen twenty twenty five thirty
another one gone each hour
My minds got the fracturing industry held tight by the hinges
Hang on tight,
choke it,
poke it …
man light a smoke on it..
This is like a leverage beverage,
so drink up
Remember to see the AUSSIE MODALITY
Don’t lay there tranquilized
Exercise your power
Speak over this $2 dollar shop mining
Aussie style
Make it doggie style
bring the corporations through OUR Turn-styles of integrity..
left alone with their toxic drilling mud
left alone to cry tears made up of all our BLOOD..
Feel no remorse
.. they were never our mates
Using up the Aussie police force
Gives Australia zero recourse
Lets sing and cheer and dance of course
Lets will this to be
CSG with Australia
IMG 3633 Moore Park Action

Got me a Tin Doll.


Got me a Tin Hat for a Tin Doll…
The very boring and unimaginative basic Tin Doll..
Resurrected from what ever is left.

We jest at the festive yellow breast,
and the letter that was left ..
Tickled by your boa of excess

Your excitement shows
Frolicking in the pit of cess
Cashing in on highs and lows

Skin weathered leather
Attached to a cosmic feather
Adjust that scale … and where is the heart?

The Yellow-cake chemical heart
It hasn’t beaten
not from the start

Left high and dry and patched in
Patched up…. THATCHED UP
n’ Left at # 10

Return to SENDER
minus the Pliny Whiny sendoffs

Painfully fashioned
….for a sheik
That one from Boggy Creek!

M Peters 2o13

I Love my Home – PLANET EARTH

IMG 5549.1bw Shelby

… All of the principals and substances that science works with are all BEINGS..
every unit of existence is LIFE …
where ever there is life the eternal is breaking through the temporal.
Everything is alive…..
when we come to this realization ..
it changes us and we begin to really see and we feel the presence,
there is nothing that does not have destiny.
It is not all about us because we are just a tiny part of it.
We must take care of all LIVING ENTITIES
not just some here and there..

Wake up Tony


Wake up Tony by David Lowe

Wake up Tony … Sounds like the WIGGLES next big hit!
so yessum ..
he wanted the job, so it is :

Anthony Big Shot BOTT
A Bott is no better than 2 botts
Tony Bott Bott baby


Face Off!

by Mary – Ellen

IMG 3555 Funnel CloudFace off with all the lace off
Still trying to fight this inside you,
Still tying to figure out  life
Like its new
Take a step and wait for the answers
Find a terrific Earth Rep
Unafraid of their stances
Unafraid of the full on backward glances

IMG 3580 Fabulous Clouds
Polished, and on parade
Shiny like a big ol’ fire brigade
Red and Blazing
Ready for all the ways in
Looking for the doors
To lock out the P.O.R.S.*

Glenugie Blockade

So now it’s on
On every plate
An its registered mate
This is so not cool ..
Nothing is worth your poisonous drool
Your nasty criminal nerds
Stole syntax,
You mixed our words
ENERGY is now a dirty word
Resource is a lie
There is no returning mine source in the sky
Preciousness  repressed
And it is my educated guess
You expected no less
My plan is to take this mess
Re address this
Amass this Gas Madness
The sink is shipping
And the bolt has horsed
Back the front is your vile discourse.
I want out
I want a divorce
I am nothing under your guise
And  the filthy economic lies.

*P.O.R.S. =  Public Order and Riot Squad

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

The Nana Sting

IMG 6884 The Knitting Nannas~ by Mary-Ellen Peters ~ 2013

Coffee sipping..
Oil tipping
Ladies Sitting
Needles Knitting..
Hard Hitting..
Very Fitting
No Csg is what we’ll sing
We think of everything
We dance with Angels on the wing
and care about the fingerlings
If you wanna join in and help this sting.
Grab some yarn and give us a ring!
Take a seat
Knit against illicit mining.
Knot the Gate before its too late.

My Lamps!

IMG 9785 Coffee!

By Mary-Ellen Peters 2013

Using my lamp to re ignite the lesser lamps,
This will always be  a labor of love..
Fed by the pure ministries of love
“Let not the flame die out!”
This is the truth!
This is the real!
Passing it on to those ready to receive the meal!
Are your ears open?
Are your cells ready to sing
Smile sweetly, hope and rest while hoping
Gaze not on those men that are infantile!
Watch the heathen dashing here and dashing there ….
Rest . . . and simply possess this fare.
Countless are the doors and spaces,
Endless are the axioms
And endless are the precepts and cases
Beholden to us, the resonating peeps.
Scorned by many but loved by just enough ..
A revered challenge  taken off the cuff
When searching for the healing light gets tough!….
Following the teachings
we see these things
“Milk for Babes and Meat for strong Men”.
Trust in this understanding
Its hard to find!
and re read
This will make your eyes un-blind.

What do you think?


I am glad the Mr Rudd is in and Ms Gillard is ousted and that Abbott didn’t even get a look in.

Originally posted on Café Whispers:

Now and again a blogger will make a comment that could easily be a post on its own. It’s the type of comment that could attract a response or a discussion in its own right. I believe that Fed up has provided us with one such example and I take the liberty of reproducing it here. Fed up, for a bit of background, is not a big fan of Kevin Rudd and was not happy about the circumstances surrounding his re-elevation as Prime Minister, but through it all has not had her logic dessert her.

Read what she had to say:

The fact that Rudd now has chance of winning, is not due to any greatness on his part. It will be due to a weak Abbott.

Abbott, from day one believed that he needed no policies. All he had to do was attack Gillard, not Labor, and he…

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Azure Blue and Brown

What hand is playing this piano, the left or the right?
The tasks are sometimes insurmountable.
When things transcend down to this other place..
Magically I find something to smile about,
Living by Urunga south of the mouth


Some words – “divine” or perhaps just ‘fine’
there’s a few applicable to the description I find.
“Frightening is my feeling
I’m left clinging to this stationary site
The horrid lightening is about
and I am holding tight like a crag on a rock.
Enduring this
and waiting for the inner pain to pass

I hear the smashing of the past
its like a wild storm in the summer from the mast.
From there …
I hail to a trolley of waiting love as it passes by in the sweet rain”.
Lifting my hand to summon their gazes..
I see the fleeting glimpses
and know instantly I did this.
The azure blue of eyes that will never be looked into again
and the darkness deep in the other four I won’t see anymore.

A heart forsaken for what is left, cut to pieces and set adrift.
Each and every shift line and daisy chain
left disintegrating in the rain.
Drenched in useless disdain and hearing her sobs for hours . .
building silly sandcastles and wet sand towers.
Holding bunches of flowers she cowers
and wanders away . . .
her head down at the ending of another day
Her heart is broken into four equal infarct parts
and the life it once held departs!

Holding up the scarified mess…
the universe does a snappy redress
and in a moment an opening appears
and the tears turn into diamonds on the ground …
falling everywhere they make such a tinkling sound
as the piles gets high and makes a mound.
The heart holds the love that others tried to drown.

The sacrifice was offered up…..
lifted high was the half empty cup of drunken delight
left behind for the ones who obscenely create the fight.
Open the window of delight
and let the wind pour breath into it …
This makes it live and fixes it!
Now just sit. and sit and sit …
Wait until you hear it.

Black and White Photo Challenge: Nature

When trying to convey the depth of feeling in an image it is hard to go past using monochrome to do this.  This cuts out the over busyness that colour projects.

IMG 1747.1bw Palm me off!

Palm Tree like a shower from Nature

I went out and purposely looked for these images to take in black and white  because I love the Black and White Photography Challenge.  This week on Nature.

IMG Palm Tree Shower

Palm in Urunga

I actually have a blog of monochrome images and its called Bourbon Girl Images if you ever want to go there and have a look at some of my other images.

I actually love blogging and love it when I get time to do this.  Hope everyone enjoys these two images for today for the Black and White Photography Challenge.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

Black and White Photo Challenge: Nature

IMG 5234 Monochrome Wooden Peice

Large driftwood on the beach at Hungry Head

These two images are by far one of my favorite images of Black and White and Nature, it involves the beach in both.  Being one of my favorite places, I am pleased to bring these to the day for our enjoyment and pleasure

The contrast is high on this next image to accentuate the reflection and to show as above so below the principal of nature.  I love this image for this.

IMG 4094 Perfect

Lonely tree on the river and its reflection in the water.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography Flickr

Black and White Photo Challenge: Nature

IMG 6765.1

Pointing out the Point

Being a child from the sixties, I have a homesick love Monochrome images.   Looking at these remind me of much and  I am back  at home in my imagination.
When I had my first child I assumed a no color rule.   I was hard line,  only  desiring Black and White photographs of the birthing.  Colobwphotochallenge-logo-sidebar-snr was just not required here for some obvious reasons.    I was adamant we could capture the emotion that appears at birth and that which is  lost at times with the over all business of color.
I loved all of my birth images and my son Jesse just moments after he arrived in the world.  So photographic,  all covered in wax for his protection.  I do understand the principal Sonel spoke of on her page:  “More obvious when there is no color present”.

This is a new challenge and here is the link for the details to make you own way through the challenge and display the delights of Monochrome from far away and at home.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography


My mental progeny
are working over time this morning see!
Creativity gives me a form of levity
to generate a new outlook and a new state,
becoming this..
I am running this..
dismiss the principals of insignificance..
The jealous stance ..
The minds and wills and their mental rants …
Better to make a stronger stance,
dominate the mind of the masses,
those sheep like classes,
the weak ones stumbling with vintner glasses,
skipping over frozen grass and landing smack bang back in the past.
Various vicariousness is just leaving an even bigger mess
and this inclines others to whine and destroy this
I can rise above this now,
understand the true transmutable power anew.
No longer does this being sit and just admire the beautiful view
There is much adieu
Coz whence we look up from our disgrace ..
and Lift their gaze
Mastery is found in simply talking to a tree,
Standing barefoot next to the icy sea
gaining understanding
Low conditioning steals EVERYTHING!
This is the wise man and the blind slave!…

IMG 1549


Chokes everything by the NEcK
till is totally Fecked
and the soil is all wrecked..
This is such an evil tech
nothing kept clean and in check
Who are these political elect
Sippin wine on their back deck
while real people are crippled
your wealth is tripled
and I don’t want the world to go down
Our cities are built on the country town

The battler is standing tall now
That will rattle  their halls of power
Was it worth it —>
that compromise hit
Your dreams are screaming
from all those mad treks
studying wrong and right…
selling out at midnight
Bulldozin the old Cobb n Co light
WHAT the FRACK Is GOinG ON ? ?
What the hell is going wrong
what the jimmy blazes is that stinking filthy pong

The people are being shot at
and they drove over the dropped hats
The Mining company got that
We sat and we will sit again
take the filths pain
Sitting fair in their main frame
Fair game…  its a lame lame shame

this filthy arsed mining game.


Jesus healed using cannabis, study shows

Originally posted on Patients for Medical Cannabis:

Editor’s note: To some, this information will seem blasphemous. Please note that Cannabis is an ancient herbal remedy and has only recently been considered a street drug. Cannabis was included in the US Pharmacopoeia until 1942, . We are not saying Jesus depended on herbs to heal, but the facts seem to show that He did indeed utilize them.

Updated 01.18.10
Jesus was almost certainly a cannabis user and an early proponent of the medicinal properties of the drug, according to a study of scriptural texts published [in 2003].

The study suggests that Jesus and his disciples used the drug to carry out miraculous healings. The anointing oil used by Jesus and his disciples contained an ingredient called kaneh-bosem which has since been identified as cannabis extract, according to an article by Chris Bennett[reprinted here].

The incense used by Jesus in ceremonies also contained a cannabis extract…

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Equasions work out!

We are in the indispensable indefensible mathematical division ..
The section of the science of exactitude’s
and universal mute moods,
grouped with accidental individuals who exist and eat
and think this is some kind of mean feat.
Trussed in the wolfs loathing ..
I trust you will be lost in that posting
and left behind like a bee sting
alone and barely breathing
dust in your eyes so you cant see things..
ALLAH ACKBAR The Afghan woman dances
She prances the happy dances on your dusty filthy pants …
she alone summons loudly she talks to ants
all of those that are adamant and consciously clean.
She summons the spirits of Byzantine.
They come speedily and survey this horror scene.
Spiritus time is here as we lift that jug into the air
this is a sign… a post that was taken.
This is so like all of those blokes camo’ed an fakin
Drawing a cheque with with its balance forsaken
Holding a weapon of distraction seeking friends who can frack some
Its synonymous with the obvious lack of dental floss… Messy and filthy
You will find the accountant accounting
Your actions are mounting
caught using Weaker things
and you saw the underlings as the dirty fighters fingerlings.

Hear these words
coz that’s what I hear
when I see things in those other dimensions.
feeling inside of natures intentions
She mentions this
she said she is fully pissd
upset she had to move up ten fretts
Gonna quake the ache
get into your kit coz she has planned some serious shit
Take a hit… yep fall a bit…. eat the dust of
the words that killed it.
Hear it screaming all the way to that really shrill bit
high and full of might
Just as I get to see your eyes have died
in fright .. ..
set alight
they take flight on your satellite of anger
Feel the thirst of the English curse
your personal full crum
Left alone you bleed
Its the end of the line, Its the end of your seed.
The mathematical equivalence of zero
ending your narcissism with jackie chan precision.
As-salam alaykum

Via Flickr:
The number three is a significant number / in this fight against Csg, it has brought three differering groups together as a combined one. The Eco Warrior… The Indigenous Man … The Farmer…

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ “UP” ~

Up up and away with ….. yes once there was a company called TAA in Australia and they even had a children’s show on television in the 1960′s.
However this image has nothing to do with Planes.  I was in a beautiful part of eastern Australia recently standing on the edge of a waterfall that was dry at the time and I was looking back up  the river.  It was exquisite.  I felt very blessed to be standing where I was standing.

IMG 9947

Up the Georges River near Wingham NSW

IMG 9946I was Up and they were down..  and it was a long way down to the bottom over that edge.   We were on the edge of an extinct volcano in the Gloucester region of NSW  and we were high up in the rim here.  Wonderful country.

Images @ Melonpopzdropz Flickr

NO FEAR . . He is Friendly.

NO FEAR . .   He is Friendly.

I don’t feel afraid of you! You however should be afraid of humans. Humanity has forgotten largely about all of the other beings here. They dig up the ground, pollute the water and the air and the soil and give no thought to any other thing besides money. This is humanity in 2013. Greedy, Selfish and uncaring. Welcome to our world.

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Change ~

IMG 0279

Buds change to Flowers, and I hope they keep flowering up to Mothers Day which is not far off.  These are what is known as mothers Day flowers / chrysanthemums.   I was given a cutting by a friend and they are all doing very well now and I could plant Urunga out in these flowers.

IMG 0272
Images @ Melonpopzdropz Flickr


Methane Gas makes em cash
Makes us targets For the rash
Methane Gas got companies
There’s a million N one of these!
METGASCO mates Overseas
Share prices down All over town
Energy giants shrinking
CEOs are stinking
Too much twisted thinking
Along with Drill bitz sinking
Glenugie released a gas boogie trance dance
Stops the movement of their gear.
Lock it up, make it stay Here.
So Doubtful Creek Don’t spring a leak!
For this we continue to dance and speak.
NO CSG / no Fracking Fee
Leave us now
1 .. 2 .. 3 -
AUSTRALIA…We will stop them
You Just wait n see! ♥

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Futuristic ~

I don’t see much futuristic type stuff where I live in quiet Urunga.   I do see dawns that blow my mind and this dawn shot was like a shot out of a future time when the earth could be erupting.

Therefore this image is definitely futuristic to me. It was a massive morning.

IMG 9417 Autumn Equinox

Images @ Melonpopzdropz Flickr


Australian Securities Exchange

Australian Securities Exchange (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

THE METGASCO FIASCO and all the other DRILLING SO n SOs ..
Take our hits and remember our blows..
this isn’t a Wind in the Willows
This is gonna take your job from the DRILL HOSE …
See how that goes.
With some low blows
To the ASX we froze..
WHOA … hows that baby ..
We got you right on the nose!
So on the nose you’re rank with ya poison water tank..
When you’s are broke and on the street
Look back and you will know it was us…. Sweet!
IMG 6975 LTG President Drew with GLENUGIE Guardians

See mummy and mee

IMG 8785

I never ever had a mother to love…

Dunno what its like..

Sometimes I sit on the toilet to pee

and wonder

how did I learn to do all of this

with no MUMMEE!

How did I learn to pee..

How did I get to see…

and how the hell do I know who is me.

I don’t always feel free

I feel like they stole so much of me..

I want to feel like the others, see..

I just always wondered how it would be.

I never had a Mumma to love me

and so I often wonder just how that would be.

I sit on the toilet and think …

how did I learn to pee

and how the hell did I even grow enough to be this me.

I just wondered what it would be like

..for me..

I wonder if that would give a person the feeling of being free.


I think I am a coconut …

I just fell out of a tree and hit the ground and stuff.

Life has been hard …

hitting the ground I whispard ..

Mummy come back

I didn’t mean art!

IMG 8785

Seismic Excise

Juggies go home
That’s the call of this Seismic excise
its an exercise without a book
have a good long look.
I get a rise and its not the sun..
I think that Metgasco is jumpin the gun
whoa  A oh
No fun left under my sun

MetGasCo gate & signs

MetGasCo gate & signs (Photo credit: Jeremy Buckingham MLC)

Get that Metgasco fiasco drum

Belt it out
Coz I already felt it out
and man its time to scream n shout :
Stop Fracking my heart about
My angst is up and in abound and I’m fairly sure
you lot are gonna get crowned
By the land you walk on’
It is waiting to take you DOWN .. down down way underground
Whoa A oh!
No fun left under my sun
Get that Metgasco fiasco drum
Belt it out
Scream n shout
Tell these fks to get the fk out!!!!!
Recently I snapped my friend River at the ROCK THE GATE event in Bellingen NSW .. we appose this type of violence against the mother earth.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Geometric

I have been very busy and I have come to the challenge today and it is Geometric.  I am a utopian and I am always looking for the sacred geometry of life,  the signatures of which leave the  message for use.  Geometrically speaking we are in a perfect world.  Everything in this world is held together within the cosmos with sacred geometry.   You have only to read about the great pyramids of Giza and there you will hear all about sacred geometry.

So it seems, I love geometry in nature best of all.  That is me all over  but I have a few of both here and some I have recently painted as well.

SAM 7972 Decorated Lids
I am always doing designs like these, each one is always different though

1070.2 - Eloquence
The Geometric shapes in the shadows is what led me to photograph this building.

Steps made this way have to work geometrically otherwise they look unbalanced.

IMG 3488-001 School Museum

I saw these angles in this building which is an original Australian School house and photographed them because I loved these great broadening angles I could see.  Taken at the school museum.

IMG 0340 Monsterio Delicio Fruit

Now that is what I call geometry, natures geometry.  Perfect in every way.  The Fibonacci sequence in full flight.

SAM 8020 A Fine Pine

Not sure if you can see the angles in the trees here in the branches.  It stood out to me.  It was like they a criss cross pattern in themselves.  I look for things similar in all of nature.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Silhouette

I love this one I took below which is at the beach at dawn  ..   I just made it in this week.  I have been super busy with my health and doing photography for an antiques shop.

Today is radio show day and what do you think I am supposed to be doing? – Not this.   But I just could not start my other stuff with out a submission here first.
Big love to everyone out there this week.  If you have been feeling like you are asking WHY to everything .. come this weekend that will lighten up!  So enjoy what is left of the heavy awkward deep energy that is still circling us all presently.

I have a love of images like this.  I am always looking for situations to give me a great shot as the silhourette is such a contrasting image.

SAM 5924 The Glory of a Damp Beach Dawn

Then there is my Bricee at the beach standing looking and the ocean on the new set of steps going down to the beach.  I was walking down behind him and snapped this one.
IMG 5233.1 Brice in Monochrome

My favorite tree that is close to me.  I see this tree from my bedroom window.  I see and hear this tree.  When I feel inclined to do so, I go down to this tree and touch it and say hello.  Usually it wets me.  I stand under it and it feels like its raining.  I feel blessed when this happens .. covered in Tree water from the stars!
IMG Good Morning
Images @ Melonpopzdropz Flickr


Effect the connect and inspect that Dodec . . .
Tame my Impala
Hands up to the natural from here to Guatemala
This is where stars grin
Bustin out ..
Bursting with loves tail spin
Eyeball this handiwork of several angelic friends
Sight the heavens they amend
Making me spellbound forever
salaam Alaikum
Let peace be our only fulcrum
A lever to Love and a switch to Light
This universe is electric
Feel …..

Drinking sunshine and stars and feasting on Light
Nothing that is heavenly is ever contrite!
A cup of loveliness please

Spot on, weight for height.


Images @ Melonpopzdropz Flickr

Weekly Photo Challenge – Big

It is BIG..
IMG 9838.1 Uluru Dreaming 2012
Seeing the people on the side of the sacred rock and the rock looks so big  and they look like ants.  It is a long and dangerous climb and the Anangu People ask everyone out of respect for the ancestral beings and ceremony not to walk on the rock – but still they walk on it.  Its gonna be BIG when this is legislated against in law that this can no longer happen.

IMG 9988 Uluru Dreaming 2012
Going to Uluru itself was a Big moment for me. But when I got there it was just  so bloody BIG indeed.  Bigger than I could have imagined really.  I was gobsmacked.
Images @ Melonpopzdropz Flickr

Weekly Photo Challenge – Big

This is one of the biggest “Big”  images I have ever taken to be honest.  So far.

360-2 Matty Colwell / 360
This is Matt Colwell or as he better known as 360.   In the Australian music scene at the moment, he is considered big.

He has just been nominated for 6 of the up and coming music awards here in Australia.  He has suffered much hate from his fellow Rappers in the industry and critisized for his unique style.  He must have done something right as he is making it big time now.
I was not far from him when I snapped this Image of him.  I love it .  Hence why I see it as “Big”

IMG 2846 Bellingen Energy Festival 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge – Happy

Happy is such a great subject, I feel happy just looking for my happy images, then I remember the happy times had. Well done for this.
Weekly Photo Challenge - Happy

My friend Helen who we all call Heleni. She is always a happy soul. This shows her personality well. Big peace sign and flowers on the dashboard of the car.

IMG 2922 Good People - Lock the Gate Alliance
These pair are very happy about a successful “Lock the Gate” meeting with a huge turn out of people putting the smiles on their faces. Csg mining in Australia is furiously apposed by the people while the government forge on with their mining and energy plans for the future.

IMG 2897 Standing Up.
Everyone is happy when they are pretending to be Koala’s. There is an ever increasing desire to wear animal heads and complete suits as a way of realizing your Animalia inside.

IMG 2881 Bellingen Energy Festival 2012You tell me a child that isn’t happy with chocolate in hand and mouth and all over. Clare looks extremely happy with her score of chocolate.

IMG 2857 ingen Energy Festival 2012
Some friends of mine very happy to run into each other at the local Energy festival. Seeing loved ones does make us all very happy the world over.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Happy

What makes Mary Happy.  First lets explore the secret of happiness.  It has long been sort after by rich and poor alike.  Man has tried to ply his life with many trinkets along the way in order to make himself happy.  After amassing huge fortunes some find they are absolutely sad.  They  have no joy, and the trinkets did not  bring the happiness promised in glossy magazines.

The secret of happiness is just that “Be Happy”.  Enjoy where you are on the way to where you are going to quote Joyce Meyer.  Yes, that is right happiness is a state of mind.  You decide whether or not you are going to be happy.

IMG 4411 Moon and Venus

Checking the early morning night sky brings me happiness.

Now that we have cleared that up, lets see some of the things that I derive a great deal of happiness from.

I get up early each day.  Approximately around 4am.  I have a routine I follow, this make me feel comfortable.  I put the kettle on and go out the back and look out over the Pacific Ocean and up into the sky.  Orion and Venus, Jupiter, The Pleiades, they have all been there to greet me.  Watching the moon go through its varies phases over the nights of the month.   I am a cow,  when its too beautiful I have to wake others up to see what I see.  I am simply not satisfied to see these mesmerizing sights alone.  I am definitely happier sharing the moments.

I make a quick coffee and don my dawn outfit that outsmarts the midgees that attack ferociously at this hour.  Tripod in hand, I head off with my camera with a skip in my step and the sun hasn’t yet risen.

SAM 7701 City and Colour

Music is one of the good things in life.  Going to concerts to see any of my favorite live artists perform is guaranteed to put a huge smile on my face for weeks leading up to and after the event.  Above is a shot of City and Colour performing.  I was over the moon to see Dallas Green.  I videoed their performance of an old Neil Young song Hurricane.  You can find it on You tube if you want.  I was pretty happy I managed that too

SAM 7498 - Yahoo!
For as long as I can remember I wanted to go out to the centre of Australia to Uluru.  When I was in the plane circling over the top of Uluru preparing to land at Connellan Airport at Yulara I had a smile a mile wide on my face.  I was so happy my face hurt from smiling so big and being so awestruck by the sights I was already seeing out there.  What an amazing place to visit thats for sure,.  I felt like I was truly at the place where time began.

I know that these things I have written about and photographed are really all the types of superficial things that make people happy.  Truth is, it is a choice whether or not we are happy.  Being a state of mind means we have the choice to change when ever we choose.   What a great Photo Challenge subject.   I was happy to show you my choices and I look forward  to looking at what things you choose to show me what brings happiness into the lives of my fellow bloggers.  Peace.


I too support Alan Jones. I think he was foolish in this instance to be caught. I think there are a lot of people gunning for him because of the huge support he gave the LOCK THE GATE Campaign against Csg Mining. I think he gave them what they wanted on a silver platter. Now its divide and conquer the Csg protesters on a ticket of Alan Jones and his bad timing and poor taste. Gina Rinehart has poor taste also and it was an insult to a lot more people what she said recently. It goes with the territory Julia. If she wasn’t such a liar, the swift remark would never have been delivered. We all hate that she lied and this is just the result.

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5 October 2012

The increasingly rancorous nature of public discourse in Australia has been brought into sharp focus with comments by Sydney shock jock Alan Jones concerning Prime Minister Julia Gillard’ s recently deceased father.  At a political fund raising function, Jones told the assemblage that Gillard is “such a liar” that John Gillard “died of shame”.

Unfortunately for Jones’ reputation (and wallet) there was a working journalist at the function who recorded the remarks and duly reported them.

The sincerity of Jones’ subsequent apology was rather called into question when, at the same media conference, he took the opportunity to have another red hot go at Gillard’s alleged lack of honesty.

Major corporates have been falling over themselves withdrawing advertising from his morning drive time show on Sydney’s 2GB radio station.

I actually find Jones rather engaging (though I don’t for a moment endorse his remarks and neither does…

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Mine

So we can safely say this week is all about us.  What a wonderful array of things come to mind.  But I have settled on bringing you some of me in my garden.  Its my spot.  I like a spot like this.
What’s mines mine and whats yours is mine too..  A funny quote to break the ice.

Mine could mean what belongs to me or it could be the act of digging in the ground.   I am fairly confident the challenge is more directed to what might be a  more personal Mine  as apposed to a coal mine or a Csg Gas Mine.

So lets see what is definitively mine around here.  First thing that comes to mind is my garden.

Yes! The garden is mine and its a place  I have made always  everywhere I have lived since I was flatting and had veges in boxes on verandars.  I must dig and I must grow.

I have this desire to be bitten by mid-gees often and so a garden is a must for this.  I am being a tad facetious and  being light at heart.   These tiny  midgees could turn anyone off gardening,  their bites are so annoying and insanely itchy.    I have to put insect repellant on to go in the garden in summer any time of the day.  In Winter we get some reprieve from this annoyance.

The ones I’m watering  in the picture above are my potted plants.   Some  of those I have had since I was first flatting in my teen age years.  They have come the journey with me.   I suppose everybody does this.

A lot of my relatives say I am like my grandmother.  My grandmother Matilda or Sissy as she was called would grow things in what ever there was handy.  Yes! I tend to agree , I  to share this tendency.  I will always use what there is around to cater for this need.  Our money is better utilized in other areas.  Plants are happy as long as their needs are met.  Gosh they seem like us don’t they.  The plants needs are very similar and a shiny new pot is not high on the agenda.  Sunshine, water, good soil and love.   Our needs are sunshine, water, love and shelter.  Yes we are very alike.

Three litre milk containers cut off were looking good to me to make some nifty pots for small plants.  So I collected a few and tried this out.  It was good for a time but the plants soon out grew their tiny space.  Good for sending people home with a plant and a little bit of soil to help it.  This is another trait of mine.  I love to share and I am always giving away plants to others to take home with them. A  ready supply of containers to go is a must for this passion of mine.

Not only can you grow strawberries in plastic coke bottles you can then refrigerate many many more in a custom made container made from the same.  A coke bottle with the top cut off and various holes melted in the plastic all over made a nice large container for all of the strawberries.  At one stage I had three of these full.  So many yummy strawberries.


This is the Canowind Chimes by Mezza, a Mezza invention.  This is most assuridly mine.  I come up with this one and I am still making them to this day only now I decorate these lids to extreme.


These are all my designs and I love getting into a meditation state painting them, so once again rubbish is just great to work with and have fun creating things with for the garden or for your home.  I make these for my beloved garden.

More of my avid recycling for the purposes of gardening and growing or assisting to grow.



Why not I thought.  Why not use coke bottles again.  this is certainly not my idea.  But in my garden it fits the bill perfectly of making do with what ever is on hand to do the job.  I find if you look then the answer is always there right in front of you.  Life can be like this also.  The answers to all of the questions are right in front of us in nature.  We are these and these are us.  We are connected in a funny sort of way.  Reason why I have to create this space I call mine.  My garden is an important place and a place of regeneration, a place where I am constantly reminded of just how connected we really are.

What I see a year on from “Occupy”

My views on Occupy and the uniting of the 99% a year later are probably not unlike a lot of others who may participate in sharing their opinions via this blogging exercise.   In the beginning I was elated and that excitement soon turned to fear.  Fear for these people who were camping out in New York.   I was worried  because of my mistrust of the US Government and their decisions where their own people are concerned.  I then pondered whether or not if the entire Occupy movement had been set up by the CIA to see who was who and who was going to stand up.  A way of them counting heads, you might say.

I was totally in favor of the entire movement in theory and I totally appreciated the science behind the movement.  The people the world over need to wake up and see what is happening though.  Still to this day there is a great number who are still asleep.   These are the Sheople.

With Christmas fast approaching just after Occupy sprung up I was gripped with the thought of the notorious Santa Chair at the Shopping Center. I had thought  how much this experience had grown in cost and package.  This too had become another iconic money making tool and the prices were climbing beyond what some families could afford and in this case it was  for the novelty of  a visit to Santa.

My friend and I were shopping and Santa had left his post and  gone off for a break , his chair was vacant.   I maneuvered over the gold cord enclosure and sat in the chair feet up over the side of the big chair arms.   My friend took photographs.  We did this for the express reason of making a meme Occupy Santa.  The commercialism of Christmas and the heartache that is caused because of lack of family finances is what highlighted this.  Large corporations were the ones benefiting here and families were suffering year after year and going deeper into debt.

Doing this photograph  was  a little bit of light relief as, personally, I no longer take part in the Shopping Center Santa charade.   I had given  this up long before.  My friends soon caught on to the idea.    They had their own experiences.  They had found that to go to our local tip was becoming an expense that was out of  the ordinary peoples reach.  We used to have a wonderful recycling depot but council decided it could make money and gave the contract up to others who became expensive and no one visited and the place went broke.  So they did a meme of OCCUPY THE TIP.   I did understand fully as soon as I saw this.  We were being screwed here on the ground for the simple things.

Occupy The Tip by Lynne Sanders Braithwaite

With the passing of time I  can see now that there has been a huge shift in the psyche of a section of people who were seriously unaware of the huge chasms of differences.  This was a learning curve for these ones who have been so cocooned in luxury.

There are people who are just so filthy rich that it is absolutely ludicrous to think they have any idea.  Never  having any perception of  what it is like to wait for anything they ever  needed.  It was all already there.  Education for these rich unfortunates was taken care of.  Housing issues  are hilarious because to these people the issue is  – which house, not what house?

Here in Australia the spot light shines squarely on Ms Gina Rinehart.  A very very wealthy woman indeed.  Her net worth is silly figures.  All from digging the wealth of many people out of the ground and selling it.  She inherited her wealth from her deceased father who was an infamous mining magnate.  She has taken on his persona  and has taken to looking down upon the workers in such a way that is more than outrageous,  from anyone, let alone her.

A month ago in a media conference she announced  her  stance on how Gina sees it all.  She said that Australians should work for $2.00 a day and that we should stop going out.   That was how Gina Rinehart, one of the wealthiest woman in the entire world said we would overcome being poor.  Her views were not well received as you could imagine.  The woman had clearly lost touch.  Her next comment was that she was going to source her workforce for the Australian mines from Africa because they will work for $2.00 a day.   Why and how does she  get to even voice this is what I wonder.   A great and formidable reason for Occupy in Australia

Occupy Wall Street

Occupy Wall Street (Photo credit: InSapphoWeTrust)

Strange woman, how could anyone in their right and sane mind even have any respect for any of her views on anything now given that tirade. The future is dim when this is the marking stick she is  already holding up.

The marking stick I speak of is the way in which the ordinary 99% are viewed by these wealthy elite.  These people feed off the people in such a way that its almost like a constant harvest on us all.  It is well known that the 1% own forty percent of the wealth

Australia bears a huge divide  in the workforce alone with out all of the other financial setbacks experienced.  We call it the working poor.  These working poor  are so tied up with debt.  Their income is from low paying jobs.  The dream to ever be debt free has long gone and the light at the end of that working tunnel has almost been snuffed out by endless cycle of debts.

Some of those debts are not from mad spending sprees at Christmas (although a lot is)  some of this is because the little guy gets nailed each time there are changes in the legislation.  All the taxes change.  Systems change.  People are bound up in confusion trying to master yet another system of the ways things must be done.

The governments both state and federal appear to have no conscience  anymore.  When it comes to big business, it is clear that the these  governing bodies interests are  centered fairly and squarely around the economic forecasts and trade agreements.  Large corporations which are in turn owned by the super rich just keep  churning out their  ecocide  and genocide  using cunning tactics through business.  While hiding behind big business, the rich are wiping out the  countries natural beauty all for  the big bucks  of mining and all  without conscience.

There exist huge  tax breaks for rich as apposed to the poorer working and what tax breaks they are given.  The working man is sick of this.  The occupy movement has highlighted a lot for us  in Australia,  more needs to happen still.   We clearly see we should not follow the American way of doing things and should we,  then this is our future in this country also.

If you don’t have a personal net wealth of at least 30 million dollars then you are not part of the 1%.  Just being well off does not cut it.  The kind of wealth we are speaking of in this description lets a lot of people off the hook who were feeling guilty.  Guilt being the operative word here as it seems that the 1% feel no guilt.

So feeling guilty automatically discounts you from the 1% also.  The world is not in a safe place with these major players having so much power to manipulate an entire generation of people with the incremental rubbish constantly peddled out  to make their faceless companies more and more money.

Across the board, and by this I mean the world over,  we are waking up.  This has been a long and frustrating haul.   It is clear we were all brainwashed in a fashion.  We can see this happened so slowly so as to become good little slaves and always remain so in the workforce.    This workforce controlled primarily through debt and interest rates and wage levels.  And so like good people should they get tied to a debt for a mortgage.  This mortgage is fraught with interests rates that can make or break a family.  Is that freedom?

I don’t think it is freedom.  Although there will be plenty who argue that I am severely disillusioned with my thoughts on this.  You may say this,  my track record for predicting such things shows otherwise.

This is the sort of thing that Occupy represents to me.  An entire movement of people the world over who are in this boat together and together we recognize we do have power.  Crisis brings change and the financial crisis that brought this movement about was bound to occur.  This crisis has brought change and some of this is positive.  Some of it isn’t as we see bridging this divide a difficult and insurmountable task at best.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Solitary

Solitary Confinement comes to mind.  I have no jail photos though.  I still have not had my journey take me via Split Solitary Island either this week so far ….  yet!

We fear violence less than our own feelings.  Personal, private, solitary pain is more terrifying than what anyone else can inflict.    Jim Morrison

Here is a solitary moment I had instead.

IMG 2834 Masterpiece of Nature

When I was a child in care, when I was 13 years old, I was placed in Solitary Confinement in the home I was in.  I forget now what I had done to get this punishment.  I think I was busted for hiding the yucky liver in toilet paper in my pocket.  I could not eat this stuff.  I would go to no ends to avoid doing this.

It was hectically stressful trying to secretly hide this stuff and not get caught doing it.   I would be near sick thinking I had to go through with this deception week after week.  None the less, I would somehow get it from the plate to my lap while the evil watch of the nurses on duty were directed elsewhere for a short time.  I had to wait for the right moment.  The other children in the home were give ups.  They would dob  you in to the staff  if they witnessed this also.  This was so awful and it was all about food.  Food that was almost  inedible in my opinion and I could not eat it.  I vomited many times trying.

Solitary was a small room at the end of the building on the underside.  Like a large outdoor broom cupboard.   Concrete on the floor and a mat and toilet.  That was heavy treatment for a 13 year old child.  I find it hard to find forgiveness for this treatment, given there is no respite or explanation to my own children or an apology even to them.

A letter from the Queensland government to my children to say Sorry to them.  Sorry they had to see their mother cry often.  Sorry to them for the mother who was more than over the top about certain things when some stuff ever arose.  An apology to my children that the situation was never rectified and since they ( government) were my parents then an apology for not teaching me better as their government child.

Yes that is what I would like in a perfect world.

A simple apology to my children from whence it should have come.  An apology for the damage that was inflicted directly by their OWN government hands.  I feel better now.   I wrote all that down.

This is the sort of thing that I contemplate in my solitary moments on the hill in the dark before dawn.  When the sun comes up and the dawn happens,  I stand in awe at the absolute simple but exotic beauty before me and I ask the sunshine and the light to shed light onto the world with my plea.  That is all I can do.  My little hands are tied by many knots and not all of these can be unraveled.  Many of the knots could be unwound though and I personally feel it should.

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Please don’t get too hung up on this too much or feel sad for me.   It happened a very long time ago, to me.  I was always concerned that the treatment would cause me to end up being hung up.  I am.   Tthat is why I have PTSD.  It is manageable.  I do ok.  I am writing a book and this post is tagged to carry over to there.  The photo challenge of Solitary was one of those moments when it calls to be written about and for this I am sorry!

SORRY If this brings up sadness inside when you read it.   Don’t be sad.  Be righteously angry with the government
If you work for the government in queensland and you can help me carry this out then by all means make contact.   Apart from that lets all hold those up in our minds who carry the same sort of scars that others cannot see.   This sort of hicough in any child’s early life is heinous.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Solitary

The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

IMG 3034 Sungazer

Me being a Solar Tree / Solitary

Words are something I love looking at.  Solitary was playing on my mind.  Mainly because is starts with the prefix Sol.   This led me to think about the sun.

I observe this practice of checking in on the sun at dawn as often as possible and looking into the sun.  It is called Sun-gazing.   I was thinking today that I am in fact a Solar Tree.  I am standing there alone with just me and the Sun.  I am quite solitary in my quest,  therefore I am Sol ar tree.

IMG 3149 Full Blue Moon

This is me very solitary on the hill checking on the full moon.  I took this one on the timer.   It isn’t a fabulous image, but it is me and I am  solitary.
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Memorial to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe on the ...

Memorial to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe on the hill near Brumovice-Úblo, Opava District, Moravian-Silesian Region, Czech Republic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)











POST SCRIPT:-  This is Wolfgangs resting place and it is also very solitary.  Image from Wiki commons.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Solitary

There is an island near here called Split Solitary Island.  The mutton-birds  nest there each year. Although it is so very special,  I have no photographs handy.   Perhaps by the end of the week I may have.  This first image is especially for Rommel,  I know he loves these so this one can go first.

IMG 2798 Golden Topping please

My first thought for this challenge is this tree that I photograph a lot.  It isn’t far from home.  I named  it “Solitary”.  Why?  Because it is solitary in its bid against the tides that never cease to be an onslaught to its survival where it resides.

IMG 9038   Waiting

The solitary figure stands alone high up on the balcony of the motel.  This image is of my daughters boyfriend  in early morning light of dawn at Port Macquarie.  The view from here was delightful.

0199 Mt. Conner, NT

This is Mount Connor in the Centre of Australia.  As the crow flies, it isn’t  that far from Uluru.   It is part of the Curtin Springs Cattle Station.  The Aboriginals call this place Attila.  It is a very prominent place in the dreaming of the people from this area.
IMG 9989 Uluru Dreaming 2012

The Anangu people of the Northern Territory, Australia,  who live near Uluru, ask people not to climb or to walk on the sacred rock.  It is the integral part of their ceremony.

Despite these wishes, people still walk and climb Uluru.  There are many stories of people meeting their maker not long after doing this.  Here a lone figure is solitary in his decent back down the northeastern face of this impressive monolith.

IMG 5685

There is that solitary same tree again.  This time the colours are different.  Every time the colours and cloud formations  are different.  I am often gobsmacked with the sheer beauty of this alone.  I get impatiently excited just as it is getting light.  Who wouldn’t when this is what you may see.

IMG 9410.1 Uluru Dreaming 2012

Three hours before, we flew out of Sydney Airport and headed west into South Australia before taking a big swing north towards the Northern Territory.  We were as far away from anywhere that you could be.  Looming in the distance is the single largest monolith in the world and its solitary.  There isn’t another thing anywhere near it for miles and miles.   Flying in over the top of this is very moving.  I gasped in sheer surprise at just how huge it really is and how solitary it is.

IMG 4095 Perfect

There isn’t a need for much explanation of  yet another image of my solitary tree in the rivers.  I particularly love the reflection this throws.  For once the tree has a mirror to see itself and to perhaps not feel so lonely.  Both are solitary figures though.  One real and one a mirror image.

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Nighttime Imaging


I just want to go wow. I too am always awestruck by night time photography!

Originally posted on North Western Images - photos by Andrew Porter:

Anytime I have seen images of the night time sky I have always been awed. Viewing the cosmos, seeing the huge number of stars, the strip of the Milky Way stretching across the sky these evoke such a strong feeling…

So, I decided this year to try my hand at capturing a few images. I read up, re-studied my camera instruction manual, got my tripod and cable release and started.

My first effort was of the Cirque of the Towers, in the Wind River Range. The moonlight illuminated the peaks in a perfect light. I was excited!

Warrior Peak, Cirque of the Towers

I did not fully duplicate the fact that I would not be able to see anything through the view finder, and that the camera’s auto-focus would be inoperable.

So, I set the focus manually to infinity, turning the dial all the way to its end.

I was…

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I am a grandmother of sorts

Look at this bunch! I am so pleased to be able to show you my beautiful bunch of banana’s.

IMG 4536

I planted this as a tiny little banana tree when we moved here a little over two year ago.  Now Look.   I guess I am very proud.  I do hope you like them as much as I do.  Hope they make it to maturity.  I have never grown a bunch before.The tree is up behind the shed and under it is a mass of strawberry plants that are giving the best strawberries at the moment too.
The Tree seems very happy and there are three or four more smaller trees that have sprung up at the base of the mother tree as well.  I have to put this tree to death apparently when its baby / bunch is cut off.

IMG 4534

They are really great images too, well I think so.  If you want to see more click this link and there are just under 2ooo to look at.
IMG 4533 My Banana's
Images @ Melonpopzdropz Flickr

Weekly Photo Challenge “Everyday Life”

I have been posting some of my  special images of everyday life.   I see now that others have shortened this to just life everyday.  Well everyday life  in the  Bellingen Shire in the tiny fishing village of Urunga NSW, Australia,  is slow at best.  Not much goes on around here in a great hurry.

A lot of shops have closed down and sold up recently.  We lost the hardware shop.  That was harsh!  There isn’t a lot of money in having a shop in Urunga.  This is a crying shame.  The place is glorious!  People are always needing hardware,  and I wish they didn’t go.

We have a post office and two butchers, three hairdressers, two clubs, one pub, one police station and a primary school.  We have two caravan parks  and an ambulance station and a Premier League Football team called the Urunga Raiders who are the most senior adult teams of Urunga FC.  They participate in the Premier League competition for the Mid North Coast area.

We live with a highway running through the the centre of the built up area of Urunga.  Soonish,  in a couple of years the new Highway will be built and the passing traffic will bypass us altogether.  I guess more shops will close then.  I certainly hope not though.
Pilot St East
Well this is something I see everyday when we walk the dog or go to the shops.  This is the street sign down on the corner of my street.  This is what street signs look like in Australia,  well in our shire anyway.  This image has been played with a little to make the street sign look better.  I have a few signs of my own that have manifested into my possession.  The joys of having teenagers and teens with friends.   One year I awoke to the round-a-bout sign being in my back garden.   My favorite is Keep Left, it gets used a lot.   Next door have a stolen sign also.  There sign is from the Northern Territory and it says Be careful as Estuarine Crocodiles swim in these waters,  the sign is on their swimming pool.
IMG 4315 Sacred Ibis with 1968 HK Kingswood
Like I said, nothing takes place in any mad hurry.  The Ibis clearly demonstrates there is plenty of time here in Urunga to walk on the road or where every you choose if you are a big bird.  He may have been looking at the 1968 Holden parked and left with the window wide open.  Perhaps the bird thought he may just jump into that window.  In Australia it really isn’t a good idea to leave your vehicle like this unlocked.  Many of us do though.  My friends, and many of them Never Lock their vehicles.   They say if they want it more than me then they can have it.   Nice way to look at things.   I think it works as none of these friends have had a vehicle stolen or anything stolen out of it.  Closest was an ex boyfriend one of my friends had,  he didn’t take the car.  He took the Rotor Button instead.

The Ibis (Bird) is such a common site here also.  They eat my onions, not sure if they like the onions but they munch down the green from the tops.  Very frustrating trying to garden between these and the rabbits of Urunga,  and the cows of the past.  Yes, gardening can be a trial with these.

IMG 2681 Bank Corner Bellingen Oak & Hyde Streets
This is the bank in Bellingen where I used to visit everyday.   Now, I don’t visit very this establishment very often, because I have no money,  in this bank or any other.  It is a snapshot of Bellingen and Bellingen is 10 minutes away from where I live at Urunga.  This is where the local High School is and the local Catholic school.  It is the home of the Shires Chambers for their meetings.  It was my home for 24 years.  I live not far away though.  This is where I go to do my radio show each week.  Radio 2bbb ( live streaming)

IMG 3861 Ocean View at Night
This is most likely one of the busier establishments in Urunga. The Ocean View Hotel.   I am sure some people visit here everyday.  I  see it everyday but I have been there a handful of times.  I went there for my birthday dinner this year.  The hotel is quite old and has been here as long as the town has.  Old to us here in Australia will never be the old that others in other countries speak of because our white history is not that old.  Around 2oo years ago a lot of white folks settled here compliments of Mother England,  Which incidentally is where the word POME comes from.  It is an acronym for “Prisoner of Mother England”.

IMG 8909 Shire Signage OK

You can’t go far anywhere here and not run into a  cow or a herd of them.  I lived on a dairy farm for ten years and these guys were my arch nemesis.  Undoubtedly, they are the biggest pest if others forget to shut the gates.  I have had my garden destroyed by cows more times  than I care to count.  It can be seriously heart rendering to see an entire years work down the tubes.  It is even worse seeing it from a distance and seeing the cows up on your verandah as you drive on in and up to the house.   Cows with flowers in their mouths,  my flowers.  I have lost it a few times.  I remember breathing a sigh of relief when we moved from the farm,  at least a flower will grow if I plant it ,I thought eagerly.   I had not been eager to garden anymore because of them.
The worst part about this is in the ten years I lived on the farm, every year this happened.  It was never us!  It was visitors every time.  They neither shut the gate or  they neither checked it was shut correctly.  In the end I got a pad lock and I padlocked the gates shut.   Not because I didn’t want visitors, but because while I was away, then no person could even look like opening that gate and wrecking it again.  If only I had thought of this nine years previous.  I may have been a happier person and not so demoralized for ten years.

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Very Inspirational Blogger Award

A wise woman who was traveling in the mountains found a precious stone in a stream. The next day she met another traveler who was hungry, and the wise woman opened her bag to share her food. The hungry traveler saw the precious stone and asked the woman to give it to him. She did so without hesitation. The traveler left, rejoicing in his good fortune. He knew the stone was worth enough to give him security for a lifetime. But a few days later he came back to return the stone to the wise woman.

“I’ve been thinking,” he said, “I know how valuable the stone is, but I give it back in the hope that you can give me something even more precious. Give me what you have within you that enabled you to give me the stone.

“The Wise Woman’s Stone”
Author Unknown

Thank You to, Sunshine at Simply Charming

For all the beautiful bloggers here at WordPress,  an award was made just for you!

The science on the Award:

  •  acknowledge and thank the giver (link it back) and put the award on your page.

Sunshine,  has awarded me with a Very Inspiring Blogger Award.   She said I was an inspiration.  Just someone saying that to me means so much.  Thank you!  I am not very good usually at accepting anything.  I will take this and take heart with it.

Thank you for saying I am entertaining.  I love to entertain.  A million blessings to you. That made my day.

Now receiving this award comes with a responsibility to pass it on to others whom I deem are inspirational in their blogging and who move me with their work!  I shall do this accordingly… in due course, next.

List 7 things about yourself:

This is seven things that inspire me . . .

1.  The “Dawn”, and its approach each day inspires me.
2.  People who are true to themselves inspire me.
…. I read real stuff here and I am impressed and very inspired at times from this experience…
3. Music inspires me greatly, it moves me beyond the Earthly realms at times .
4. Very ancient philosphers, Marcus Menillius, Plato and so forth, what amazing minds.
5. I am inspired by nature and its capacity to mirror the human body and the universe in general.
6. I am greatly inspired by all of the woman who have gone before me to make my journey as it is.
7.  I am inspired by numbers and science and  true natural unadulterated beauty.

Pass the award to 7 bloggers (or more) who inspire you:

You guys rock! -  I read the blogs and I don’t always comment.  I read though and learn.  My computer is slow at jumping around sites here on WP.  Not sure if its me or WP as it doesn’t seem to happen on other sites like it does here!   Anyways, as per usual it was very difficult to stop at choosing seven bloggers … there are millions of us.   Much Love and Light and Blessings to all and heaps of enjoyment from blogging.

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A big shout out of thanks to Sunshine and my other fellow bloggers, so so many!  All of you are precious.


THE DEFINITION OF FAILURE IS TO STOP TRYING!  None of us know how to do this thing called life perfectly and some others know even less.  Always keep trying, that is the key to success on all levels.


Trying to Keep Balanced


I was very interested to read about Broken Light

Originally posted on Broken Light: A Photography Collective:

Photo taken by a 30+ year old woman in the US who suffers from a mood disorder. She enjoys traveling and all things creative, but often has trouble even leaving the house due to crippling depression.

About this photo: “Watching this young girl keep her balance despite the tough terrain was not just cute, but also inspirational in a way to those of us struggling with depression or other tough terrains in our everyday lives and are fighting just to keep balanced.”


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