Parenting: Are We Getting a Raw Deal?

Absolutely… Delayed gratification is by far a winner. Instant everything is addictive behaviour and children are set up for this today.


12711307_10206480078338131_5829653117437408897_oSummer 1974. I’m 9 years old. By 7:30 am, I’m up and out of the house, or if it’s Saturday I’m up and doing exactly what my father, Big Jerry, has told me to do. Might be raking, mowing, digging holes, or washing cars.

Summer 2016. I’m tiptoeing out of the house, on my way to work, in an effort not to wake my children who will undoubtedly sleep until 11 am. They may complete a couple of the chores I’ve left in a list on the kitchen counter for them, or they may eat stale Cheez-its that were left in their rooms 3 days ago, in order to avoid the kitchen at all costs and “not see” the list.

If you haven’t noticed, we’re getting a raw deal where this parenting gig is concerned. When did adults start caring whether or not their kids were safe, happy, or popular?…

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Trial and Tribulation – Radio 2bbb’s Tarkeeth interviews

In That Howling Infinite

People crushed by laws, have no hope but to evade power. If the laws are their enemies, they will be enemies to the law.  Edmund Burke

The protest against the aggressive and toxic nature of Forestry Corporation’s clearfell, burn and poison forestry operation at Tarkeeth State Forest has been ongoing for over a year. The protest campaign kicked off in March 2016 with meetings and rallies, followed by the establishment of a protest camp in June, and direct action by forest protectors in July.

In January 2017, the Tarkeeth Three, Peter “Simmo” Simmonds, John “Sean” May, and Amber “AJ” Daley were convicted at Coffs Harbour Courthouse for their direct actions to protect The Tarkeeth. Sean and AJ appealed their convictions, and these were quashed in March. Simmo, a dedicated and veteran environmentalist, did not appeal his conviction because he had breached an earlier bond in relation to his direct action…

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Image may contain: food
Das my home
Das my stylin up bone share
Oh how contrare

Its hardly fair they get to sit and stare….
Necks well stuck up into the dry Galilee air …
Such a dueling fueling pair
We once stood there cooling with the muelling tares
Stood fast no time for silly cares and cooked pears in caramel snares
Bares the soul bears no resemblance .. no semblance.. well maybe to an Ambulance but that would only come by chance… down at the waters edge .. Hedge your bets at Sandy Gallop Get a box and call it Ballot .. Salad for the stars Stuck racing their well spent cars Incarcerated by the fact men are from Mars… Go figure with your figure its enough to divide and fall.. Gimme a call when the light returns… fifty fold is what it took for you take one free style look.. and yes can you see what we see  … It’s very very old once the liquid’s no longer Gold.   Very very cold now all of what was precious has been sold.


photo source : Facebook


Got me a Tin Hat for a Tin Doll…
The very boring and unimaginative basic Tin Doll..
Resurrected from what ever is left.
We jest at the festive yellow breast,
and the letter that was left ..
Tickled by your boa of excess
your excitement shows
Frolicking in the pit of cess
Cashing in on highs and lows
Skin weathered leather
Attached to a cosmic feather
Adjust that scale … and where is the heart?
The Yellow-cake chemical heart
It hasn’t beaten from the start
Left high and dry and patched in
Patched up…. THATCHED UP
n’ Left at # 10
Return to SENDER
minus the Pliny Whiny sendoffs
Painfully fashioned for a sheik
That one from Boggy Creek!

The Maestro and the Boy: The Kindness of Manly P. Hall

It comes and goes in waves… and carries us away!

Newtopia Magazine



Mystical philosopher Manly Palmer Hall wasn’t my grandfather, yet he was.  Both my grandfathers had been killed in a war, but fate provided a friend who gave me all the grandfatherly gifts of wisdom and opportunity anyone could hope for.  I was there when this photo was taken in the PRS vault; my girlfriend and I arranged the books and artifacts around him to represent the depth and breadth of his learning.


hieronymus.17aThe net is a wonderful resource, a worldwide flea market, a massive if haphazard library of Alexandria, offering insights from every culture, and cult on planet Earth, and many that claim to be extraterrestrial.  But the Internet offers more misinformation than fact.  Out of context illustrations and quotations are used by careless researchers to allege satanic cults and malevolent political plots.  Further complicating the situation, popular definitions of key words have changed.  When Manly Hall…

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Sexually transmitted infections selfishly increasing your sexiness

Epi-genetics .. the morphing of a pathogen inside of a host!

Diana Fleischman

We have not yet begun to scratch the surface of how pathogens and other bugs can manipulate behavior. This is also a major cost of infection that many people don’t even consider; our personalities are no doubt shaped in part by our current and past infections and our microbiome.


In The Selfish Gene, Dawkins speculates that sexually transmitted infections, in order to spread as far and wide as possible, could increase the libidos of their hosts:

I do not know of any direct evidence that sexually transmitted diseases increase the libido of sufferers, but I conjecture that it would be worth looking into. Certainly at least one alleged aphrodisiac, Spanish Fly, is said to work by inducing an itch . . . and making people itch is just the kind of thing viruses are good at. (Dawkins 2006 pg. 247)
Recently I came across an amazing example of…

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What we’ve learnt so far

Food Forests are a human right as is clean water and a home.

Panania Free Rangers

When we started planting edibles in public spaces we thought that what we’d learn would be about which edibles can cope without everyday pampering and about which positions they do best in – like is it better to plant those herbs in the shade so they can do better without regular watering or will they grow faster if given more sun, despite drying out more? Is it better to plant things closer together in ‘groves’ so they protect each other, or do they need to have their own space to do well?

The not-so-surprising things we learnt:

  • clumps of purple perilla are surprisingly hardy (given their large, soft leaves), thrive in part shade (especially when protected from western sun) and are incredibly beautiful.


  • the subtropical ice-cream bean can survive a hot Sydney summer with only a couple of light waterings (and even double in size) when planted under the shade…

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Maria Orsic and the Vril Society

The Long Haired ones …. interesting channeled information.

Wes Penre Productions -- the Blog

Published here: Monday May 4, 2009 at 7:24 PM 

This is a pretty important article for future reference. Never mind that this information comes from a White Extremists Forum, it doesn’t make the information less valid. Needless to say, I do not agree with the people on that forum. Those who followed my previous blog, temporarily deleted, remember Maria Orsic. The rest of you, please just read and remember for the future. Wes.

Maria Orsic
Maria Orsic

Maria Orsic, also known as Maria Orschitsch was a famous medium who became the leader of the Vril Gesellschaft. She was born in Vienna (Austria). Her father was a Croatian immigrant from Zagreb, her mother was from Vienna.

Maria soon followed the German national movement which was active at this time; the main goal of the movement was to annex Austria with the German Reich. In the year 1919 Maria moved to…

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Ancient Purses and Balls of Power

Energy is one of the greatest thefts to human kind … I have always been curious as to the purpose of these objects that resemble a modern day ‘Purse’.

Tinfoil Hat Lady

Years ago I read Zecharia Sitchins books.

Sometimes referred to as The Earth Chronicles Series, these books sparked my curiosity for alternative historical perspective. Suddenly my mind was opened to new concepts I could understand. A plausible solution regarding my ‘how we got here’ questions left unanswered by modern education.

I am not saying I believe ALL of everything I read, however I look for correlations.

In these books I began to notice something odd in the Sumerian depictions. Recurring pictures of eagle headed men carrying small bags or what seemed to be, by my modern woman’s mind, to be purses.

Screen shot 2013-02-09 at 7.37.42 PMScreen shot 2013-05-11 at 3.54.31 PM

The men also had small ‘pine cones’ in their hands, and floral watches.

Screen shot 2013-05-11 at 3.53.20 PM

Sometimes there was a ‘tree’ of sorts in the midst of these beings.

Pine cones and PursesScreen shot 2013-02-09 at 7.42.40 PM

Other times There were flying winged like things, AHURA MAZDA like, as well as Dolphins!

Screen shot 2013-04-24 at 8.30.01 PM

Fish headed god Fish man Oannes with purse. Watches…

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Dementia linked to living close to a main road

Bags of Puss

IMG 5741

Bags of puss are next to us
Get ur bags of puss to discuss
Bags of Puss
Bags of Puss
Get ur puss next to us
Showing true colors next to us
Selling to you in such a rush
Bags of puss
Bags of Puss
Bags of puss you can’t trust
Touch my stuff  I’ll will play rough
Take your bags  from my stuff
Bags of puss bags of puss
Take ur bags of puss from my stuff
I write this down coz I’ve had enough
had enough of the bags of puss
Bags of puss
Bags of puss

I’ve had well enough of these bags of puss.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

This rhyme was inspired by the cathartic process of releasing pent up emotions about a disgusting on going situation I live with.
Just recently I discovered that my car had been maliciously damaged by none other than my neighbor. It was clear where the splatter hit the back of the vehicle the angle at which it was thrown. This showed it was the neighbors kitchen window.
My other neighbor called the feds.   I already knew that would be a waste of time but Si la vi.
Now, I house my vehicle in the locked shed not the carport.  I don’t want my car damaged any further.
I have continued to take everyone’s advice and not acknowledge the button pressing garbage that hails from next door. However, this is what I get for my vigilance – “There take that, now try to ignore me”!
I am absolutely aware of the tactics employed here to cause me to react. My higher self is aware of this, my lower self is always what I am concerned about.
All of us as humans have a point at which we draw the line and say “Enough is enough”. 

Base Waves

IMG 5750//

Macro ….. Micro …. and everything in between..
all that can be touched and all that can be seen..
The fractal patterns repeating in waves
Our hearts beating…meeting it in the octaves.

All the way out and all the way in
And everything that was, or has ever been
It’s contained on the print of your babies hand
Such astounding understanding
No matter at what point you stand…
Man! its grand!

The body of the land isn’t fairing so well
So many places they left her to smell
Her body cut open and bleeding ..
the blood of her arteries is seething …
all the way out and all the way in
Its sick its not seen as the same freaking thing

Stop raping my mother and destroying her soul
Stop gouging her body for your useless economic goal
Stop poisoning her veins for such insane gains
Stop testing her… Stop arresting her and causing her pain

Stop messing with my mother coz your messing with me,
We are the very nature that we can see you see, same!
It’s oceans of love and rock hard laws
They will be here singing
Long after this psychotic pause of shame

Cause ..and effect .. to stop the insane self elect.

East Coast Trippers

IMG 3232 Lagoon at Urunga NSW

Urunga’s Lagoon.  Toxic from Antimony processing and the toxic waters of Station Creek flowing into the precious ancient waterways of the lagoon. There is a “Tumor Cluster” evident in the township from personal observance.


The East Coast trippers
Got bad livers..
They live like Smyther’s
Right next to toxic rivers..

Tick Dips ticking,
The grasses children licking..
Little boys poking
At the strange things growing.

A tumor here …
A cancer there..
And down that road
they ain’t got no hair.

Lost it all
In one go.
Governments cover up
So no one knows..

East Coast Trippers
Life saving Nippers
Swimming in the mouths
of all those toxic rivers

Poisoning the people
its all quite legal
Department cars
Sport that trusty decal

So, East Coast Trippers
Do some healthy flippers
Check out the histories
Of the Carcinogenic rivers.

its not a poem
its a simple ditty
Do yourself a favor
Leave those east coast cities

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

If I could write the World.

I could write the world was blue and people would not give a fk ..
I could write the world is black with yellow spots in the back and a view to you,
Would you think this true if it was written without you?

I could write the world is green
and people would surely think this was mentally mean.. albeit serene.
I could write the world was red but it would be a lie –
I don’t have that book, I’ll check Spotify .. I’ll have a look!

I could write the world was white, icy cold and crisper
mentally it bites … that’s the whisper..
its ugly n they cant see ..
We all brothers and sisters you see

If I could write the world
I would right the world
and give rights back to the world …
Brave and New ~ Well oiled and well pearled …
(#Eminpee) M E Peters.. 2016

Image may contain: outdoor

Using Old Coffee Grounds in the Garden

Learning As I Go


If you come to my house, one of the things you will always find is coffee in my coffee pot.  I am truly a coffee addict. I drink it all day long and never start a day without it.  My love of coffee has however left me with a surplus of leftover coffee grounds.  As I was dumping yesterday’s coffee grounds into the compost bin last night, it occurred to me that maybe it was time for a post on all the awesome ways to use your coffee grounds in the garden.   Without further adieu…

1. Put coffee grounds in your compost bin:

Coffee grounds are a wonderful thing to add to your compost as they are high in nitrogen and will make great compost for nitrogen loving seedlings like tomatoes.  Coffee grounds have a ratio of 20:1 nitrogen to carbon which is great for compost.  The only thing…

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DIY Water Garden and Koi Pond

We are Moths and our Land is the Light.

Nothing has changed …. WE ARE THE MOTHS and OUR LAND IS THE LIGHT

melonpopzdropz ...

IMG 2013  In a Puddle by Eminpee Fotography
IMG 2013 In a Puddle, a photo by Eminpee Fotography on Flickr.

We are moths and our land is the light
You are CEO’s in charge of EXTORTION,
Actions with factions and re-runs
PROTECT all…. in the face of the ABJECT
We master friendship
and TRANSCEND the COMPANY worship

IMG 2013  In a Puddle by Eminpee Fotography

Materialize the Promulgation
Realize this
to help our NATION and what its facing
Note now the Cathode Pole of our souls
Clearly bright and layered in the folds
Living highly ..
I truly understand this emptiness
in the wealthiest bowls
No colour, no light.
No vision, no sight.
I wake up in a sweat and want to fight
.. its all about Gas n Coals..
The movement swells with company moles
Plods for greed monger assholes

IMG 2013  In a Puddle by Eminpee Fotography

ALL in ALL ..
I desire it to fall,
I desire to run…

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Weekly Photographic Challenge – H20 Water

IMG 5406

Water does not resist.
Water flows.
When you plunge your hand into it,
all you feel is a caress.
Water is not a solid wall, it will not stop you.
But water always goes where it wants to go,
and nothing in the end can stand against it.
Water is patient.
Dripping water wears away a stone.
Remember that, my child.
Remember you are half water.
If you can’t go through an obstacle, go around it.
…… Water does.

~ Magaret Atwood ~


7th of the 7th 2013

A Foggy Pacific Ocean looking from Hungry Head NSW

Water has become my life in the last four years.  Protesting the destruction of Australia’s precious fresh water reserves has become a serious issue.   I have come to understand that our government does not seem to honestly value fresh water and how necessary this actually is for the healthy survival of our population.

Water has a memory and putting disturbed water through ‘Reverse Osmosis’ plants just doesn’t cut it.  Water is magic and deserves to be respected as such.  Someone told me the separate atoms of water are square, isn’t it magic this feels wet to us.

Australia is primarily a dry continent with the majority of its water being underground in aquifers that need to be respected and protected from the economic morons who see everything equating to an economic gain.  These crackpots don’t have the wisdom or foresight to see the nightmare they are actually creating.  I would also add that if they do understand then they are psychopaths.

Here is my H20 Challenge post and I hope that it is interesting and to the point because I am aware its not the usual beautiful image.  But at the end of the day ….its all about the water, without it we don’t survive.

IMG 2523  Water is our most precious Resource

Sometimes all you can do is hold up a sign.


Brian Cox for the Fall of Arthur!

Leaflet – The Salvation Army and Work for the Dole: Exploiting the unemployed

Wages were originally introduced post slavery being abolished and further to that I would add the word “Service” as in the Service Industry etc comes from the Latin word ‘Servus” meaning Slave. So what does all that say. Well, firstly I never once said word was bad but being exploited by powerful people for pittance is not work, it is then akin to indentured slavery. It does cost to go out in public, stepping out the door today costs and extravagant amount and this is also not taken into consideration. I also do not understand if these placements need people why they don’t just take them off the dole queue and employ them along with their other employees. I read somewhere that these workers would not be afforded the Work Safety Insurance as well. Another huge saving for the corporation. It all stinks to high heaven because its a program written to further place the lowest on the rung into a punitive situation. The healthy welfare Card is in the same boat feathering the nests of the large corporations people are forced to shop with. I rest my case.

Dole Action Group

Check out the new leaflet (download as PDF) we’ll be handing out as part of our Week of Action against the Salvation Army for their role in implementing the government’s Work for the Dole policy. Feel free to print off and distribute your own copies. Get in touch with us if you would like to find out more about our campaign against Work for the Dole or would like support doing leafleting in your own area.

The Salvation Army and Work for the Dole’: Exploiting the unemployed

Salvos shield Forced Unpaid Labour

Work for the Dole

The Salvation Army is a key participant in the Liberal Government’s new Work for the Dole scheme. Work for the Dole forces unemployed people to work without pay for non-profit organisations (like charities). You either work for free, or you are kicked off unemployment payments, and forced to survive on no income at all. From July 2015…

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Poetic prose edict for the so called hand picked
Still it lacked pretty well all and everything
So it planted male flowers in our gardens to sting
all late bloomers Montezuma rumors cycling in
It purposed “stinkin rogers” on to be a tumors of sin
Boo us for showing you up
You overgrown crone that can’t sing
All your lot are liars and woeful church cryer’s
Drawers full of pages on how to kill whats Gaia’s
Booked destinations to exploit our nation
Hooked vegetation and a cooked up sensation
Newspaper reports
Lillie’s die!  Why?
Because north of the bank her madd house sank into fire
Crippled by info from a freckled nympho sire
Yeah Ya pushed it down to the wire
If anyone is to inquire
Stinkin Rogers is finally on fire.


Image : Forest and Kim Starr

The Better Letters

Booloominbah in snow

University letters are fruitless fetters,
Held tight, polished and venerated.
Hell, it is just a tad overrated.
Tis but futile guile, stacked succinctly in a stinking pile,
Held up as truth for the average imbecile.
It’s prostrated, over rated and out dated,
But still they waited on the promise of gold,
The premise with which to shine they are told.
Corporate go-getters get corporate Uni letters,
and red English setters to settle their nuances.
They never got the answers from their necromancers,
Swayed instead by elite corporate advances.
They churned and burned your hard earned,
To close the envelope of hope,
And so it may be foggy, and hard to see them as they are.
To a degree University letters are mold,
Dank and damp and empty and cold.
Regurgitated company speak under control,
Paid for by corporate pay rolls.
Yes it can be a dangerous thing,
A degree in the hands of those in full swing,
Especially if your hearts in Beijing.
You don’t seem to care where you throw your hat in the ring!
Possessed N groggy,
lt is the same old, age old, injurious hold.
As if they cared,
Like Baird they’d fold.
Mr Harborside mansion knows only expansion.
His uni letters and fancy pants,
and the silly things he does with his hands,
Makes our blood run cold.
Dialectic disrespectful Uni letters in bold,
They delivered a pool of livers sliced and cold.
Its plain to see this is how they want it,
…..this is how they roll.
Hell these same ones promised you cake,
Said it was for your good sake,
When you get old,
Promised, if you did good you’d get a share of their gold
The better letters as they’re known,
These call you to account coz then you’re owned.
Uni letters make it all possible,
Letters make killing environment doable.
Free Trade deals for the people back home,
And no free pills if you moan and groan.
It’s jobs for the boys and contracts to burn,
Uni letters fettered your ability to discern.


Image : Booloominbah in the snow – Armidale University campus



Ottoman Crates

Seven Sisters Dreaming Lore [Bootheram] in Ngarakbal/Githabal country

I live on Ngarabal land on the Tablelands. To know some of the stories of this area proper is a gift.

Stella Wheildon

This is a Dreaming [Bootheram] that is referring to marriage Lores…Right ‘Skin’ marriage is an intrinsic part of the traditional Lore and Culture of all    Aboriginal peoples.
Seven sisters, who were called the Warweenggary and who were members of the Bunjellung tribe, once lived on the Clarence River in New South Wales. These girls were all very clever and inside their yam sticks they had secret charms which protected them from their enemies.

Wiangaree Forest - Border Ranges

Above is a 1970’s map of the Tweed Valley showing Mt Warning [Wollumbin] on the right and the Wiangarie State Forest on the left….The Wiangarie Forest was renamed as ‘Lost World Border Ranges National Park in the early 1990’s….The area to the west is the major catchment for the Clarence River’s headwaters located in the Githabal ancestral lands 

The Bootheram Continues…….

Each day, while the Warweenggary Sisters were hunting carpet snakes in the bush, they carried their yam sticks with them for protection…

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Sincere Sins.

IMG 3682//

Sincere Sins Here….
All the effort to get it,
All achievements in the movement turned to dust –
Blown to A western base reality of insincere I love yous cussed,
In essence its intrinsic for some to hand pick
Snatch blank blinks of nothingness
Pretense caresses as love regresses.

Hiding out the back is a secretive little pig sty
Alone and Tired that’s where they cried
A vast expanse observed in a fundamental transient glance
Cultivated by eternal emptiness.
Captured in that glass of agnosia,
The smoke disappears through her
Whence its form and shape cleaved toward the clouds of hope
Yet to be bespoken or choked
it turns to nothing
A postured invisible yoke.
[early 20th century: coined in German from Greek agnōsia ‘ignorance’]



Who were the Picts? And what about those tattoos?

I am posting this because I am a direct descendant of the Picts through the Dal Riada connection and my 23 X great grandmother is Matilida who is the sister of the King of Scots .. and Dabid Mac Mail Chouloum .. John Di Balliol and Drury Lane is named after another ancestor.


I recently wrote a short story in response to a publisher’s call for submissions for “INK”–an anthology of tattoo-based stories. Of course, since most of my fiction has centered on fifth-century Ireland and other celtic locales, I thought right away about the Picts.

While reading about those mysterious people, I found out a few interesting bits that I’d like to share with my readers.

True or false? The Picts were really Caledonians, the people who later became Scoti to the Romans, and finally “Scots.” Answer:  PROBABLY FALSE.

True or false? The Picts bore blue tattoos on their bodies, virtually from head to toe. Answer: MAYBE.

I realize that I’m hedging my bets here. But almost 2,000 years after the Romans wrote about those people with picti, or pictures on their body, who’s to know for sure where they came from and what those blue marks really were?

Let me begin…

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Little green pill

Well your personal story certainly brings home how things really are. We as Australian bullshit citizens have lost our right to protect ourselves. Get better my friend.

Vickie Roach


23rd of December 2015 – Last day of school and I’m 57 and one day old!

Around 2.30pm I leave to go and liberate my grandson from his ‘social’ indoctrination and, whoops! I slip on the stairs in my building because they were covered in water from the recent storm. A neighbour helped me up and I didn’t appear to be paralysed so I continued on to pick up my grandson. It was rather painful though.

That night, I took a few valium hoping it would relax the muscles and for the next few days I kept thinking it was improving a little bit so I persevered.

On the Saturday however, I woke up at 4am in incredible pain. I had to call an ambulance.

I spend a bit of time in ED and eventually get admitted to a ward. So far, so good… although it turns out I have a fractured rib and…

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Human Technology Instructions: The Laboratory of LOVE

Eternal Heart Lines!

“Heart lines have been assessed and its been decided there will be no more redress or time to confess.. its best the tares become Atum guests because it’s clear while they were here they were spiritless and they hid from Hieros Gamos.”

“They’re lost as they wander the forty acre lot unable to continue to plot  how to blot our children’s inheritance, Ill gotten gain is not forgotten because their inner core is dead and rotting,  We remember everything.”

“And this is what we bring and its what we have always brought to the table of lands where we sing and bear the sacred circle golden ring that is not broken but is duly encompassed in everything”.

“North South East and West the four corners reunite into the ultimate blessedness, the breakfast  is served in readiness for the outpouring of Godliness, untying of the tresses for the divine caresses waiting for us to address this.”

IMG 5929.1 Omegas Heart

Images @ Eminpee Fotography


I am amazed it was 19 years ago…
Time flies with such strong wings
It rises on the up-drafts of love
Antiquated dimensions form life
and added are the Vulnerable intentions to flee strife

Original, its an efficient lament
This love is omnipresent
It never dissipates
It cannot fade to grey
It is fabled to go for eternity
and one more extra day

That Quickening was inside
Memories of this still fresh and alive
It formed a light to open my mind
It broke through to birth pure love!
Welcome my child
WELCOME out of  this Earth!

IMG 3044.1


Evolution impulses
Evolution motions
Evolution moves towards unity
Illusion separates
Illusion can’t improve
Illusion is artificial
Understanding is an investment
Understanding the crystallization
Understanding the powers and conditions
Living in the equilibrium
Living Man mortally creates his heaven and his hell
Living towards Nirvanic release
Living for a Karmic consequence.
And ….
being one with Divine providence.

IMG 2934

Women Within Traditional Aussie Culture

I love Jan Hawkins stories .. hopefully you will too and purchase to read.. a treat indeed.

Jan Hawkins Author

Spirit C covers

I’m working on a novel at the moment as I do in our travels and one of the best thing I find about travelling my country are the experiences you have, the knowledge and the memories you gain which all become part of the story within my writing. The book I am working on presently is the third book in the Spirit Children Series and having very much enjoyed the process of the storyline in previous books, this third novel offers a number of enjoyable challenges as the characters follow in the wake of our own travels. The story is that of an ancient Lore and its survival in a contemporary world.

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-0- Day Two -0-

The waters were still and deep
and in the darkness it was clear
the air was Crisp
the air was always fair
One approached the waters edge
she could see a reflection there

a bright and burning star
blinking sparkles from afar

Other mothers stood still and motionless

Dust rising up now around their feet
Life had made them Warm and dry
They were a place
You could climb up high
maybe take a seat
follow the blinking sparkles
while you eat

Quietly as the darkness filled every corner
A tiny woman scampered under bushes
Against normal odds she pushes
Talking to A Rock Wallaby
He tells her stories and says follow me
Looking up he whispered to her
to follow the blinking sparkles
He was there to protect and warn her.
help her make the right decisions
when the Blinking sparkles adorn her.

IMG 8157 Tree at Dawn Light

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

Try to Understand!

-0- Day One  -0-

Try to understand the land didn’t disband
Try to see the trees in me
Try to hear the unknown sounds
These winds of change are bringing to thee

The Earth is a beast .. living breathing
Growin’ ferns and people N other living things
Naturally invested its best left hid
Try to see it as our forefathers did.

Existing in the in-fi-nite
The Sun is more than just a light
The State of us… the borders it pierces
I want you all to know and hear this.

Try to Understand life in the generations
Try to hear the laughter of past relations
Try …. observe..
our nation has been switched over to soft serve!

IMG 4776 The Lettuce Flowers

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

A Beautiful Ratio

Leonardo Da Vinci clearly shows the twin souls by employing the technique of using both the male and female faces in his divine man sketches.


Let’s assume that just like we have the amazing trait of judging people based on their actions, we can also calculate (judge) the various proportions of different structures, art forms, object in nature, and practicaclly anything and everything that we see around us. Similar to our ability to judge people and prefer certain good qualities over other bad qualities, we would also, as per our assumption, prefer certain proportions over others. That preferred proportion is the Divine Proportion (or the Golden Ratio) and is also represented by the Greek alphabet Phi, φ . It is an irrational number equivalent to 1.61803399………

Under this assumption, if we were to look at some of the famous architectural structures around the world like the Taj Mahal in India, the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Parthenon in Athens, the Notre Dam in Paris, the United Nations Secretariat Building and the CN Tower in Toronto…

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This is so whack man .. its Frackman and Jackman!

Frackman the Movie


I’m wide awake.. so what is it going to take?
I gotta say Hugh’s on the lips of a few…
and Dayne’s on all the others, true!
They look so similar .. it can’t be a mistake
So lets blow this popsicle stand standing undermanned,
A country in serious demand for more true people,
those who wont swallow this guile the establishment planned.
Frackman N Jackman take the stages
and take away the front pages from Abbott
the Hated of Ages…

I’m wide awake ..
I think these two know what it will take
and they know the reasons why
For all of our sakes..
People violated environment annihilated
while so many just sat and waited..

I’m wide awake that’s no mistake
The Frackmans goin crazy .. screen after screen
Frackmans not lazy not givin up on you and me
not till they all see
the dirty truth on #Csg and set the land back free
JAckman goin off on #WA150
Trying to make Australia see
Babies crying see
Mummas dying they’re not free
With pure information see.

Are you wide awake?
The governments have clearly been on the take
In our faces they flaunt their Lifestylez
AND steal the culture that holds us together
The land and the people need together forever
This understanding has to be understood by each other
This is the only way any of us will make it
….or recover.

IMG 3925


 Images @ Eminpee Fotography

So what can we do Hugh?

IMG 8860

Well Hugh…. What can we do?
First and foremost?
I’m not good with armies… or tsunamis,
But we can no longer take the palm kiss
And people can no longer dismiss this
Like its last Christmas..
Coz media didn’t blitz this.
Told instead to miss this.
The country is the people intrinsic
And the happiness of both makes it all tick.
Government policy denies spiritual ties
Caring only for that mining prize…
It’s all of this shit i despise.
The lies,
The economic lines
And the ladies come ladies go revolving door of government to CEO big show
Goin toe to toe and they say they don’t know?
So what can we do Hugh…
I know you say I support You!
but tell us man is there anything any of us can do?
Ideas and the UN are needed here to come through..
Abbott’s on notice so is there people you know who can get this message through?
I thought about it Hugh
‘N it’s all that is left for us to do..
A big world is waiting … What more can we do?

Ladies No Sir’s.

IMG 0060 The Camel Toe

Set aside … set apart .. or left behind and all but forgotten,
like cottontails covering tails,
their cotton is GMO rotten.

A symbolic frolic for the deft alcoholic,
but deathly horrid and chaotic and sick,
some of us missed the tick, got the flick.
Quick with the political but docile with the mathematical grammatical tricks,
and sick with the momentary dromedary humdinger click ..
Camels with humps do very large dumps and they knit with the most desirable frumps.

Frump Frump Frump on the rump of the hump of the ding that drinks like the fishes and sings,
like birds that dip out
like the herd that clips in……
the ‘Clipsal Salvia’ to salvage a third,
twas da metal of the surge ..
The kettle of dead fish cooked and purged
,…..and plated up into that dish of hers.

Ladies No Sirs .. women concurred
This is better kept from her,  and her imaginative Fleur .. ..
a flower of lace that can be traced back to ages of grace.
Back, way back before it was hit with the pointy needle of Thrace
Savaged ….feeling the heavy handled mace.
Pummeled to a Frommage I could taste….
Not a drop left to go to waste,
Twas chaste, so I chased it down..
all the way to the bottom,
where it stopped and freely looked up at me

Creation gone rotten
A poisoned sword slices the cotton,
And just in time she fielded a catch of the century,
In a match that was meant to be …
The latch was left open for me,
coz hoping is free,
and the gold that’s left….
It’s found inside you and me.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography


2012: What's the 'real' truth?

5TH MARCH 2015
Thanks to B. 

Gordon Bowden is an ex RAF officer who has spent the last 13 years uncovering detailed and forensic evidence of massive corruption within the British establishment that involves Lords, Politicians and the Monarchy.

The evidence that he is witnessed and recorded handing into the BBC to do their own full investigation, is set to reveal the biggest political corruption scandal in British history, that included the setup of a colossal 250,000 “shell virtual oil and gas companies” registered from a few house addresses in Finchley Rd London, and linked to the most prominent people at the core of the British establishment. These companies were deliberately set up to steal and rob BILLIONS UPON BILLIONS of pounds from the public and asset strip the whole country!


The BBC must investigate this as they cannot have plausible deniability now they have…

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Mark Passio – New Age Bullshit and The Suppression of The Sacred Masculine

Truth … TRUTH .. Truth kept hidden is not truth. Truth hidden makes people sick. Truth must be spread or it will turn on the holder of truth and eat them. If you do not spread truth and keep it to yourself you run the risk of dying with the truth and helping no one.

2012: What's the 'real' truth?

Mark Passio – New Age Bullshit and The Suppression of The Sacred Masculine

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At this particular time, with grateful thanks to S.

The following is an excellent 7 hour presentation by Mark Passio that will rub many people in the New Age movement wrong but for the majority of what he is saying, I agree.  For those who don’t have the patience of watching a 7 hour video, I took the liberty of highlighting Mark’s presentation and added a few comments to the points he made.

New Age Deceptions

1. Ignore the negative.

Seeing the negative for what it is creates the ability to steel oneself against its harmful effects and possibly even to avert those effects entirely.

Refusing to look at critical information, just because it makes you feel uncomfortable or scared, is…

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lookie lookie! Melonpopzdropz Blurb Book

Take a look, if no one orders it then its gone in ten days but in the mean time take a look because I seriously thought it was pretty.  I wanted to try this out before I published my No Coal Seam Gas Poetry!  So let me know what you thought of it.
Cheers Mezza

“The Denied Tide”

IMG 2550

The sea of clouds above

The Denied Tide… she sighed.
a log or a swimmer
and . . . and she cried.

‘The lips of wisdom are closed
Except to the ears of understanding’ ~
.. Those on base stay on base
And base is no place to change the place
or the face!

Base is with out trace…
Base is a two story booked nook
Unbalanced and ungrounded
There’s no hiding there…
the dense principal’s engendered there.
Have a decent look,
Regeneration, cremation information,
A prostitution of the true solution.
Yep we fully unwound it.
Draped high on a hidden midden
The spilling pearls sounded loud
I’m not kidding
. . and all four corners of the land groaned a bit

Then you realize what its like to be owned by shit
Take a loud non-deniable sound …
Incarnated long ago deep into the ground
‘Truth’ is right there unhidden, but still not-found
Truth is … What we get
. . We’ve sewn….
Honed, owned an blown.
Its time now,
To turn our backs and head for …  “home“.

Tickets to the ‘Slime-Ball’

IMG 0256 Tragic Mining in Central Australia


The SLIME-BALL is still practicing “GENOCIDE”.
from the Grave through a Pliocene fart
called Gina ..
(should have been a wankstain) RINE*HART.  I gotta have a
rave, so here’s a good place to start.     Box tickets to Gina’s Slime Ball…   Last Call!

Listen up!
That bitch ought to get a car and park it
No wait .. get a life and *kark it.
And If I could get near it
I would f%$*ing mark it,
It is an open market
Mark it well
Superb for the marksmen as well.
Swell ~ Swell you say?  Yes swell,
A Swell is a stinking Gas well.
And she could well, stink well, in a well.

Well, well, well,
Three million holes in sacred ground.
I’m dead sure there’s one for her
they’ve found.
So, Lets not confound ya immense mound
Its not the mount of Venus
Ya face looks like a butchered penis…
And I mean this.
I don’t mean to take the piss
But excuse me, I simply have to diss you
You disrupt, corrupt Abruptio,
Bleeding the land to a hemorrhagic show.
We all think its time you hit that toad,
Yes!  Hit yourself a six out onto that Great Western road..
squashed flat out for the crows..
At least they get a pickings for their abode.

All along the Nullarbor
That smell is felt on the eastern shore.
What for?
She still thinks she can even her score
Steps up For a Game of Tones, a swap meet tour
Swapsies for the properties they bought offshore
I abhor these whores.
The cause and means of political flaws .

Cos  hey, these mongrels got all the top floors ..
oh and I see
they got it see,
from Perth all the way to Port Moresby ..

I reckon a heart cutting would be pretty fitting
And she should apply for that  human heart kit thing
Perhaps it will help that look she holds ..its so calf (cow)
Maybe a sow… Yes a female pig.
Ya big rigs are like you
they all rhyme with ‘dig’.
I dislike your lid.
Ya Lang’s wankstain that became a kid.

He sure had his hand on it!!
With a name like Hancock..
Get the Glock and do a Spiel
Because this pictures got me feeling
For the lost places of healing
From  the holes they’ve left in the ground
The mothers silently buried deep,  not found

They were the spoils of ugly men
Depravity of a gravity no one ever saw
Corruption right there. Thuggery
Separated the mothers from the men
Got them drunk for free
This is how the wild west was recently won
…. Not by the use of a gun
A bottle was much more effective and cheap
Hancock was nothing more than a bastard thief

Presently these grief type feelings
Are still raw indiscriminate reeling’s
So much was effected
From Ol Lang Hancock’s mine dealings.

Good Night …From the floor of Gina’s SLIME BALL , that’s dead right!

* KARK  . . .  aussie slang for die.


A Spirit Thing…

IMG 7501 Gum Tree Flowers

The Forest takes care of its own
The forest corp is not with the people,
So Forestry should go home!
The forest is the home of trees
And in these valley’s
There’s thousands and thousands of these

The Forestry corp is an entity heading Mort
Fraught  –  down to the ground they are brought..
The Good spirits are drawn out across the sky
While those heavy corporate spirits
fall from high
They can’t get near it
Corporatized, they’re full of lies
Now they’re  making new ones
Dropping chemical from the skies!

Death is the sleep of life
death is the great leveler .
The End,  A place where there is no protection
and no Kevlar
No protection from the self made infection
Called inept legislation.
Got this place looking for some mild syncopation
To this latest annihilation.

They care not for little animals
Little insy insects they don’t see
Bacteria that’s vitally important to you and me
Are violently deprived of being alive
Forestry corp brings this misery
I fear they will be caught
Hung up in a tree with this karma they bought

I call up the wind to blow and rain
and cause this to be a relative dollar drain
While the the ceremonial songs are playing
Forestry flies in an end zone
Encroaching and crushing riparian homes
Of little people, they’re small
But they’re not feeble
They hold up the bones of all their old people

Silently instigating
And, if you’re in the forest at night
You’ll hear their singing, right
Its a spirit thing
And yes it stings, It grips this thing
And makes it play fair
By keeping them down, and outta the air.

Once Upon a Time There Was a Boy, Many Boys! Only One Survived & Survivors Guilt Kills Him Every Night When He Closes His Eyes

Disabled Access Denied !

I grew up in an Australian city called Adelaide. I was a teen In the early seventies and Adelaide was the city of churches officially, also known as the City of Parks. Churches and Parks how sweet. How nice? How safe?

 In the 1960’s there was a family called the Beaumont’s, where all the siblings were kidnapped as children never to be seen again. The rumours began that a group, (mysterious) all rich, all university graduates, and all paedophiles existed. They said some were judges, lawyers, high ranking cops, Rumours said they held parties, paid someone to procure children and then had them disposed of after they were finished with their perverse use of them, but then the rumours went quiet.

 It was 1974, Joanne Ratcliffe and Kirsty Gordon both pre-teen, were at an Aussie rules football match with one of their grandmas and the others parents.  The elder girl took the younger girl to the public…

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Oh Yeah seize the day …. YaY
For us it happens in a weirdo sort of way
N’ carry this out with so little left in the already tiny pay

I’ve lost much and had satori
my inhibitions disappear before me
They go without and come within
and we begin to get the general principal das lining this thing

Come! Hurry down town
An pick up a bag o’ deep wisdom and shoes
These just have to fit .. any will do
Get down to the corner op shop in my town

I watch the elderly depend on this
I get the essential bent on this kaleidoscope of false hope
Vulgarity meets charity
How come there’s such a vast difference

Like wheres the other dimension
the one where its safe to mention
the lack of peoples retention
and how they all got pensioned


But In the distance there’s off key muffled singing
The Pub discards hold up local gutters
they don’t care and take a piss
Unaware of any of this
bar doo dee dah
Its all just meaningless
There’s no way they’re feeling this
next to the smell of that brand new car
the speakers bounce n then blare
bar doo dee dah bar doo dee dah

so that’s it so far…

then there is death..
its always going to come to this end
and the lack of inhibition is a vital part of fearing nothingness
Attribution is the retribution and solution
and Someone said very quietly
I think I once knew them.

IMG 4095 Horse Shoe Hooks

Images @ Eminpee Fotography


IMG 2082 Heritage Deepwater Railway Station

“Last century paving”. Heritage listed railway station on the New England at Deepwater.

It is said that the intolerable things in our lives put us on the path to the best that will happen to us.
Even if all the signs are in double dutch,
and  so and so and such n such
and when life feels like its out of touch
Crawl if you can’t walk,
Stumble, fall, keep going forward
Trust in the lesson from the paths you’ve just toured.
Unconditional is the global positional
Directing the mission call
The memories are tied round trees
Like translucent ribbons and bows
All of what went before is just excess adipose,
I will , I pray, I say I  love them anyway
and …’the future’ is a creation
The ‘Witch’ which none of us knows.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

Sounds like Familiar..

By Mary-Ellen Peters 2014

IMG 5144 Water

Trust gone, yes its just gone
Vanished in the banishment of the norm
My personal Upanishads to you
I would have done anything for you
And for family too …As you do
But family is not me see.
I am not family
Or familiar
Or famous
And neither did I watch the movie Fame with ya’s
But …
I do think that at times I’ve cared deeply
About peeps crippled and how you say lame
Really lame
Especially in the brain area.
That’s the lame brain of the greedily insane,
Not sure who’s playin their game
So they Roid up and train
For that end game
In the end zone
Of the unknown
Where only the crows have flown
Out grown and terrified of being mown
Like that gnome in the game of thrones..
Heads up like a prime minister
Yo! He’s  a ‘Game of Tones’
Administering the string n bows
Flying high
Like the kite lost at sea
And, like the high C’s and the low
I sees da truth of this and its like this….
it’s family I know.

And I thought this was what people did ..
Confusing issues hey kid..
Very indelibly painful and shameful to say the least
N’ people are talkin’ like its a freaking feast ..
Man, did they kill the beast?
Or did the beast just curl – like french fries in your eyes?
I totally don’t understand the greed in their eyes ..
And how some humans could get so unwise.

IMG 5144 Water

Blindly they swallowed the bottled water of demise
Selling the white daughters stories of black lies
Trussed up by the mistrust and sick lust
They become fair game for any misogynist
Embossed but unimpressed .. I lost it
No longer bound by rose coloured views
The loose ends easily fit alla you’s
and while I never had to hide or mask up another guise
the Earth’s universal inflections sort out all our prioritize
I’m here to learn all I can
get on first name basis with  homeostasis
Sitting .. then standing she cries
Why can’t the world stop buying their lies.

IMG 5144 Water

 Images @ Eminpee Fotography / Melonpopzdropz

And so, My nights are forged in the Dreaming.

By Mary-Ellen Peters.

And So my nights are forged in the dreaming,

My days are filled with sunshine
…and in my eyes, its gleaming!
 Its good to know this day is mine
For me to freely choose the meaning.
Singular moments pass and fall
in conjunction with each other gentle rhythmic time…
Beauty is the gently resting lover
This dot defines the perfect line
With wondrous light filled love
It’s new and its fresh and its constant like no other.IMG 6051  Alone with Nature
Images @ Eminpee Fotography


The True Gnosis is an understanding of SYMBIOSIS ..
Everything in the universe is symbiotic,
dancing in an erotic wheesh,  whoosh
There is some good and bad in every dish.
Food for thought whence you see the lies we’ve all been taught.

There are no fronts with out the backs
and there  are no day’s with out the nights.
If we were all the same
There would not be any insight

Life is movement …apposing forces
driving the blood in our venous courses
Like skilled coxswain’s
this life is not mundane
protecting the mother and her resources.

The inflow and the out flow,
The breath
The rhythm, the rhyme..
this is the truth and its distinctly sublime.

Belief in the Mari … the Mater … the Mother thing
Sitting for a moment … realizations enter in and sing
We are all one .. LOL We are connected – we are all the same thing

Sectored and re vectored…
its like we have an invisible cord
That’s our secret reward..
our secret golden goody
Now here’s the Booty and its the kicker….
I think the tops blown off …  its gotten sicker
I think its tangled up and caught
the web of  establishment’s cover and all it’s evil over lords.
Missing their vitals and their salary hoards
Heads empty like hollowed out gourdes.
This is the heartfelt dreams that Mezza affords.
When the flow is flowin
and its endorsed in endorph ins
and all the craziest yummy things Gnosis affords
We lost the evil over lords
and again The world sings
the truest beautiful rhythmical mastered chords …


By Mary Peters
What hand is playing this piano, the left or the right?
The tasks are sometimes insurmountable when things transcend down to where there is no light
..    Magically  I  find something to smile about, yes it’s a gorgeous sight,
Living by Urunga south of the mouth
Some words – “divine” or perhaps you might hear them and doubt
there’s a few applicable to the description I’ve found about.
I look around at so much unkind
“Frightening is the feeling watching corrupt governments dealing
Changing the ceiling,
they’re under our night tables squealing
We’re left out in the cold.. clinging to this stationary stable
It looks pretty old
and I’m not sure it has integrity, or whether it will hold
Looks very much like it might just fold

The  lightening is about and I am holding tight like a crag on a rock
and I’m not going out
Enduring this and that waiting for an inner pain  pass outs

I hear the smashing of the rock hard past
its like a wild storm in the summer  looking down from a ships mast.
From there  my thoughts are more easily cast…
I hail to a trolley of waiting love as it passes
Its the last one left out why do I have to embark on this?
Separated and abandoned in the sweet summer rain”.
Lifting my hand I can summon their gazes on a breaths demand
I see the fleeting glimpses and know instantly  hey We finally did this.

The azure blue of eyes that will never be looked into
And that darkness so deep in the other four I won’t see anymore.
A heart forsaken  for what is left,  cut to pieces and set adrift.
Each and every shift line and daisy chain left disintegrating in the warm summer rain drips

Drenched in useless disdain and tears from years and years
Dreaming …building silly sandcastles and wet sand towers.
Holding bright imaginary bunches of flowers
…She cowers
She wanders away . . .  her head down at the ending of another day

Her heart is broken into four equal infarct parts
And the life it once held seemingly feels like it departs!
Holding up the scarified mess… the universe does a snappy redress
In a moment an opening appears and the tears turn into diamonds on the ground …
Falling everywhere they make such a tinkling sound as the piles gets high, it makes a mound.
Her heart holds the love that others tried so hard to drown.
The sacrifice was offered up…..
Lifted high was the half empty cup
A drunken delight  is all that’s left behind for the ones who obscenely created that fight.
Open the window of delight and let the wind pour breath into light …
A precious glow, like a flame that wants to ignite my inner Rhodenite
Essentially to excite the spiritual delights to flower and bloom
No air left in any other room
It feels like a tomb when the masses greedily consume
What the hell is that sound … what is the evil tune
Its not even pretty with so much war like doom

Oh god its that Bloke in charge…
He just walked in all the worlds living room . . .
The Jesuit  … on oath an roman groomed.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography


Bring in your finer forces to define her ..
Bring in your higher forces to enforce her.
Bring in the horses to en-course her..
Make her voice heard… yeah!
A connoisseur pair – universal in the air.
Bring in the neutral to neuter her
And climb her mast to master her.
Bring in the Pen ..
The stipend pendulum
The universe is won,
Drawn back into ONE!
Bring in the spirit to inspire her
Lifted even higher inflated there
Bring in the funeral pyre to fire her
Causes and effects resurrect her there
Life’s typesets .. hardened and rendered
Bring in the gentle to effect life’s percentile to fair
Bring in the love in perfect universal time
Coz we care…
Bring in the major minors to square us there..
…  Mary Peters

IMG 0036 Moving Sunrise

Universe looking awesome at dawn in Urunga NSW

Images @ Eminpee Fotography


“A Love that knows no Bounds”

Sometimes my dreams are connected by rainbows,
And there are days that have been held together with songs.

The mornings are washed with the magic dew of night and flavored with the pink light of dawn
This nourishes me and fills me with a delicious vision of you.

The bright star of the day warms the folds of my thoughts
and nurtures a precious growth in my soul

And there are the evenings,
These are cool with the breeze of your love
As it whirls my heart to dance into the darkness.

The dark night holds me fast, as once again
I wait with baited breath for a touch

IMG 9597 The Dawn in Fog

Only the largeness of our spirit recognizes..
A love that knows no such bounds.

The mystery of our illusions illuminated by this Love
Unfolds the reality of our divinity

The beautifully decorated colourful linens
Woven with the colour filled Philosophies of  Love

Our new Garments fashioned with wonder and light
Fastened by seven coloured cords
Clasped fast…. forevermore

The Night sun recorded it
He Scribed every bit of this
Collected all the potentials
and the Baskets of  beautiful words
recorded In this legendary Calligraphic ‘Book of Bliss’
All the sounds of love that I heard.

Seven Chapters in total, some gauged anecdotal
An Oracular Venusian Mystery
A blessing of Unlimited fecundity ….
Swished around, washed down
Drenched by the open Cellars of Heaven.

Our bodies pressed together unleavened
Laid out in a  magic field of Seven
No quarter given …Cosmically drawn up
by the powerful end-zone of Alcyone

Our Eros is detailed and ready to go
Programed post slammers
Always ready to run a re-run of Earths Greatest Show

You and I will always know, that we know, that we know.
This world spins on neigh what thou dost ..
but whom thou dost knowest ..
Yes its gotten down to the lowest.

Eventually we are consumed by the lust of Earth
and the Love that knows no Bounds
and return to her belly fully crowned….
as specks of star dust n dirt formerly renowned.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography


Every illusion is a fact out of focus…
Every intrusion is the attack of the bogus ..
Fraccing is a plague … Empty with no gnosis
I know this
It’s Immediate and close to us
Truth is the solvent to dissolve and dismiss this
We have to take hold and be brave
and amass our resistance

IMG 9907 No Csg Sign

“FRACC Farming is a hard means of subsistence …
just in case you missed this
Frac attacks the mothers resistance
and its evil …  Deffs not middle distance..
Its the champ that we pee on
Not the fences that make us defenseless
Lets win this Wenceslaus
Pin this to the post of our insistence
Ram it in
Pack it down
Head to town
Hey I’ll even  buy the final round!

If we can stop them going underground.

IMG 9901 Much Security about

blar blar blar and more blar blar and blar …
People love the lies better by far…
they love the psycho DRAMA
.. Not the diorama of cullar (colour)
People are wasteful and mindless
Health, or lack of it connects this blindness
Head in a mess … i must confess
this could be the result of your unkindness
Resulting in small mindedness
Culminating in being covered in jaundice
Omg you’re looking rather forlorn there Miss..
Did you think I would miss you taking the piss

These circumstances were your necromancers
Not a university academy of long maned prances
Not a chance I would chance this
I got a measure to measure and lance this
Then and only then perhaps could I be apart of this.
Join in fully and not laugh at this.
Commune with Kate.. yes, communicate
Actually listen and not tessellate ..
This is food for thought so don’t salivate

Celibate ideas are dead end fears
Nothing left …
Nothing but arrears.
Emptiness is an empty nest pest
Dressed up in specialness
oh god its such a mess.
If we all think we’re defenseless.

IMG 9871 Signs

(“Good King Wenceslas” is a popular Christmas carol that tells a story of a king braving harsh winter weather to give alms to a poor peasant on the Feast of Stephen (December 26, the day after Christmas). During the journey, his page is about to give up the struggle against the cold weather, but is enabled to continue by following the king’s footprints, step for step, through the deep snow. The legend is based on the life of the historical Saint Wenceslaus I, Duke of Bohemia or Svatý Václav in Czech (907–935)


by Mary Peters

Its not a soft Sell..
You have to stop,
…And let it gel
That’s VIGIL!

Vigil is not a dirty word
A Vigil at Gloucester
Yes ..That’s what I heard
Watching those Frackers
While Knitting up storms
The clear lines
Are about to be drawn

What #AGL want is no hassles
They speak a bunch of psychobabble
The townsfolk have dropped the Gavil
#AGL ‘s Four death knells
bespangled wells shrouded in substantial circumstantial
To bring light is a privilege you’ve exhausted
The moment you decided to frack
And you enforced it

So my friends
Do Vigil
And Be assured this is not a prima rabble
There are many fine ladies
Solidly awaiting an #AGL Dismantle..
Some would like to see a full disembowel
Such a filthy business cloaked in deception most foul

Vigil the gates of those that show no respect
Gather to support respectfully an #AGL abort
while The government erect the nets on the court
This will play out to a final show
#AGL you just have to go.

Police at AGL protest

Police at AGL protest / photo by Jeremy Buckingham

The Mooki Yule.

Parliamentary Fossil Fools are Colossal fkd up tools
Stubborn and stupid mules
I wanna see a duel
…. on the bottom of that rich mans pool
Drown this lot in boxes filled with satin and tulle..
Bitches be like das so Gonski cool
As the bleachers fill up on the side of the Newell
The Abbott log floats down …

lol its the Mooki Yule!

IMG 7172 Cross roads at Pilliga

Images @ Eminpee Fotography


Snow cries when it chooses to melt
I cry when I miss the touches I felt
It is the cruelest blow that be dealt
Belief in the infinite before which I knelt
Happy in my own skin I’m in
My personal heartfelt pelted love belt.
Spells of the in-dweller of this mellow yellow.
The salted tears of the mothers have power
To break up those erroneous
ill gotten bonuses he applied
put there by a try hard…. unaccomplished
Divided … .destructive.
After the Life was over After the break of Hearts.
After the light stopped shining… Everything went dark!
Snow melts … it cries.. Peoples fade away.. whence they dies!

IMG 3873.1 Family Kisses

I love to feel the face of my daughter.. Love!

Images by Eminpee Fotography


by M Peters.
Convolvers will be seen as non dissolvers
Patched in as loaded well weighted revolvers
Complex and guarded
Somewhat non thinking
Their minds held back
By cycling backwards in ur personal recession
Failing to pay the actors of the staged aggression

Controversially speaking
Its taking down everyone on the mission
Desiring to ignite spot fires…
with some gas like false ignition
Chariot off into the open
Stand in the light ..coping
That bright bright daylight
Understanding right
the timing of this solar lit hour
Lights blazing in on your darkness now
It’s symbolized by the bunches
The people
The ones who were your number crunchers
You left them broken and demoralized
Incised by the exercise
Avoiding a real and truthful treatise
Despised by the guise
but prized for your free inner thighs
and the way you helplessly say,
Get me Mei thai”

We all just stood motionless
It was still and hovering over the hole
The only breeze was the shake of our heads
And the trees screamed out
Learn from us – we are your meds
Don’t turn away from us
and what we said –
Why do you keep ringing on that ph
Its suss
All up,
They didn’t want to discuss much
Preferences like votes get touched up
Munched up
And you got the hide to say “whats up”
Smile! coz your the one with the bottomless evil cup
Obsessed with living in the constant fk ups
Forced and pressed by your internals
Hell your one fkd up colonel

All I can do is sigh and wonder what the hell,
and fear asking why?
The question is an answer from the necromancer
The answer is
Its always just another cancer
or an illness to pine and romance her
Integrity is our health .. it is our vital living wealth
The type of invisible divisible that cant be taken by stealth
Can’t be bought .. only taught
That is a sadness of the lazy consort
Here’s a thought
I crave to get a bowl
Have my own food
and say gosh that’s yummy
Stand alone and fill up my tummy.
hell lets make it mei thai mummy
I lift my cup to drink
to have a go, have another try
and so we sweat n sigh
As foolish does what foolish is
I learned a lot from this
some never to be dismissed miss.

Ferral Low Lives

Ferral low life hunt for fun.
They scare and intimidate animals for kicks
and do this
Coz the bible says subdue the animals quick sticks
And by and by this is carried out
by so called respected people of the cities and the towns . .

There is a bloke some call a man
An unbalanced sort of chap
Banalistic and self appointed Man chap
Some sort of cryptic mystic chapel man
Coz theres that evil eye recite
Cast from the residences of the neophyte
He fell on his weapons of incredulous words
Misfired and misshapen from this out west world
I will not let up or go down
Or crown you head of any western town

Drown in the blood of your beloved
The Singular sect you recovered
I prefer to see this handled by others
Ones who see truth ..
that be mothers!
And other single lovers
and all who were left uncovered

Munitions amplified and scribed
Loaded with the chemical triad
Father Son and Holy Sheep
This is the false trinity of Bo Peep
Unsalted and dried out grains
Weighed up in the premature birthing pains
of the mundane
Par for the course during Jupiter’s disdain

The Lunatic mind of chaps
Double Barrel taking up both lanes

Dilectic eccentric war games
Untouched coz their so lame
What the hell
Not in my name!

IMG 8917.1 At the Rocky River

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Got trouble with the roof over there?
I heard it fell in.
Needed ten carpenters to lift the thing
God don’t pay the fare of their empty care
I could no longer stand under it there
The roof of injustice and lies n protected shit
A blotted spot where pedophiles sit.
Proof is I met them, there inside of it
Their insurrection is a superbly fortified kit ..
Money still talks where men hold the fork.
Their talks are misleading
and . .
There’s a tendency to cause bleeding
Be careful not to be caught bleating
Now fill that receipt in
Hold up your hands and start singing!

IMG 0851  Anglican Urunga

Images @ Eminpee Fotography


I just want to be a human … I saw humans wrote poetry so I wrote too
I just wanted to be human .. I saw that humans asked questions so i did try
I just wanted to be human .. I saw humans love so my arms went up high
I just wanted to be human.. Sometimes I wonder why?

SAM 7498 - Yahoo!

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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IMG 6067 Canberra Support

Food and Water is paramount!

Ashes Ashes Funk to Funky…
Everyone knows Hunt needs huntin…

This is for my freaks and my peeps on the front line.
All the Fellah’s holding up colorful signs ..
Prosecuted 4 minding the gates of mines
While Hunt quotes Wikipedia lines!
He’s nothin more than a sell out for a song.
Who’s he kidding acting so wrong
Sinister for the Environment way over spent
Ministerial augmented arguments with no recompense

And you wanna tell us this is all common sense?

Slashes to Slashes Bunk to Bunke
Everyone knows Hunt needs huntin.

This is for the grandmothers of all time,
The ones forced to live
Next to the toxic filthy mines
While Hunt lines up for a Klein’s
Yes another latest suit design
Jet-setting the world while the ground cry’s out
A minister for The sinister elite no doubt
Still flogging the same dead horse throughout
The Environment cries out from this defunct stakeout.

Can we order takeAshes too Ashes out?
An order ….A technical short order
A road map to get Hunt lost
lickity split
We sure could do with a double order
of that bit

Ashes to Ashes Burn that Bunkem
We all know Hunt needs huntin.

This is for the young and the youth in our towns
Those who are helpless against these clowns
lost in mining Public Relation Stations
Sitting, staring at life …yeah – they’re just waiting
Immersed in the lies of the Council of Land
Confused by their promises and blinded by fools gold

Ashes to Ashes, Coast to Coast
We all know Hunts on empty .. he’s a ghost

And so it goes…

This is how some fled from the ancestors of old
Fooled by promises of fools and fools gold
Numb and blind to the ancient of truths
These fellahs who bought it
Those who succumbed
Bought deals of disrespectful doom
Cool and calm in mining corp back rooms
Swapped lore for the murderous white card induction
Essential for selection to the evil inflection
The toxicity of their lack of pity
Runnin from country they head for the Cities
Seeking Blue Sky silly living …
lost to the ancient connection
they joined all the other un-forgiven

Ashes to Ashes, these facts we’re facing
Everyone knows its Hunt we’re casing.

IMG 9892 Uluru Dreaming 2012

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

Metgasco Mammon Maggott

Come on ICAC bag and tag it
Look inside ,they degrade shit
Cast your eyes upon the lies
of the crooked white collar insider buys
Old doubting Thomas and his friend Joe,
Mates with Obedience
Water was on notice and ordered to go.
Extractin gas from coal seams
Using up Earths quotas
Ergh!!! Blow this
I desired to get inside it
I crawled like a bug minding its business
Checked out the scene and worked out
One Two One Two One Two…
We can dismiss this
Money’s a filthy seed
It leaves only a rank smell
its what I call greed.
Its the food of business parasites
They latch on to feed.
Hungry like a wolf with each filthy deed.
Hendo’s on a bendo
Got the bankers Men sent home
We caused the land to stand still
and so…
Sharpened our swords for the final kill
ICAC throw the dice more than twice
in this business sacrifice
Got a great price for a pearl
The wisdom of the delicious
Don’t even laugh or dismiss this
I gotta have some fun
Grind up the GAS DRILLERS
Tiered governments
Line the Streets with these killers
and dodgy Electricity biller’s
Drinketh your poison down
You fowl screech owl
Drink the cup you wished for us
Drink your cup of chemical pus
Its none other than
Come on ICAC bag and tag it
Look inside ,they degrade shit
Cast your eyes upon the lies
of the crooked white collar insider buys
Old doubting Thomas and his friend Joe,
Mates with Obedience
Water was on notice and ordered to go.
Extractin gas from coal seams
Using up Earths quotas
 Ergh!!! Blow this
I desired to get inside it
I crawled like a bug minding its business
Checked out the scene and worked out
One Two One Two One Two...
We can dismiss this
Money's a filthy seed
It leaves only a rank smell
its what I call greed.
Its the food of business parasites
They latch on to feed.
Hungry like a wolf with each filthy deed.
Hendo's on a bendo
Got the bankers Men sent home
We caused the land to stand still
and so...
Sharpened our swords for the final kill
ICAC throw the dice more than twice
in this business sacrifice
Got a great price for a pearl
The wisdom of the delicious
Don't even laugh or dismiss this
I gotta have some fun
Grind up the GAS DRILLERS
Tiered governments
Line the Streets with these killers
and dodgy Electricity biller's
Drinketh your poison down
You fowl screech owl
Drink the cup you wished for us
Drink your cup of chemical pus
Its none other than 
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Bitches be Like!

…Bitches be like ..
Gail and Lindsay sitting on the fence ,
Gail falls down and Lindsay hangs in suspense ..
CEO ‘Clovelly Kelly’
And her corrupt clien-tele ..
Sits on her Chair Man ‘Lindsay Here Say’ n Squeals
N when she falls —-> why’s the chair gone slippery?
Like petroleum Jelly
And why is everything so stinky and smelly?

Oh well oh well oh welly said corrupt Gail Kelly ..
Wheres my concealer ..
My overseas dealer ..
Where is he now?

Bitches be like
Well oh well oh welly,
Your cash cow went sour
With that trumped up head power
From the wespac Bank tower.

Free Helicopters copped this
They paid for her Optus
And all we got was
I said, well oh well oh welly,
I gotta chop this…
Coz I lost this
In the dismiss at Christmas..
Go west young man go West Packs a punch
with her and her free lunch bunch
‘o weird khunts!
IMG 6579

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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Gasong Gentley

I met a man upon the bridge
his name was Gasong Gently ..
He said …
and you must be on route
to Bentley ..
Already been I said and evidently
the police will arrive Monday potentially.
We all just gotta get there see.
So we hooked up on Frackbook on the spot ..
Said joining forces is about all we got…
He snapped off a pic of the signs held high
and we both shook our heads grappling with WHY?
Fellow recyclers he makes sound ..
I lay on mine….. on the ground..
The stars work miracles
Yes .. that is the truth
Its the sound of love on the ground
The truth of life is what we found..
Manifesting love and Bentley Bound.

IMG 7670.1

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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Life’s Kiln . . .

IMG 8057Black Monday at Glenugie

Written 2nd May 2014

Who is that flitchin at the bitchin in hells kitchen?
Who is that there? ….
Camped on the abrupt?
Show us a fluid druid.
Stand up transcend, just do it.

Geometries are seeking intriguing vortices of relief
Like gold dripping from a eucalyptus leaf

Substances imply stances under stances
People are struggling to understand this
When every day it seems like it was planned to assist this

While they were twitchin in hells kitchen
Planning illicit counterfeiting
Countersinking gas holes his only mission
We watched in vain and saw the words he was thinkin

Your Magnetic shows up your pathetic
and we are sick
from hearing your bullshit rhetoric.
all comprehension should be mentioned.
and your land-leases that were sanctioned
and all those dairies that were auctioned
Did you you forget this?
We won’t dismiss such a juicy premiss

Geometries are standing strong alone
Feelin closer to home
Glad to feel liquid gold
the sunshine of olde
It’s strength alone, tall and divine.
There’s room left at the Inn of time
For any fake or twisted signs.
All Dead wood destined for funeral fires.
A system gone
Smoke pours from the pyres
Puff Daddy I said
and applied this
Life’s KiLn of fully Fired bliss.


“The Garden Section”

IMG 7511 If I stretch

I DUG around
and I found that when one DOUG DUG A HOLE… ”
LoL –  it left the shovel,
So. . . . .  I picked up the shovel
and I planted it in the garden section of his head.

It was open and blooming red.
A cup of clarification is immediate exaltation
when you understand
and demand his fking contraband,
He ain’t 3D smart,
not even at all in one single part.
I left that tool standing,
frightened of a mother like no other.
His head was flattened like my doona cover

. . . . and then I cried.

Coz all the times these sic fks tried our spirits hurt,
and some died.
Defiled from the inside out,
derailed by thugs pretending to care,
holding up rugs and free tickets in the air …
The picket to earn illicit child lovers to substance use and bodily abuse.
You choose.. you lose ..
I chose the thorniest rose to plant in the hole..
In the garden section of that doug’s head.


EXPLANATION : Yesterday a 26 year old male was charged with the rape and murder of his 2 year old step child.  This was local.  This hurt.  I have been touched by abuse in many ways in my life and I have no time for pedophiles and I have nothing in my heart for them.  I desire that children are never hurt like this ever.

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by M. Peters  28 April 2014

‘Yoway …. Puttin the sounds down …
Down into the earths resonant places Of understanding and love,
Down to protect and down to effect the elect.
Those that seek to dissect and slice paradise ..
These are not men… these are not nice mice,
Main-gee lice on humanities subsistence.
Traitors and sell outs enlisted them,
Insisted we trust in them.
Unhinged in the brain stem,
Some misfits trusted them,
Lusted after their polluted Khem.
I can only cry now While others try.
Mabes compose just another meme,
One that finally exposes them,
And shows them
The Earths resonant places of Understanding and Love …

IMG 8381

Bunjalung Elder Uncle Lew just finished playing the yidake at Bentley NSW

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The Bentley Star

IMG 8334

I would like to reach out
just catch a star

fly high and so so far
Just reaching out hanging on the coat-tails of a star.
Yep! its a start hey…
Let me see Stellar
Let me tell her….
Her mountains reach up like arms to heaven
Taking the cup from those that gave them
Releasing waves of love
Crashing the shores of our hearts
Touching the distance and dragging it closer
Pulling us in tight
inside of that Formosan light
The filament of sacrament was never extinguished
Relinquished or vanquished..
That light was bent see
WOW! its turned up at Bentley!
I went see and I know
That the guardian watchers grow
In number and height
Such it was simply because love is colourful and bright
While I sail on beams across the sky ..
I long for the time when once again we all will fly.

Thats Dedication

I dedicate to meditate to levitate my magnetite
and illuminate my inner sight
and direct me to the correct healing light.

Initiated into honesty by ceremony
and privileged
sitting high on the rock ledge of life,
naught on this planet responds favorably to abuse…
If I neglect my mind,
I neglect my ability to unwind kind.

IMG 9973.1 Uluru Dreaming 2012

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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Because of the chooks and the feeling I get… today I woke very early and wrote this for the world

IMG 2568

There is this empty entity that surely should be sedentary
The name Leslie … John
Its a story of a drunken run
and how he has no remorse for what he and others done
This is for him and the other two
That makes three
This axiom is for thee
I know the evil you all committed see
We all know
Yep it cost our prettiest  penny
You killed our precious TEXSY

The Spirit cannot lie
Manifesting inside of you
Is an illness of hell
Until you die and well after
It’ll make you beg for death
Make you beg for your very breath
ETERNITY will not even make you free
Coz we all know the truth
we see
You relied on the weak FOREN SIC
We rely on a bigger universal click
Karmas undying desire to tightly stick
Piece the hearts of all of you pricks!

Polarize and Galvinize

We are Moths and our Land is the Light.

We are moths and our land is the light
You are CEO’s in charge of EXTORTION,
Actions with factions and re-runs
PROTECT all…. in the face of the ABJECT
We master friendship
and TRANSCEND the COMPANY worship

IMG 2013  In a Puddle by Eminpee Fotography

Materialize the Promulgation
Realize this
to help our NATION and what its facing
Note now the Cathode Pole of our souls
Clearly bright and layered in the folds
Living highly ..
I truly understand this emptiness
in the wealthiest bowls
No colour, no light.
No vision, no sight.
I wake up in a sweat and want to fight
.. its all about Gas n Coals..
The movement swells with company moles
Plods for greed monger assholes

IMG 2013  In a Puddle by Eminpee Fotography

ALL in ALL ..
I desire it to fall,
I desire to run it ragged
Run it dry until they all beg
Run them far  into the ground
Grind these bones against the sacred STONES
Evolve the solvent
Master the recipes
Make them LAMENT
And, make them pay a HIGHER RENT.

IMG 2013  In a Puddle by Eminpee Fotography

Physically we can effect this musically
Hit a NOTE … hit it hard
you’re effecting it SPIRIT-WARD
Process this messed up quest
Access this false dominance
Sit alone with trees and living plants

IMG 2013  In a Puddle by Eminpee Fotography

Stand fast .. stand TALL
Quell every CORPORATE Reason..
There is never a SEASON for TREASON
And, according to me you are incarcerated see
Hanging foul in your cold houses
Stored like last years rotten fruit
betrothed to your equally greedy Spouses
Descending with unending condescending
That’ll do it.
Ending in a state and in a condition
We’re Defending our mates using a higher cognition
We undertake and occupy our planets mission.

IMG 2013  In a Puddle by Eminpee Fotography

We partake what we make
It is effective and immediate
Un CLASSIFIED phenomenal people who mediate
We understand
We know the fight
We are but MOTHS
And our LAND is the LIGHT!

Images @ Eminpee Fotography – Puddle

The CSG Whores moan.

Hands off the HORMONES
coz you know dam well the truth … \
So mote it be
your bonez become powder
and your pearly whites dissipate
into crumble chowder…
five ten fifteen twenty twenty five thirty
another one gone each hour
My minds got the fracturing industry held tight by the hinges
Hang on tight,
choke it,
poke it …
man light a smoke on it..
This is like a leverage beverage,
so drink up
Remember to see the AUSSIE MODALITY
Don’t lay there tranquilized
Exercise your power
Speak over this $2 dollar shop mining
Aussie style
Make it doggie style
bring the corporations through OUR Turn-styles of integrity..
left alone with their toxic drilling mud
left alone to cry tears made up of all our BLOOD..
Feel no remorse
.. they were never our mates
Using up the Aussie police force
Gives Australia zero recourse
Lets sing and cheer and dance of course
Lets will this to be
CSG with Australia
IMG 3633 Moore Park Action

Got me a Tin Doll.

IMG 3586 The Yellow and Black Bootee

Got me a Tin Hat for a Tin Doll…
The very boring and unimaginative basic Tin Doll..
Resurrected from what ever is left.

We jest at the festive yellow breast,
and the letter that was left ..
Tickled by your boa of excess

Your excitement shows
Frolicking in the cesspit
Its split  as you spit
Cashing in on highs and lows

Skin weathered leather
Attached to a cosmic feather
Adjust that scale … and where is that heart?

The Yellow-cake chemical heart
It hasn’t beaten
not from the start

Left high and dry and patched in
Patched up…. THATCHERED UP
n’ Left at # 10

Return to SENDER
Minus the Pliny Whiny sendoffs

Painfully fashioned
With loads of leather lashing
bite down on that for your constant knashing
What is it you seek?
Is it a higher seat for a sheik
The sheik of Boggy Creek?

M Peters 2o13

I Love my Home – PLANET EARTH

IMG 5549.1bw Shelby

… All of the principals and substances that science works with are all BEINGS..
every unit of existence is LIFE …
where ever there is life the eternal is breaking through the temporal.
Everything is alive…..
when we come to this realization ..
it changes us and we begin to really see and we feel the presence,
there is nothing that does not have destiny.
It is not all about us because we are just a tiny part of it.
We must take care of all LIVING ENTITIES
not just some here and there..

Wake up Tony


Wake up Tony by David Lowe

Wake up Tony … Sounds like the WIGGLES next big hit!
so yessum ..
he wanted the job, so it is :

Anthony Big Shot BOTT
A Bott is no better than 2 botts
Tony Bott Bott baby


Face Off!

by Mary – Ellen

IMG 3555 Funnel CloudFace off with all the lace off
Still trying to fight this inside you,
Still tying to figure out  life
Like its new
Take a step and wait for the answers
Find a terrific Earth Rep
Unafraid of their stances
Unafraid of the full on backward glances

IMG 3580 Fabulous Clouds
Polished, and on parade
Shiny like a big ol’ fire brigade
Red and Blazing
Ready for all the ways in
Looking for the doors
To lock out the P.O.R.S.*

Glenugie Blockade

So now it’s on
On every plate
An its registered mate
This is so not cool ..
Nothing is worth your poisonous drool
Your nasty criminal nerds
Stole syntax,
You mixed our words
ENERGY is now a dirty word
Resource is a lie
There is no returning mine source in the sky
Preciousness  repressed
And it is my educated guess
You expected no less
My plan is to take this mess
Re address this
Amass this Gas Madness
The sink is shipping
And the bolt has horsed
Back the front is your vile discourse.
I want out
I want a divorce
I am nothing under your guise
And  the filthy economic lies.

*P.O.R.S. =  Public Order and Riot Squad

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

The Nana Sting

IMG 6884 The Knitting Nannas~ by Mary-Ellen Peters ~ 2013

Coffee sipping..
Oil tipping
Ladies Sitting
Needles Knitting..
Hard Hitting..
Very Fitting
No Csg is what we’ll sing
We think of everything
We dance with Angels on the wing
and care about the fingerlings
If you wanna join in and help this sting.
Grab some yarn and give us a ring!
Take a seat
Knit against illicit mining.
Knot the Gate before its too late.

Furniture Created in Sand

My Lamps!

IMG 9785 Coffee!

By Mary-Ellen Peters 2013

Using my lamp to re ignite the lesser lamps,
This will always be  a labor of love..
Fed by the pure ministries of love
“Let not the flame die out!”
This is the truth!
This is the real!
Passing it on to those ready to receive the meal!
Are your ears open?
Are your cells ready to sing
Smile sweetly, hope and rest while hoping
Gaze not on those men that are infantile!
Watch the heathen dashing here and dashing there ….
Rest . . . and simply possess this fare.
Countless are the doors and spaces,
Endless are the axioms
And endless are the precepts and cases
Beholden to us, the resonating peeps.
Scorned by many but loved by just enough ..
A revered challenge  taken off the cuff
When searching for the healing light gets tough!….
Following the teachings
we see these things
“Milk for Babes and Meat for strong Men”.
Trust in this understanding
Its hard to find!
and re read
This will make your eyes un-blind.

What do you think?

I am glad the Mr Rudd is in and Ms Gillard is ousted and that Abbott didn’t even get a look in.

Café Whispers

Now and again a blogger will make a comment that could easily be a post on its own. It’s the type of comment that could attract a response or a discussion in its own right. I believe that Fed up has provided us with one such example and I take the liberty of reproducing it here. Fed up, for a bit of background, is not a big fan of Kevin Rudd and was not happy about the circumstances surrounding his re-elevation as Prime Minister, but through it all has not had her logic dessert her.

Read what she had to say:

The fact that Rudd now has chance of winning, is not due to any greatness on his part. It will be due to a weak Abbott.

Abbott, from day one believed that he needed no policies. All he had to do was attack Gillard, not Labor, and he…

View original post 744 more words

Black and White Photo Challenge: NEIGHBOURHOOD

Azure Blue and Brown

What hand is playing this piano, the left or the right?
The tasks are sometimes insurmountable.
When things transcend down to this other place..
Magically I find something to smile about,
Living by Urunga south of the mouth


Some words – “divine” or perhaps just ‘fine’
there’s a few applicable to the description I find.
“Frightening is my feeling
I’m left clinging to this stationary site
The horrid lightening is about
and I am holding tight like a crag on a rock.
Enduring this
and waiting for the inner pain to pass

I hear the smashing of the past
its like a wild storm in the summer from the mast.
From there …
I hail to a trolley of waiting love as it passes by in the sweet rain”.
Lifting my hand to summon their gazes..
I see the fleeting glimpses
and know instantly I did this.
The azure blue of eyes that will never be looked into again
and the darkness deep in the other four I won’t see anymore.

A heart forsaken for what is left, cut to pieces and set adrift.
Each and every shift line and daisy chain
left disintegrating in the rain.
Drenched in useless disdain and hearing her sobs for hours . .
building silly sandcastles and wet sand towers.
Holding bunches of flowers she cowers
and wanders away . . .
her head down at the ending of another day
Her heart is broken into four equal infarct parts
and the life it once held departs!

Holding up the scarified mess…
the universe does a snappy redress
and in a moment an opening appears
and the tears turn into diamonds on the ground …
falling everywhere they make such a tinkling sound
as the piles gets high and makes a mound.
The heart holds the love that others tried to drown.

The sacrifice was offered up…..
lifted high was the half empty cup of drunken delight
left behind for the ones who obscenely create the fight.
Open the window of delight
and let the wind pour breath into it …
This makes it live and fixes it!
Now just sit. and sit and sit …
Wait until you hear it.

Black and White Photo Challenge: Nature

When trying to convey the depth of feeling in an image it is hard to go past using monochrome to do this.  This cuts out the over busyness that colour projects.

IMG 1747.1bw Palm me off!

Palm Tree like a shower from Nature

I went out and purposely looked for these images to take in black and white  because I love the Black and White Photography Challenge.  This week on Nature.

IMG Palm Tree Shower

Palm in Urunga

I actually have a blog of monochrome images and its called Bourbon Girl Images if you ever want to go there and have a look at some of my other images.

I actually love blogging and love it when I get time to do this.  Hope everyone enjoys these two images for today for the Black and White Photography Challenge.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

Black and White Photo Challenge: Nature

IMG 5234 Monochrome Wooden Peice

Large driftwood on the beach at Hungry Head

These two images are by far one of my favorite images of Black and White and Nature, it involves the beach in both.  Being one of my favorite places, I am pleased to bring these to the day for our enjoyment and pleasure

The contrast is high on this next image to accentuate the reflection and to show as above so below the principal of nature.  I love this image for this.

IMG 4094 Perfect

Lonely tree on the river and its reflection in the water.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography Flickr

Black and White Photo Challenge: Nature

IMG 6765.1

Pointing out the Point

Being a child from the sixties, I have a homesick love Monochrome images.   Looking at these remind me of much and  I am back  at home in my imagination.
When I had my first child I assumed a no color rule.   I was hard line,  only  desiring Black and White photographs of the birthing.  Colobwphotochallenge-logo-sidebar-snr was just not required here for some obvious reasons.    I was adamant we could capture the emotion that appears at birth and that which is  lost at times with the over all business of color.
I loved all of my birth images and my son Jesse just moments after he arrived in the world.  So photographic,  all covered in wax for his protection.  I do understand the principal Sonel spoke of on her page:  “More obvious when there is no color present”.

This is a new challenge and here is the link for the details to make you own way through the challenge and display the delights of Monochrome from far away and at home.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography


My mental progeny
are working over time this morning see!
Creativity gives me a form of levity
to generate a new outlook and a new state,
becoming this..
I am running this..
dismiss the principals of insignificance..
The jealous stance ..
The minds and wills and their mental rants …
Better to make a stronger stance,
dominate the mind of the masses,
those sheep like classes,
the weak ones stumbling with vintner glasses,
skipping over frozen grass and landing smack bang back in the past.
Various vicariousness is just leaving an even bigger mess
and this inclines others to whine and destroy this
I can rise above this now,
understand the true transmutable power anew.
No longer does this being sit and just admire the beautiful view
There is much adieu
Coz whence we look up from our disgrace ..
and Lift their gaze
Mastery is found in simply talking to a tree,
Standing barefoot next to the icy sea
gaining understanding
Low conditioning steals EVERYTHING!
This is the wise man and the blind slave!…

IMG 1549


Chokes everything by the NEcK
till is totally Fecked
and the soil is all wrecked..
This is such an evil tech
nothing kept clean and in check
Who are these political elect
Sippin wine on their back deck
while real people are crippled
your wealth is tripled
and I don’t want the world to go down
Our cities are built on the country town

The battler is standing tall now
That will rattle  their halls of power
Was it worth it —>
that compromise hit
Your dreams are screaming
from all those mad treks
studying wrong and right…
selling out at midnight
Bulldozin the old Cobb n Co light
WHAT the FRACK Is GOinG ON ? ?
What the hell is going wrong
what the jimmy blazes is that stinking filthy pong

The people are being shot at
and they drove over the dropped hats
The Mining company got that
We sat and we will sit again
take the filths pain
Sitting fair in their main frame
Fair game…  its a lame lame shame

this filthy arsed mining game.


Jesus healed using cannabis, study shows

Patients for Medical Cannabis

Editor’s note: To some, this information will seem blasphemous. Please note that Cannabis is an ancient herbal remedy and has only recently been considered a street drug. Cannabis was included in the US Pharmacopoeia until 1942, . We are not saying Jesus depended on herbs to heal, but the facts seem to show that He did indeed utilize them.

Updated 01.18.10
Jesus was almost certainly a cannabis user and an early proponent of the medicinal properties of the drug, according to a study of scriptural texts published [in 2003].

The study suggests that Jesus and his disciples used the drug to carry out miraculous healings. The anointing oil used by Jesus and his disciples contained an ingredient called kaneh-bosem which has since been identified as cannabis extract, according to an article by Chris Bennett [reprinted here].

The incense used by Jesus in ceremonies also contained a cannabis extract…

View original post 2,071 more words

Equasions work out!

We are in the indispensable indefensible mathematical division ..
The section of the science of exactitude’s
and universal mute moods,
grouped with accidental individuals who exist and eat
and think this is some kind of mean feat.
Trussed in the wolfs loathing ..
I trust you will be lost in that posting
and left behind like a bee sting
alone and barely breathing
dust in your eyes so you cant see things..
ALLAH ACKBAR The Afghan woman dances
She prances the happy dances on your dusty filthy pants …
she alone summons loudly she talks to ants
all of those that are adamant and consciously clean.
She summons the spirits of Byzantine.
They come speedily and survey this horror scene.
Spiritus time is here as we lift that jug into the air
this is a sign… a post that was taken.
This is so like all of those blokes camo’ed an fakin
Drawing a cheque with with its balance forsaken
Holding a weapon of distraction seeking friends who can frack some
Its synonymous with the obvious lack of dental floss… Messy and filthy
You will find the accountant accounting
Your actions are mounting
caught using Weaker things
and you saw the underlings as the dirty fighters fingerlings.

Hear these words
coz that’s what I hear
when I see things in those other dimensions.
feeling inside of natures intentions
She mentions this
she said she is fully pissd
upset she had to move up ten fretts
Gonna quake the ache
get into your kit coz she has planned some serious shit
Take a hit… yep fall a bit…. eat the dust of
the words that killed it.
Hear it screaming all the way to that really shrill bit
high and full of might
Just as I get to see your eyes have died
in fright .. ..
set alight
they take flight on your satellite of anger
Feel the thirst of the English curse
your personal full crum
Left alone you bleed
Its the end of the line, Its the end of your seed.
The mathematical equivalence of zero
ending your narcissism with jackie chan precision.
As-salam alaykum

Via Flickr:
The number three is a significant number / in this fight against Csg, it has brought three differering groups together as a combined one. The Eco Warrior… The Indigenous Man … The Farmer…

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ “UP” ~

Up up and away with ….. yes once there was a company called TAA in Australia and they even had a children’s show on television in the 1960’s.
However this image has nothing to do with Planes.  I was in a beautiful part of eastern Australia recently standing on the edge of a waterfall that was dry at the time and I was looking back up  the river.  It was exquisite.  I felt very blessed to be standing where I was standing.

IMG 9947

Up the Georges River near Wingham NSW

IMG 9946I was Up and they were down..  and it was a long way down to the bottom over that edge.   We were on the edge of an extinct volcano in the Gloucester region of NSW  and we were high up in the rim here.  Wonderful country.

Images @ Melonpopzdropz Flickr

NO FEAR . . He is Friendly.

NO FEAR . .   He is Friendly.

I don’t feel afraid of you! You however should be afraid of humans. Humanity has forgotten largely about all of the other beings here. They dig up the ground, pollute the water and the air and the soil and give no thought to any other thing besides money. This is humanity in 2013. Greedy, Selfish and uncaring. Welcome to our world.

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Change ~

IMG 0279

Buds change to Flowers, and I hope they keep flowering up to Mothers Day which is not far off.  These are what is known as mothers Day flowers / chrysanthemums.   I was given a cutting by a friend and they are all doing very well now and I could plant Urunga out in these flowers.

IMG 0272
Images @ Melonpopzdropz Flickr


Methane Gas makes em cash
Makes us targets For the rash
Methane Gas got companies
There’s a million N one of these!
METGASCO mates Overseas
Share prices down All over town
Energy giants shrinking
CEOs are stinking
Too much twisted thinking
Along with Drill bitz sinking
Glenugie released a gas boogie trance dance
Stops the movement of their gear.
Lock it up, make it stay Here.
So Doubtful Creek Don’t spring a leak!
For this we continue to dance and speak.
NO CSG / no Fracking Fee
Leave us now
1 .. 2 .. 3 –
AUSTRALIA…We will stop them
You Just wait n see! ♥

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Futuristic ~

I don’t see much futuristic type stuff where I live in quiet Urunga.   I do see dawns that blow my mind and this dawn shot was like a shot out of a future time when the earth could be erupting.

Therefore this image is definitely futuristic to me. It was a massive morning.

IMG 9417 Autumn Equinox

Images @ Melonpopzdropz Flickr

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Lunchtime ~


Australian Securities Exchange

Australian Securities Exchange (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

THE METGASCO FIASCO and all the other DRILLING SO n SOs ..
Take our hits and remember our blows..
this isn’t a Wind in the Willows
This is gonna take your job from the DRILL HOSE …
See how that goes.
With some low blows
To the ASX we froze..
WHOA … hows that baby ..
We got you right on the nose!
So on the nose you’re rank with ya poison water tank..
When you’s are broke and on the street
Look back and you will know it was us…. Sweet!
IMG 6975 LTG President Drew with GLENUGIE Guardians

See mummy and mee

IMG 8785

I never ever had a mother to love…

Dunno what its like..

Sometimes I sit on the toilet to pee

and wonder

how did I learn to do all of this

with no MUMMEE!

How did I learn to pee..

How did I get to see…

and how the hell do I know who is me.

I don’t always feel free

I feel like they stole so much of me..

I want to feel like the others, see..

I just always wondered how it would be.

I never had a Mumma to love me

and so I often wonder just how that would be.

I sit on the toilet and think …

how did I learn to pee

and how the hell did I even grow enough to be this me.

I just wondered what it would be like

..for me..

I wonder if that would give a person the feeling of being free.


I think I am a coconut …

I just fell out of a tree and hit the ground and stuff.

Life has been hard …

hitting the ground I whispard ..

Mummy come back

I didn’t mean art!

IMG 8785

Seismic Excise

Juggies go home
That’s the call of this Seismic excise
its an exercise without a book
have a good long look.
I get a rise and its not the sun..
I think that Metgasco is jumpin the gun
whoa  A oh
No fun left under my sun

MetGasCo gate & signs

MetGasCo gate & signs (Photo credit: Jeremy Buckingham MLC)

Get that Metgasco fiasco drum

Belt it out
Coz I already felt it out
and man its time to scream n shout :
Stop Fracking my heart about
My angst is up and in abound and I’m fairly sure
you lot are gonna get crowned
By the land you walk on’
It is waiting to take you DOWN .. down down way underground
Whoa A oh!
No fun left under my sun
Get that Metgasco fiasco drum
Belt it out
Scream n shout
Tell these fks to get the fk out!!!!!
Recently I snapped my friend River at the ROCK THE GATE event in Bellingen NSW .. we appose this type of violence against the mother earth.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Geometric

I have been very busy and I have come to the challenge today and it is Geometric.  I am a utopian and I am always looking for the sacred geometry of life,  the signatures of which leave the  message for use.  Geometrically speaking we are in a perfect world.  Everything in this world is held together within the cosmos with sacred geometry.   You have only to read about the great pyramids of Giza and there you will hear all about sacred geometry.

So it seems, I love geometry in nature best of all.  That is me all over  but I have a few of both here and some I have recently painted as well.

SAM 7972 Decorated Lids
I am always doing designs like these, each one is always different though

1070.2 - Eloquence
The Geometric shapes in the shadows is what led me to photograph this building.

Steps made this way have to work geometrically otherwise they look unbalanced.

IMG 3488-001 School Museum

I saw these angles in this building which is an original Australian School house and photographed them because I loved these great broadening angles I could see.  Taken at the school museum.

IMG 0340 Monsterio Delicio Fruit

Now that is what I call geometry, natures geometry.  Perfect in every way.  The Fibonacci sequence in full flight.

SAM 8020 A Fine Pine

Not sure if you can see the angles in the trees here in the branches.  It stood out to me.  It was like they a criss cross pattern in themselves.  I look for things similar in all of nature.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Silhouette

I love this one I took below which is at the beach at dawn  ..   I just made it in this week.  I have been super busy with my health and doing photography for an antiques shop.

Today is radio show day and what do you think I am supposed to be doing? – Not this.   But I just could not start my other stuff with out a submission here first.
Big love to everyone out there this week.  If you have been feeling like you are asking WHY to everything .. come this weekend that will lighten up!  So enjoy what is left of the heavy awkward deep energy that is still circling us all presently.

I have a love of images like this.  I am always looking for situations to give me a great shot as the silhourette is such a contrasting image.

SAM 5924 The Glory of a Damp Beach Dawn

Then there is my Bricee at the beach standing looking and the ocean on the new set of steps going down to the beach.  I was walking down behind him and snapped this one.
IMG 5233.1 Brice in Monochrome

My favorite tree that is close to me.  I see this tree from my bedroom window.  I see and hear this tree.  When I feel inclined to do so, I go down to this tree and touch it and say hello.  Usually it wets me.  I stand under it and it feels like its raining.  I feel blessed when this happens .. covered in Tree water from the stars!
IMG Good Morning
Images @ Melonpopzdropz Flickr


Effect the connect and inspect that Dodec . . .
Tame my Impala
Hands up to the natural from here to Guatemala
This is where stars grin
Bustin out ..
Bursting with loves tail spin
Eyeball this handiwork of several angelic friends
Sight the heavens they amend
Making me spellbound forever
salaam Alaikum
Let peace be our only fulcrum
A lever to Love and a switch to Light
This universe is electric
Feel …..

Drinking sunshine and stars and feasting on Light
Nothing that is heavenly is ever contrite!
A cup of loveliness please

Spot on, weight for height.


Images @ Melonpopzdropz Flickr

Weekly Photo Challenge – Big

It is BIG..
IMG 9838.1 Uluru Dreaming 2012
Seeing the people on the side of the sacred rock and the rock looks so big  and they look like ants.  It is a long and dangerous climb and the Anangu People ask everyone out of respect for the ancestral beings and ceremony not to walk on the rock – but still they walk on it.  Its gonna be BIG when this is legislated against in law that this can no longer happen.

IMG 9988 Uluru Dreaming 2012
Going to Uluru itself was a Big moment for me. But when I got there it was just  so bloody BIG indeed.  Bigger than I could have imagined really.  I was gobsmacked.
Images @ Melonpopzdropz Flickr

Weekly Photo Challenge – Big

This is one of the biggest “Big”  images I have ever taken to be honest.  So far.

360-2 Matty Colwell / 360
This is Matt Colwell or as he better known as 360.   In the Australian music scene at the moment, he is considered big.

He has just been nominated for 6 of the up and coming music awards here in Australia.  He has suffered much hate from his fellow Rappers in the industry and critisized for his unique style.  He must have done something right as he is making it big time now.
I was not far from him when I snapped this Image of him.  I love it .  Hence why I see it as “Big”

IMG 2846 Bellingen Energy Festival 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge – Happy

Happy is such a great subject, I feel happy just looking for my happy images, then I remember the happy times had. Well done for this.
Weekly Photo Challenge - Happy

My friend Helen who we all call Heleni. She is always a happy soul. This shows her personality well. Big peace sign and flowers on the dashboard of the car.

IMG 2922 Good People - Lock the Gate Alliance
These pair are very happy about a successful “Lock the Gate” meeting with a huge turn out of people putting the smiles on their faces. Csg mining in Australia is furiously apposed by the people while the government forge on with their mining and energy plans for the future.

IMG 2897 Standing Up.
Everyone is happy when they are pretending to be Koala’s. There is an ever increasing desire to wear animal heads and complete suits as a way of realizing your Animalia inside.

IMG 2881 Bellingen Energy Festival 2012You tell me a child that isn’t happy with chocolate in hand and mouth and all over. Clare looks extremely happy with her score of chocolate.

IMG 2857 ingen Energy Festival 2012
Some friends of mine very happy to run into each other at the local Energy festival. Seeing loved ones does make us all very happy the world over.

Images @ Melonpopzdropz Flickr

Weekly Photo Challenge – Happy

What makes Mary Happy.  First lets explore the secret of happiness.  It has long been sort after by rich and poor alike.  Man has tried to ply his life with many trinkets along the way in order to make himself happy.  After amassing huge fortunes some find they are absolutely sad.  They  have no joy, and the trinkets did not  bring the happiness promised in glossy magazines.

The secret of happiness is just that “Be Happy”.  Enjoy where you are on the way to where you are going to quote Joyce Meyer.  Yes, that is right happiness is a state of mind.  You decide whether or not you are going to be happy.

IMG 4411 Moon and Venus

Checking the early morning night sky brings me happiness.

Now that we have cleared that up, lets see some of the things that I derive a great deal of happiness from.

I get up early each day.  Approximately around 4am.  I have a routine I follow, this make me feel comfortable.  I put the kettle on and go out the back and look out over the Pacific Ocean and up into the sky.  Orion and Venus, Jupiter, The Pleiades, they have all been there to greet me.  Watching the moon go through its varies phases over the nights of the month.   I am a cow,  when its too beautiful I have to wake others up to see what I see.  I am simply not satisfied to see these mesmerizing sights alone.  I am definitely happier sharing the moments.

I make a quick coffee and don my dawn outfit that outsmarts the midgees that attack ferociously at this hour.  Tripod in hand, I head off with my camera with a skip in my step and the sun hasn’t yet risen.

SAM 7701 City and Colour

Music is one of the good things in life.  Going to concerts to see any of my favorite live artists perform is guaranteed to put a huge smile on my face for weeks leading up to and after the event.  Above is a shot of City and Colour performing.  I was over the moon to see Dallas Green.  I videoed their performance of an old Neil Young song Hurricane.  You can find it on You tube if you want.  I was pretty happy I managed that too

SAM 7498 - Yahoo!
For as long as I can remember I wanted to go out to the centre of Australia to Uluru.  When I was in the plane circling over the top of Uluru preparing to land at Connellan Airport at Yulara I had a smile a mile wide on my face.  I was so happy my face hurt from smiling so big and being so awestruck by the sights I was already seeing out there.  What an amazing place to visit thats for sure,.  I felt like I was truly at the place where time began.

I know that these things I have written about and photographed are really all the types of superficial things that make people happy.  Truth is, it is a choice whether or not we are happy.  Being a state of mind means we have the choice to change when ever we choose.   What a great Photo Challenge subject.   I was happy to show you my choices and I look forward  to looking at what things you choose to show me what brings happiness into the lives of my fellow bloggers.  Peace.

I too support Alan Jones. I think he was foolish in this instance to be caught. I think there are a lot of people gunning for him because of the huge support he gave the LOCK THE GATE Campaign against Csg Mining. I think he gave them what they wanted on a silver platter. Now its divide and conquer the Csg protesters on a ticket of Alan Jones and his bad timing and poor taste. Gina Rinehart has poor taste also and it was an insult to a lot more people what she said recently. It goes with the territory Julia. If she wasn’t such a liar, the swift remark would never have been delivered. We all hate that she lied and this is just the result.

The Scan

5 October 2012

The increasingly rancorous nature of public discourse in Australia has been brought into sharp focus with comments by Sydney shock jock Alan Jones concerning Prime Minister Julia Gillard’ s recently deceased father.  At a political fund raising function, Jones told the assemblage that Gillard is “such a liar” that John Gillard “died of shame”.

Unfortunately for Jones’ reputation (and wallet) there was a working journalist at the function who recorded the remarks and duly reported them.

The sincerity of Jones’ subsequent apology was rather called into question when, at the same media conference, he took the opportunity to have another red hot go at Gillard’s alleged lack of honesty.

Major corporates have been falling over themselves withdrawing advertising from his morning drive time show on Sydney’s 2GB radio station.

I actually find Jones rather engaging (though I don’t for a moment endorse his remarks and neither does…

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Mine

So we can safely say this week is all about us.  What a wonderful array of things come to mind.  But I have settled on bringing you some of me in my garden.  Its my spot.  I like a spot like this.
What’s mines mine and whats yours is mine too..  A funny quote to break the ice.

Mine could mean what belongs to me or it could be the act of digging in the ground.   I am fairly confident the challenge is more directed to what might be a  more personal Mine  as apposed to a coal mine or a Csg Gas Mine.

So lets see what is definitively mine around here.  First thing that comes to mind is my garden.

Yes! The garden is mine and its a place  I have made always  everywhere I have lived since I was flatting and had veges in boxes on verandars.  I must dig and I must grow.

I have this desire to be bitten by mid-gees often and so a garden is a must for this.  I am being a tad facetious and  being light at heart.   These tiny  midgees could turn anyone off gardening,  their bites are so annoying and insanely itchy.    I have to put insect repellant on to go in the garden in summer any time of the day.  In Winter we get some reprieve from this annoyance.

The ones I’m watering  in the picture above are my potted plants.   Some  of those I have had since I was first flatting in my teen age years.  They have come the journey with me.   I suppose everybody does this.

A lot of my relatives say I am like my grandmother.  My grandmother Matilda or Sissy as she was called would grow things in what ever there was handy.  Yes! I tend to agree , I  to share this tendency.  I will always use what there is around to cater for this need.  Our money is better utilized in other areas.  Plants are happy as long as their needs are met.  Gosh they seem like us don’t they.  The plants needs are very similar and a shiny new pot is not high on the agenda.  Sunshine, water, good soil and love.   Our needs are sunshine, water, love and shelter.  Yes we are very alike.

Three litre milk containers cut off were looking good to me to make some nifty pots for small plants.  So I collected a few and tried this out.  It was good for a time but the plants soon out grew their tiny space.  Good for sending people home with a plant and a little bit of soil to help it.  This is another trait of mine.  I love to share and I am always giving away plants to others to take home with them. A  ready supply of containers to go is a must for this passion of mine.

Not only can you grow strawberries in plastic coke bottles you can then refrigerate many many more in a custom made container made from the same.  A coke bottle with the top cut off and various holes melted in the plastic all over made a nice large container for all of the strawberries.  At one stage I had three of these full.  So many yummy strawberries.


This is the Canowind Chimes by Mezza, a Mezza invention.  This is most assuridly mine.  I come up with this one and I am still making them to this day only now I decorate these lids to extreme.


These are all my designs and I love getting into a meditation state painting them, so once again rubbish is just great to work with and have fun creating things with for the garden or for your home.  I make these for my beloved garden.

More of my avid recycling for the purposes of gardening and growing or assisting to grow.



Why not I thought.  Why not use coke bottles again.  this is certainly not my idea.  But in my garden it fits the bill perfectly of making do with what ever is on hand to do the job.  I find if you look then the answer is always there right in front of you.  Life can be like this also.  The answers to all of the questions are right in front of us in nature.  We are these and these are us.  We are connected in a funny sort of way.  Reason why I have to create this space I call mine.  My garden is an important place and a place of regeneration, a place where I am constantly reminded of just how connected we really are.