Weekly Photo Challenge – Path (4)

Path…. Pathos

Since yesterday I have come to minor conclusion that Path as we know it in our language because of it’s Greek root of basically covering many different feelings, it really does also describe life which is a path.  It is our life path,  which is often filled with suffering, disease, passion and we find we need sympathy and empathy to get by and in a state of apathy nothing happens and no traveling of the path has happened.  So today we understand path in a fuller sense.

droplets of water on a plant at the caravan park

Dew taking the underside path down.

“Path” is from the  greek root  “Pathos”.  Its basic meaning is feeling / suffering.  Some example words where path is the root word are  : empathy, sympathy, apathy, apathetic, psychopathic.
Pathos is one of Aristotle’s three categories of persuasion in writing to convince the audience ( the other two being Logos and Ethos)
Pathos II: suffering, disease, feeling, passion

Image by Mezza – Water droplets always follow the path down.



  1. The path we travel in life is a combination of trials, hardships, success, love and happiness. It’s not an easy road but our goal is to reach our destination whatever, wherever it may be. I enjoyed your version of the path and the photo of the dew is just perfect. Stay blessed and inspired always.

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