Weekly Photo Challenge: Textured I


Soft on Hard
This rock here is formed from a volcanic eruption somewhere nearby.  It’s appearance  shows the violent eruption through the textured look of the face of this rock!

Adding to this is the soft textured plant growing from such a hard environment! This depicts real life to me. ” Its hard at times in a beautiful world and its beautiful at times in a hard world”. ~Mary Peters

Textured  –  that does have a lot of connotations. Firstly the visual in this case of the “Photo Challenge”.   It is the tactile quality of a surface or article, it is the culture of something ie to do with religion or the arts or music etc.  It is the general structure of something and it is what we feel, see and hear with the sense of touch, site and sound that allows us to interpret the reality with these senses.

Etymology   From Middle French texture < Latin textura “a weaving, web, texture, structure” < texere (“to weave”), past participle textus.

Image by Mezza – The texture of jagged rocks under the cliff at Hungry Head NSW


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  4. the island traveler

    The rocks, the fern and everything around it is one beautiful textured stunning scene. It reminded me of one of my favorite movies, The Jurassic Park. My mind went further, I imagined a dinosaur foot mark close by with a paddle of water that’s rippling. Wonderful!

    • Anonymous

      It is an amazing place and funnily enough I do say the same sorts of things when Im there its like ancient in under that cliff.

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