Weekly Photo Challenge: Family..

Family..Jesse, Tlea in the back and the twins Jory and Joshua at Dellwood Gleniffer living tough and happy with a dirt floor.

I was a little horrified to find that this weeks challenge was “Family”.  I have none to speak of in my life.  I have no children and no brothers and sisters around me. and I certainly have no mother or father happy snaps.  This will challenge me to go out and find families of other things or other peoples families.

Family – from Latin familia  a household, servants of the house, from famulus  servant.
A “family” is also any group of related things or beings, esp when scientifically categorized …   This definition excited me as it gets away from the traditional ideas we sum up in our heads of family.

So until I photograph something else please love this image.  I took this one twenty years ago when the kids were small.   Two of these children are now parents themselves… I loved these people and for a long while they were my extended family.  I heard from their mother Leanne last Sunday.  I miss them being near.   My children  and these children had so much fun together growing up and starting school in Bellingen.



    • I (sadly) am completely out of the entire equation, however I do still see the twins and Tlea. They are my friends children. My son is the little blonde boy. Stuff just happened and now this is the way it is and no amount of anything seems to change it. It makes me very sad.

    • Yes the kids were all born in the eighties. This would have been 1991 though. I am affectionate about the mullet.. My partner has an animal cut which inevitably grows into a mullet and it suits him lol. Shoot me now!!! haahaa.

  1. thanks for the pingback Mezza…family is whome we consider our own….irrespective if they are of the same blood or not…..I liked your picture!!

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