Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple..

What an interesting subject we have this week for the photo challenge.  Its simply interesting to look at what I perceive as  simple and photograph that.  I love simple.  Simple for me means quick and without  fuss.  This rock to me is Simple.

Simple beauty in Stanthorpe Queensland.

It would be considered a simple request to not de face the beauty of this rock.  It looks to be very special and simply should remain this way.  Simple requests are granted without too much ado because really its that simple.

I will explore the simplicity of beauty, that is really simple to do and I am sure that I will see some very complex things in doing so.  Nature is still simple though.  I make a cup of coffee in the morning and that makes me happy.  That is pretty simple to do.

Image by Ian Barlow (Close friend of Mezza) – Granite Rock at Stanthorpe Queensland.



I am honoured you have given me your time, plz say g'day!

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