Weekly Photo Challenge – Unusual ..

This is very unusual to see a kangaroo swimming.



Most people who have seen this image say they had no idea that a kangaroo could swim.  He swam so efficiently it surprised even me.  I had never seen a kangaroo swim either.  I have to admit that it was the most unusual occurrence.    I cropped the image a little to enlarge it to show you a little better  here below.  I must apologize for the poor quality.

Somebody approached me while this was happening and it kind of spoiled the photographic moment for me as we both stood there aghast at what we were witnessing.  I resigned myself to the fact that I will never allow that to happen again as missing opportunities is the pits photographically speaking.

So this image covers the photo topic in another way, it is unusual I let someone deter me this way, I am usually fairly forthright.  Obviously not enough on this day.



Back in 2007 it was reported in the Geelong Advertiser newspaper in Victoria Australia reported that a swimming kangaroo had been witnessed to have fallen prey to a great white shark whilst going for a swim.. Please read the account below as it is a phenomenal story for interest of what sort of things happen down here in Australia. That story was then taken up by the Daily Telegraph.


More great images of Kangaroos swimming can also be found on this website below.  They are great swimmers but it is very unusual to catch them at this practice.  I am so glad I captured one in action just below my house here in the rivers.


Even the locals were surprised it says in this article above.

Image by Mezza – Kangaroo swimming at Dawn at Urunga NSW



    • I am Australian and I never even thought about it until I saw this and then I had a look around on the internet to see what others thought and it seems this is an unusual sight but not an unusual occurrence.. THEY DO IT but they dont get seen that much!

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