Weekly Photo Challenge of Unusual.

I thought to myself that I should be able to find some more unusual images but I was struggling for a second.   Then I remembered these ones I took a couple of months back.


This is majestic to stand in front of and just gaze at the absolute detailed work involved.  It was approaching Christmas time and the must have reindeer are also pictured.  These were temporary and is now gone again.

This sort of work  is unusual in this throwaway society that continues now to make a habit of  substituting sub standard architecture and conning us all with fancy words.  This is workmanship.  Work today isn’t viewed the same as in yesteryear where some things are concerned.



This structure is in the main street of Nambucca Heads NSW.  This is a nearby seaside township.  Once enjoying almost the same fame as Byron Bay does today in times past.  This huge mosiac represents the life nearby.. the main focus of subject is the ocean.



I hope you enjoy these images.


Images by Mezza – Mosiac at Nambucca Heads


  1. The reindeer fence is cute… By the way, I’m having trouble loading your site due the heavy bandwidth consumption of your graphics… Perhaps you can re-size your banner and check to see that pictures you upload are re-sized. TY 🙂

    • eeek! I am not sure that I understand / if you have time can you explain a little better for me as that may be why it takes so long to load for me also! Thank you for bringing it to my attention. It is something I don’t know or understand as I am totally self taught! Cheers

      • If you have a banner at the top of your blog that wasn’t re-sized (meaning its too big in pixels), or too many graphics rich items on your side bar, they make your load time slower. Reduce the size of the photo via your pictures software, and move some of your side bar items into a separate page. Does this help?

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