Weekly Photo Challenge – Arranged

I eagerly logged back on to find out what this weeks challenge was and saw the most adorable arrangement of  roses.  I love roses and I love to arrange all myriads of things.  I am almost positive we will all have a wonderful week with this one.

Did I arrange the chocolate good Mum?

I have stayed away from the run of the mill flower arrangement.  I think it is because my image was on disc so I will have to find that one.  Above is my daughter and her cake she made the other day.  She was pretty happy with her efforts as she asked me if she had done a good job decorating it and arranging the chocolate on top.  This was our cake we call “The Cup of Coffee Cake”.  She hated this cake when she was younger when her sister loved it.  Now she likes coffee and so she now likes the cake also.  Funny how we change in our tastes as we mature.

Beach Structures

Every single time I  have walked out to the beach here there have been elaborate arrangements of wood and sticks left behind on the beach by keen beach structure builders.  I have never come across anyone building them.

sticks arranged on the beach

I go out there often and at odd times and still I have not witnessed this phenomena.  I have many images of these structures but today I have submitted an image I have edited to give it a look of  Turn O the Century feel.  I wanted to do this because I want to stress that someone has been doing this arranging for a lot of years as I have been here for nearly 30 years and I have seen these for that long so either the same person builds them or they are built by various different keen enthusiastic people as some of the pieces of wood would require at least someone else in the equation to help construct this because of the sheer weight of some of these.

My feathers in one place

Last of all for today.  My feather collection.  I remember most of these feathers and my beautiful bird ” BIRDEE” who was a beautiful princess parrot has his feathers here as well.  His feathers are the bright red one you can see and the pretty blue one in front of the red one and some of the other green ones.  He was so beautiful.  He lived for 13 years and dropped dead on Christmas morning a few years back now.  Needless to say that Christmas was not altogether a happy one.

Images by Mezza ..


    • Your welcome Britten.. sorry its not the best image, I am catching up today and so I am enjoying the day but alas its getting away on me. It always does when I start hunting images. I just get lost in them and start remembering the time I am looking at. Enjoy your week.

    • You mean you dont like the poster on the kitchen wall. Every person who sees these feathers loves them and admires them. We decided to arrange them on this old insert from a Bike handlebar Pad. It works well. Thanks for calling in.

    • Yes I will add an updated version through the week. I really do have many. Thank you for having a look at these and have a wonderful beginning to APRIL

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