Another gift of Dawn.


The tree was shedding skin.


The Grevilea smiled at the dawn.


And all the people cheered because it was show time.


The flagstaff looked like a cross.



The flight of the Ibis.


All of this happened on the hill today when I walked up and down four times at dawn.

Images by Mezza – Dawn in Urunga Nsw  Australia.




    • Well today was beautiful but I must go to radio now but I will be back at this tomorrow ! Thank you Rommel. I love that you appreciate what I see and getting to show others is wonderful.

  1. Hi! I love these images! I am so drawn to the ocean, although we live a hundred miles from it. I am also drawn to a warmer climate, although I love the winter. Looking at your images, I find myself just wanting to experience the joy of color and vibrant wildlife year round. Thanks!

I am honoured you have given me your time, plz say g'day!

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