Weekly Photo Challenge – Arranged

I said I thought I would have a tough time sorting out images to submit to this challenge.  I did have a lot of recent ones, so this is the food department of this challenge.

Arrange the Jam Drops

I actually go to the trouble of arranging them beautifully to cool on the various racks.  It is imperative they get equal cooling time.   Why?  I don’t know!  It is the way I do it.

I purposefully arranged these delights on the plate next to the decorations so that I could take their photo.  I had never taken a photograph of my Rum Balls before.  They are coconut covered  heaven.

In this supermarket we visit, the  German owned  ALDI group save money on fancy shelving to arrange the goods on and this is to bring you cheaper food prices.  It must be true because you can save a lot of money on your food bill if you go there every couple of months for stuff like butter, canned tomatoes, rice, pasta, oil, toilet paper, detergent.  These are some of the main items we purchase enough of for two months.  Believe it or not this actually saves hundreds of dollars in the end.  No needless petrol guzzling trips to the shops to purchase each fortnight.  It takes an entire day to do this so it is good we don’t go often.

Images by Mezza

I am honoured you have given me your time, plz say g'day!

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