Weekly Photo Challenge – Hands

Hands across the water … Hands across the sea!  As soon as I found what the challenge is I commenced singing this for some strange reason.  Never mind me..

Recently I was missing in action and I went to the most fabulous place I have ever been.  I went to Uluru with Uncle Tom Kelly and his niece.  Uncle Tom shared a desire to go to the rock before he got too old to do this.  Uncle Tom is 88 years old and he was older than any elder that was at the rock.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I enjoyed the experience of going with someone so elderly as this slowed the journey down to a pace that kept me gobsmacked as I stood motionless in front of this surreal monolith.

Hands behind the back!

The Uncle Thomas Kelly finally touched the rock with his hands and it was a special moment for him as he leaned over to touch Uluru for the first time.

Touching the rock with hands

These hands are deadly… these aunty’s play music and collect food with these beautiful hands and it was an honor to hold these hands and feel the gentleness of the love of the earth as I held them inside of mine.  I miss the Aunty’s.

Hands that have gathered much food

It was hard to say good bye but I had to bear the thought that I probably won’t see them ever again.  This thought affected me and I had to go away and have a little cry.  I was very moved by these woman.

Goodbye Aunty!

Images by Mezza – Hands on deck at Uluru


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