Weekly Photo Challenge – Free Spirit

For anyone to be a truly free spirit the human spirit needs places where nature has not been re-arranged by the hand of man.  I do get very concerned that our youth have less and less chance to actually be free spirits because so much is over legislated and its difficult for the child under these circumstances to become to full and rounded empathic human being.
Nature is now a concrete jungle for so many,  and just how does this effect the human psyche?

IMG 0692

These are funny photographs of my daughter who is in my opinion a true free spirit who laughs at herself and loves others with an open heart.  I am so warmed by her presence when she is near me.  This makes me feel free in my spirit also as our energies combine.

IMG 0688

I have tried to do my best to instill in her that she is capable of everything she dreams she can do and to be strong and not be easily led by others and to be her own boss.  I told her at the end of the day it is the experiences she allows herself to experience when she is young will define the health of her adult life.  Less baggage is always a benefit.  Nothing like less baggage to make one feel like they are a free spirit.

IMG 0687

Montana-Star sparkles like a free spirit would.  Every part of her is shining and sparkling with the effervescence  of love and Venus was around when she was born and so she communicates through her loving nature.    This is such a nice energy to be near.

IMG 06

She has swag.  That is a word that riles most.  These very young say it’s all about how cool you are and how nice you are about it.  You gotta have swag they say!  That isn’t a bad thing as hygiene is never a bad thing.

IMG 0711

Any time I get to spend time with her is special.  This weekend we are going to see a band together with friends hers and mine and its on our election night and its an all ages no alcohol event.  I look forward to dancing with her and having fun and being a bit of a free spirit myself.

nO.2 CANON 009

This sweet smile is no charade.  This smile is the smile of an angel, and the dog behind is another angel and she is phoenix and she loves Montana’s spirit as well.  Everyone who comes near her is effected by her love.  I am a truly blessed mother in this instance.

By Mezza – Images @ Melonpopzdropz Flickr


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