Weekly Photo Challenge – Everyday Life

What is everyday special life if not for every second being very special.  There are special places and special moments and times as well as  special people in everyday life.

SAM 6800 My Garlic I grew
I go out in my garden everyday.  There is something to do there always.  On this day though it was very special because I got to harvest the garlic in the back yard and it was fabulous and I was so excited by this so it was an everyday garden special moment of success and thankfulness.

This is my everyday Cup.  The cup I use for everything!  My coffee and my bourbon and my water and what ever needs to be drunk.  I have had this Batman McDonalds cup for over thirty years and I use it all the time and I even take it away with me when I go away.  That is how much it is in use everyday and it is very very special.  It has a little chip in the top and I have a back up but this is my old favorite.  The back up is a more modern version of the same thing but not the quality of this one.

Montana eating Juana food
How could I not submit this image again, my daughter in one of those golden moments of helping herself to the cat food and eating it in her little everyday life and the everyday life of Juana the beloved old pussy cat now deceased .  Its a special moment when  you spot the cat planning an actual revenge though.  All of this while hanging the cloths on the line to dry.

IMG 0895 Organised Organics
We eat food everyday to exist.  This is special food that I have photographed.  All of it is entirely organic and so that constitutes special.  I would prefer to eat this sort of vegetable and fruit than the type in the large supermarket chains.  That is not special at all.  Actually you could eat cardboard and get more benefit probably.
I hope you enjoyed my interpretation of everyday life that is somewhat special in nature for some reason.  Thank you and have a lovely sun shiney week everyone.

If you want to find more on the Weekly Photo Challenge go to The Daily Post

Images @ Melonpopzdropz Flickr



  1. I especially like the last photo in the series. The colors and the perspective are wonderful, and then the hand of the shopper just puts everything in context.

I am honoured you have given me your time, plz say g'day!

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