Weekly Photo Challenge – Solitary

There is an island near here called Split Solitary Island.  The mutton-birds  nest there each year. Although it is so very special,  I have no photographs handy.   Perhaps by the end of the week I may have.  This first image is especially for Rommel,  I know he loves these so this one can go first.

IMG 2798 Golden Topping please

My first thought for this challenge is this tree that I photograph a lot.  It isn’t far from home.  I named  it “Solitary”.  Why?  Because it is solitary in its bid against the tides that never cease to be an onslaught to its survival where it resides.

IMG 9038   Waiting

The solitary figure stands alone high up on the balcony of the motel.  This image is of my daughters boyfriend  in early morning light of dawn at Port Macquarie.  The view from here was delightful.

0199 Mt. Conner, NT

This is Mount Connor in the Centre of Australia.  As the crow flies, it isn’t  that far from Uluru.   It is part of the Curtin Springs Cattle Station.  The Aboriginals call this place Attila.  It is a very prominent place in the dreaming of the people from this area.
IMG 9989 Uluru Dreaming 2012

The Anangu people of the Northern Territory, Australia,  who live near Uluru, ask people not to climb or to walk on the sacred rock.  It is the integral part of their ceremony.

Despite these wishes, people still walk and climb Uluru.  There are many stories of people meeting their maker not long after doing this.  Here a lone figure is solitary in his decent back down the northeastern face of this impressive monolith.

IMG 5685

There is that solitary same tree again.  This time the colours are different.  Every time the colours and cloud formations  are different.  I am often gobsmacked with the sheer beauty of this alone.  I get impatiently excited just as it is getting light.  Who wouldn’t when this is what you may see.

IMG 9410.1 Uluru Dreaming 2012

Three hours before, we flew out of Sydney Airport and headed west into South Australia before taking a big swing north towards the Northern Territory.  We were as far away from anywhere that you could be.  Looming in the distance is the single largest monolith in the world and its solitary.  There isn’t another thing anywhere near it for miles and miles.   Flying in over the top of this is very moving.  I gasped in sheer surprise at just how huge it really is and how solitary it is.

IMG 4095 Perfect

There isn’t a need for much explanation of  yet another image of my solitary tree in the rivers.  I particularly love the reflection this throws.  For once the tree has a mirror to see itself and to perhaps not feel so lonely.  Both are solitary figures though.  One real and one a mirror image.

Images @ Melonpopzdropz Flickr



  1. My face lit up and beams with joy and pride. This is one of the moments that matter most during my blogging days. And no baloney, better than being Freshly Pressed. I love it when other bloggers mention me on their posts. Thank you, Mezza.

  2. I love the Uluru climber. I can understand how they don’t abide to the rule as I have climbed a volcano so representative and sacred to me and to many Italians.

    The reflection on that last picture is unbelievable! Very well captured.

    But you are so right! Not just being biased, but I go for the solitary tree pictures.

    Excellent post! It’s very well done, with the captions and excellent images so fitting for the challenge.

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