I too support Alan Jones. I think he was foolish in this instance to be caught. I think there are a lot of people gunning for him because of the huge support he gave the LOCK THE GATE Campaign against Csg Mining. I think he gave them what they wanted on a silver platter. Now its divide and conquer the Csg protesters on a ticket of Alan Jones and his bad timing and poor taste. Gina Rinehart has poor taste also and it was an insult to a lot more people what she said recently. It goes with the territory Julia. If she wasn’t such a liar, the swift remark would never have been delivered. We all hate that she lied and this is just the result.

The Scan

5 October 2012

The increasingly rancorous nature of public discourse in Australia has been brought into sharp focus with comments by Sydney shock jock Alan Jones concerning Prime Minister Julia Gillard’ s recently deceased father.  At a political fund raising function, Jones told the assemblage that Gillard is “such a liar” that John Gillard “died of shame”.

Unfortunately for Jones’ reputation (and wallet) there was a working journalist at the function who recorded the remarks and duly reported them.

The sincerity of Jones’ subsequent apology was rather called into question when, at the same media conference, he took the opportunity to have another red hot go at Gillard’s alleged lack of honesty.

Major corporates have been falling over themselves withdrawing advertising from his morning drive time show on Sydney’s 2GB radio station.

I actually find Jones rather engaging (though I don’t for a moment endorse his remarks and neither does…

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    • Mezza

      I am honoured. No one hardly says anything to me lol! G’day to you too. I liked you thing so much I re blogged it / i hope you don’t mind? Have a giant of a day today and thank you!

      • intermediatescan

        Not all! You probably worked out my site is a bit niche but I try and include some general interest stuff, including my own,but regular readers don’t seem all that interested (the slugs!). So I actually welcome reblogs. B

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