Weekly Photo Challenge – Happy

Happy is such a great subject, I feel happy just looking for my happy images, then I remember the happy times had. Well done for this.
Weekly Photo Challenge - Happy

My friend Helen who we all call Heleni. She is always a happy soul. This shows her personality well. Big peace sign and flowers on the dashboard of the car.

IMG 2922 Good People - Lock the Gate Alliance
These pair are very happy about a successful “Lock the Gate” meeting with a huge turn out of people putting the smiles on their faces. Csg mining in Australia is furiously apposed by the people while the government forge on with their mining and energy plans for the future.

IMG 2897 Standing Up.
Everyone is happy when they are pretending to be Koala’s. There is an ever increasing desire to wear animal heads and complete suits as a way of realizing your Animalia inside.

IMG 2881 Bellingen Energy Festival 2012You tell me a child that isn’t happy with chocolate in hand and mouth and all over. Clare looks extremely happy with her score of chocolate.

IMG 2857 ingen Energy Festival 2012
Some friends of mine very happy to run into each other at the local Energy festival. Seeing loved ones does make us all very happy the world over.

Images @ Melonpopzdropz Flickr


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