Weekly Photo Challenge – Geometric

I have been very busy and I have come to the challenge today and it is Geometric.  I am a utopian and I am always looking for the sacred geometry of life,  the signatures of which leave the  message for use.  Geometrically speaking we are in a perfect world.  Everything in this world is held together within the cosmos with sacred geometry.   You have only to read about the great pyramids of Giza and there you will hear all about sacred geometry.

So it seems, I love geometry in nature best of all.  That is me all over  but I have a few of both here and some I have recently painted as well.

SAM 7972 Decorated Lids
I am always doing designs like these, each one is always different though

1070.2 - Eloquence
The Geometric shapes in the shadows is what led me to photograph this building.

Steps made this way have to work geometrically otherwise they look unbalanced.

IMG 3488-001 School Museum

I saw these angles in this building which is an original Australian School house and photographed them because I loved these great broadening angles I could see.  Taken at the school museum.

IMG 0340 Monsterio Delicio Fruit

Now that is what I call geometry, natures geometry.  Perfect in every way.  The Fibonacci sequence in full flight.

SAM 8020 A Fine Pine

Not sure if you can see the angles in the trees here in the branches.  It stood out to me.  It was like they a criss cross pattern in themselves.  I look for things similar in all of nature.



I am honoured you have given me your time, plz say g'day!

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