Australian Securities Exchange

Australian Securities Exchange (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

THE METGASCO FIASCO and all the other DRILLING SO n SOs ..
Take our hits and remember our blows..
this isn’t a Wind in the Willows
This is gonna take your job from the DRILL HOSE …
See how that goes.
With some low blows
To the ASX we froze..
WHOA … hows that baby ..
We got you right on the nose!
So on the nose you’re rank with ya poison water tank..
When you’s are broke and on the street
Look back and you will know it was us…. Sweet!
IMG 6975 LTG President Drew with GLENUGIE Guardians


  1. dadirri7

    hi mezza, great post, we have to protest about this drilling, and all invasions of our land by money making corporations who care about nothing but profit!

    • Mezza

      Yes .. I have been missing doing just that. No internet on the front lines but making head way back in on my blogs! I missed them terribly ❤ Thank you for commenting … I have written a few about Csg and fracking over the past few months.

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