Weekly Photo Challenge ~ “UP” ~

Up up and away with ….. yes once there was a company called TAA in Australia and they even had a children’s show on television in the 1960’s.
However this image has nothing to do with Planes.  I was in a beautiful part of eastern Australia recently standing on the edge of a waterfall that was dry at the time and I was looking back up  the river.  It was exquisite.  I felt very blessed to be standing where I was standing.

IMG 9947

Up the Georges River near Wingham NSW

IMG 9946I was Up and they were down..  and it was a long way down to the bottom over that edge.   We were on the edge of an extinct volcano in the Gloucester region of NSW  and we were high up in the rim here.  Wonderful country.

Images @ Melonpopzdropz Flickr


  1. Mezza

    Hello Barb from Queensland! We had traveled a way up and it was pretty high! Welcome … I love my wordpress Blog but find I have been a little slow here lately and I have just been doing my other blogs that are listed on the side of up the top and this one has taken a little holiday. I miss doing it though and just find I am outta time at the moment as I have had a lot on! Cheers for dropping by xx

I am honoured you have given me your time, plz say g'day!

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