Black and White Photo Challenge: Nature

IMG 6765.1

Pointing out the Point

Being a child from the sixties, I have a homesick love Monochrome images.   Looking at these remind me of much and  I am back  at home in my imagination.
When I had my first child I assumed a no color rule.   I was hard line,  only  desiring Black and White photographs of the birthing.  Colobwphotochallenge-logo-sidebar-snr was just not required here for some obvious reasons.    I was adamant we could capture the emotion that appears at birth and that which is  lost at times with the over all business of color.
I loved all of my birth images and my son Jesse just moments after he arrived in the world.  So photographic,  all covered in wax for his protection.  I do understand the principal Sonel spoke of on her page:  “More obvious when there is no color present”.

This is a new challenge and here is the link for the details to make you own way through the challenge and display the delights of Monochrome from far away and at home.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography


  1. Sonel

    Wow! That is one amazing huge plant Mezza and you’ve captured it so well and it looks stunning in Black and White for sure. Thanks so much for participating. 😀 *hugs*

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I am honoured you have given me your time, plz say g'day!

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