Gosford Glyphs

I seriously need to go to this place. My friends have been there and they say it is amazing. I believe these are authentic.


A discovery may sometimes be based on earlier discoveries, collaborations, or ideas. Some discoveries represent a radical breakthrough in knowledge or technology.” – Wikipedia

We hiked to what is aptly named the Gosford Glyphs, a discovery and also a current debate: are these Egyptian hieroglyphs authentic? One party of academics state that the 4,500 year old Egyptian glyphs are legitimate, and have evolved over time as languages do. It is said that the text can be translated to even identify the ancient scribe’s name and occupation. The opposing party dispute the authenticity of engravings – claiming that the stone carvings are not Egyptian hieroglyphs and were inscribed during the 1920s, and may have possibly been inscribed by an English soldier. And if they are legitimate, it certainly will be a radical breakthrough in knowledge. We have set out on this journey not to take a particular side, but…

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