IMG 2709 Camo Vehicle

To survive n stay alive
Be prepared not scared..
Avoid the roid suck up fear porn
Days dawn on life’s field of corn
Eyes aware with every yawn..
Dig up ya lawn instead of surfin the wave
Find a cave, be brave live in it, pave it
Rave a bit ..
and probably just sit with ya kit
Earth restart .. Earths heart infarct
They don’t sell an answer down at Kmart

Keep an open mind with the info you find
Bee buzy bee anti hive mind
Crazy signs, big arsed mines and colour lines in the sky ions
Onions with layers .. earths slayers the decayers
the Amshal and the Mayers
Appreciate the beauty in the bricks life throws at us
Un conditional is the mission all
Hug ya Mumma come from the heart
Love ya babies and sail on past
Earth restart .. Earth peoples people
Alliance is core appliance store

This is the political maimer disclaimer
Its all crazy like Kramer
You get a simple diet .. you try it
Why the hell did you buy it?
Ignorance is not your consummation
Its the script of this prison island nation.
Scummos Fomo awakening
Normal christian fear of missing out
Earth restart fast n furious
Step up and buy your yellow jacket share of curious.

“CAMMO” – Can Australia mark Morrison Out.. this is
bottled Island Scummo clouts to nail it.

Written 18 March 2019


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