MITHRAS the 4 ROYAL STARS and the Cyclic Cross of Hendaye

This mans work is phenomenal… More interesting work re the Alchemical secrets of the Great Cross of Hendaye. In my opinion many of the ancients left us a clear map to follow but the roman church hid it all in plain view.

Science and Religion Reconciled with a little help from my friends

Dear Jay,

I have watched your video Secrets of Alchemy a few times.

I really enjoyed some of your sleuth work sir.
But sadly it is not complete.
The rabbit hole goes much, much further as you suspect.
But I do come offering a gift…Jay I found another tunnel in the labyrinth.

Here are some photos that suggest an investigation to those 4 stars on the base of the Hendaye Cross, are worthy of further investigation. We need to delve into examining with much greater detail the IDENTITIES of those 4 Stars.
To the Arabic astrologer/astronomer those 4 stars WERE identified. …(which btw takes us back to Peru again…and I can’t wait to go…how about you Jay?) I supplied links that you can cut and paste into your browser.
Thus no need to worry about downloading ‘attachments’ that may contain viruses…I offers only gems today. (’emeralds’ and ‘sapphires’)

Jay please…

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I am honoured you have given me your time, plz say g'day!

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