For tens of thousands
A universal mechanism whirrs
Sir’s, its a Nazca Geo-glyph that purrs
But no one knows, shall we concur?

Astral projector with lights to infect ya
Areas to land the craft cup n saucer
Giants and small folk.. Ant people doing Queen bees
Busting out on all those ancient ABC’s

Stories of stray aliens and cone heads elongated
Bones and stones and mega genomes
Cities of giants remain government hidden n gated
Strange past beings that called Gaia home and mated

Tis a puzzle to be solved before the flicker switch revolves
Tablets to tablets are the Ritz of writs and no one quits ..
No choices are given as our life dissolves
The trumpets burst .. The whole of life appears to be cursed.

Surrounded by the ageless water serpent
The fires burn high to the stars as they’re crashing
Gnashing out on the teeth of Earth we rent
Lashed by pain we reset our grit n griddle

Who can reply and on whom can we rely.
Looking into the deep of our loves eyes we sigh
Who will solve this age old cataclysmic riddle
The Helios connection to Earths middle?
Image: Diesel Tank

IMG 2643

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

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