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Weekly Photographic Challenge – H20 Water

IMG 5406

Water does not resist.
Water flows.
When you plunge your hand into it,
all you feel is a caress.
Water is not a solid wall, it will not stop you.
But water always goes where it wants to go,
and nothing in the end can stand against it.
Water is patient.
Dripping water wears away a stone.
Remember that, my child.
Remember you are half water.
If you can’t go through an obstacle, go around it.
…… Water does.

~ Magaret Atwood ~


7th of the 7th 2013

A Foggy Pacific Ocean looking from Hungry Head NSW

Water has become my life in the last four years.  Protesting the destruction of Australia’s precious fresh water reserves has become a serious issue.   I have come to understand that our government does not seem to honestly value fresh water and how necessary this actually is for the healthy survival of our population.

Water has a memory and putting disturbed water through ‘Reverse Osmosis’ plants just doesn’t cut it.  Water is magic and deserves to be respected as such.  Someone told me the separate atoms of water are square, isn’t it magic this feels wet to us.

Australia is primarily a dry continent with the majority of its water being underground in aquifers that need to be respected and protected from the economic morons who see everything equating to an economic gain.  These crackpots don’t have the wisdom or foresight to see the nightmare they are actually creating.  I would also add that if they do understand then they are psychopaths.

Here is my H20 Challenge post and I hope that it is interesting and to the point because I am aware its not the usual beautiful image.  But at the end of the day ….its all about the water, without it we don’t survive.

IMG 2523  Water is our most precious Resource

Sometimes all you can do is hold up a sign.


Black and White Photo Challenge: NEIGHBOURHOOD

Black and White Photo Challenge: Nature

When trying to convey the depth of feeling in an image it is hard to go past using monochrome to do this.  This cuts out the over busyness that colour projects.

IMG 1747.1bw Palm me off!

Palm Tree like a shower from Nature

I went out and purposely looked for these images to take in black and white  because I love the Black and White Photography Challenge.  This week on Nature.

IMG Palm Tree Shower

Palm in Urunga

I actually have a blog of monochrome images and its called Bourbon Girl Images if you ever want to go there and have a look at some of my other images.

I actually love blogging and love it when I get time to do this.  Hope everyone enjoys these two images for today for the Black and White Photography Challenge.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

Black and White Photo Challenge: Nature

IMG 5234 Monochrome Wooden Peice

Large driftwood on the beach at Hungry Head

These two images are by far one of my favorite images of Black and White and Nature, it involves the beach in both.  Being one of my favorite places, I am pleased to bring these to the day for our enjoyment and pleasure

The contrast is high on this next image to accentuate the reflection and to show as above so below the principal of nature.  I love this image for this.

IMG 4094 Perfect

Lonely tree on the river and its reflection in the water.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography Flickr

Black and White Photo Challenge: Nature

IMG 6765.1

Pointing out the Point

Being a child from the sixties, I have a homesick love Monochrome images.   Looking at these remind me of much and  I am back  at home in my imagination.
When I had my first child I assumed a no color rule.   I was hard line,  only  desiring Black and White photographs of the birthing.  Colobwphotochallenge-logo-sidebar-snr was just not required here for some obvious reasons.    I was adamant we could capture the emotion that appears at birth and that which is  lost at times with the over all business of color.
I loved all of my birth images and my son Jesse just moments after he arrived in the world.  So photographic,  all covered in wax for his protection.  I do understand the principal Sonel spoke of on her page:  “More obvious when there is no color present”.

This is a new challenge and here is the link for the details to make you own way through the challenge and display the delights of Monochrome from far away and at home.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ “UP” ~

Up up and away with ….. yes once there was a company called TAA in Australia and they even had a children’s show on television in the 1960’s.
However this image has nothing to do with Planes.  I was in a beautiful part of eastern Australia recently standing on the edge of a waterfall that was dry at the time and I was looking back up  the river.  It was exquisite.  I felt very blessed to be standing where I was standing.

IMG 9947

Up the Georges River near Wingham NSW

IMG 9946I was Up and they were down..  and it was a long way down to the bottom over that edge.   We were on the edge of an extinct volcano in the Gloucester region of NSW  and we were high up in the rim here.  Wonderful country.

Images @ Melonpopzdropz Flickr

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Change ~

IMG 0279

Buds change to Flowers, and I hope they keep flowering up to Mothers Day which is not far off.  These are what is known as mothers Day flowers / chrysanthemums.   I was given a cutting by a friend and they are all doing very well now and I could plant Urunga out in these flowers.

IMG 0272
Images @ Melonpopzdropz Flickr

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Futuristic ~

I don’t see much futuristic type stuff where I live in quiet Urunga.   I do see dawns that blow my mind and this dawn shot was like a shot out of a future time when the earth could be erupting.

Therefore this image is definitely futuristic to me. It was a massive morning.

IMG 9417 Autumn Equinox

Images @ Melonpopzdropz Flickr

Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Lunchtime ~

Weekly Photo Challenge – Geometric

I have been very busy and I have come to the challenge today and it is Geometric.  I am a utopian and I am always looking for the sacred geometry of life,  the signatures of which leave the  message for use.  Geometrically speaking we are in a perfect world.  Everything in this world is held together within the cosmos with sacred geometry.   You have only to read about the great pyramids of Giza and there you will hear all about sacred geometry.

So it seems, I love geometry in nature best of all.  That is me all over  but I have a few of both here and some I have recently painted as well.

SAM 7972 Decorated Lids
I am always doing designs like these, each one is always different though

1070.2 - Eloquence
The Geometric shapes in the shadows is what led me to photograph this building.

Steps made this way have to work geometrically otherwise they look unbalanced.

IMG 3488-001 School Museum

I saw these angles in this building which is an original Australian School house and photographed them because I loved these great broadening angles I could see.  Taken at the school museum.

IMG 0340 Monsterio Delicio Fruit

Now that is what I call geometry, natures geometry.  Perfect in every way.  The Fibonacci sequence in full flight.

SAM 8020 A Fine Pine

Not sure if you can see the angles in the trees here in the branches.  It stood out to me.  It was like they a criss cross pattern in themselves.  I look for things similar in all of nature.


Weekly Photo Challenge – Silhouette

I love this one I took below which is at the beach at dawn  ..   I just made it in this week.  I have been super busy with my health and doing photography for an antiques shop.

Today is radio show day and what do you think I am supposed to be doing? – Not this.   But I just could not start my other stuff with out a submission here first.
Big love to everyone out there this week.  If you have been feeling like you are asking WHY to everything .. come this weekend that will lighten up!  So enjoy what is left of the heavy awkward deep energy that is still circling us all presently.

I have a love of images like this.  I am always looking for situations to give me a great shot as the silhourette is such a contrasting image.

SAM 5924 The Glory of a Damp Beach Dawn

Then there is my Bricee at the beach standing looking and the ocean on the new set of steps going down to the beach.  I was walking down behind him and snapped this one.
IMG 5233.1 Brice in Monochrome

My favorite tree that is close to me.  I see this tree from my bedroom window.  I see and hear this tree.  When I feel inclined to do so, I go down to this tree and touch it and say hello.  Usually it wets me.  I stand under it and it feels like its raining.  I feel blessed when this happens .. covered in Tree water from the stars!
IMG Good Morning
Images @ Melonpopzdropz Flickr

Weekly Photo Challenge – Big

It is BIG..
IMG 9838.1 Uluru Dreaming 2012
Seeing the people on the side of the sacred rock and the rock looks so big  and they look like ants.  It is a long and dangerous climb and the Anangu People ask everyone out of respect for the ancestral beings and ceremony not to walk on the rock – but still they walk on it.  Its gonna be BIG when this is legislated against in law that this can no longer happen.

IMG 9988 Uluru Dreaming 2012
Going to Uluru itself was a Big moment for me. But when I got there it was just  so bloody BIG indeed.  Bigger than I could have imagined really.  I was gobsmacked.
Images @ Melonpopzdropz Flickr

Weekly Photo Challenge – Big

This is one of the biggest “Big”  images I have ever taken to be honest.  So far.

360-2 Matty Colwell / 360
This is Matt Colwell or as he better known as 360.   In the Australian music scene at the moment, he is considered big.

He has just been nominated for 6 of the up and coming music awards here in Australia.  He has suffered much hate from his fellow Rappers in the industry and critisized for his unique style.  He must have done something right as he is making it big time now.
I was not far from him when I snapped this Image of him.  I love it .  Hence why I see it as “Big”

IMG 2846 Bellingen Energy Festival 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge – Happy

Happy is such a great subject, I feel happy just looking for my happy images, then I remember the happy times had. Well done for this.
Weekly Photo Challenge - Happy

My friend Helen who we all call Heleni. She is always a happy soul. This shows her personality well. Big peace sign and flowers on the dashboard of the car.

IMG 2922 Good People - Lock the Gate Alliance
These pair are very happy about a successful “Lock the Gate” meeting with a huge turn out of people putting the smiles on their faces. Csg mining in Australia is furiously apposed by the people while the government forge on with their mining and energy plans for the future.

IMG 2897 Standing Up.
Everyone is happy when they are pretending to be Koala’s. There is an ever increasing desire to wear animal heads and complete suits as a way of realizing your Animalia inside.

IMG 2881 Bellingen Energy Festival 2012You tell me a child that isn’t happy with chocolate in hand and mouth and all over. Clare looks extremely happy with her score of chocolate.

IMG 2857 ingen Energy Festival 2012
Some friends of mine very happy to run into each other at the local Energy festival. Seeing loved ones does make us all very happy the world over.

Images @ Melonpopzdropz Flickr

Weekly Photo Challenge – Happy

What makes Mary Happy.  First lets explore the secret of happiness.  It has long been sort after by rich and poor alike.  Man has tried to ply his life with many trinkets along the way in order to make himself happy.  After amassing huge fortunes some find they are absolutely sad.  They  have no joy, and the trinkets did not  bring the happiness promised in glossy magazines.

The secret of happiness is just that “Be Happy”.  Enjoy where you are on the way to where you are going to quote Joyce Meyer.  Yes, that is right happiness is a state of mind.  You decide whether or not you are going to be happy.

IMG 4411 Moon and Venus

Checking the early morning night sky brings me happiness.

Now that we have cleared that up, lets see some of the things that I derive a great deal of happiness from.

I get up early each day.  Approximately around 4am.  I have a routine I follow, this make me feel comfortable.  I put the kettle on and go out the back and look out over the Pacific Ocean and up into the sky.  Orion and Venus, Jupiter, The Pleiades, they have all been there to greet me.  Watching the moon go through its varies phases over the nights of the month.   I am a cow,  when its too beautiful I have to wake others up to see what I see.  I am simply not satisfied to see these mesmerizing sights alone.  I am definitely happier sharing the moments.

I make a quick coffee and don my dawn outfit that outsmarts the midgees that attack ferociously at this hour.  Tripod in hand, I head off with my camera with a skip in my step and the sun hasn’t yet risen.

SAM 7701 City and Colour

Music is one of the good things in life.  Going to concerts to see any of my favorite live artists perform is guaranteed to put a huge smile on my face for weeks leading up to and after the event.  Above is a shot of City and Colour performing.  I was over the moon to see Dallas Green.  I videoed their performance of an old Neil Young song Hurricane.  You can find it on You tube if you want.  I was pretty happy I managed that too

SAM 7498 - Yahoo!
For as long as I can remember I wanted to go out to the centre of Australia to Uluru.  When I was in the plane circling over the top of Uluru preparing to land at Connellan Airport at Yulara I had a smile a mile wide on my face.  I was so happy my face hurt from smiling so big and being so awestruck by the sights I was already seeing out there.  What an amazing place to visit thats for sure,.  I felt like I was truly at the place where time began.

I know that these things I have written about and photographed are really all the types of superficial things that make people happy.  Truth is, it is a choice whether or not we are happy.  Being a state of mind means we have the choice to change when ever we choose.   What a great Photo Challenge subject.   I was happy to show you my choices and I look forward  to looking at what things you choose to show me what brings happiness into the lives of my fellow bloggers.  Peace.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Mine

So we can safely say this week is all about us.  What a wonderful array of things come to mind.  But I have settled on bringing you some of me in my garden.  Its my spot.  I like a spot like this.
What’s mines mine and whats yours is mine too..  A funny quote to break the ice.

Mine could mean what belongs to me or it could be the act of digging in the ground.   I am fairly confident the challenge is more directed to what might be a  more personal Mine  as apposed to a coal mine or a Csg Gas Mine.

So lets see what is definitively mine around here.  First thing that comes to mind is my garden.

Yes! The garden is mine and its a place  I have made always  everywhere I have lived since I was flatting and had veges in boxes on verandars.  I must dig and I must grow.

I have this desire to be bitten by mid-gees often and so a garden is a must for this.  I am being a tad facetious and  being light at heart.   These tiny  midgees could turn anyone off gardening,  their bites are so annoying and insanely itchy.    I have to put insect repellant on to go in the garden in summer any time of the day.  In Winter we get some reprieve from this annoyance.

The ones I’m watering  in the picture above are my potted plants.   Some  of those I have had since I was first flatting in my teen age years.  They have come the journey with me.   I suppose everybody does this.

A lot of my relatives say I am like my grandmother.  My grandmother Matilda or Sissy as she was called would grow things in what ever there was handy.  Yes! I tend to agree , I  to share this tendency.  I will always use what there is around to cater for this need.  Our money is better utilized in other areas.  Plants are happy as long as their needs are met.  Gosh they seem like us don’t they.  The plants needs are very similar and a shiny new pot is not high on the agenda.  Sunshine, water, good soil and love.   Our needs are sunshine, water, love and shelter.  Yes we are very alike.

Three litre milk containers cut off were looking good to me to make some nifty pots for small plants.  So I collected a few and tried this out.  It was good for a time but the plants soon out grew their tiny space.  Good for sending people home with a plant and a little bit of soil to help it.  This is another trait of mine.  I love to share and I am always giving away plants to others to take home with them. A  ready supply of containers to go is a must for this passion of mine.

Not only can you grow strawberries in plastic coke bottles you can then refrigerate many many more in a custom made container made from the same.  A coke bottle with the top cut off and various holes melted in the plastic all over made a nice large container for all of the strawberries.  At one stage I had three of these full.  So many yummy strawberries.


This is the Canowind Chimes by Mezza, a Mezza invention.  This is most assuridly mine.  I come up with this one and I am still making them to this day only now I decorate these lids to extreme.


These are all my designs and I love getting into a meditation state painting them, so once again rubbish is just great to work with and have fun creating things with for the garden or for your home.  I make these for my beloved garden.

More of my avid recycling for the purposes of gardening and growing or assisting to grow.



Why not I thought.  Why not use coke bottles again.  this is certainly not my idea.  But in my garden it fits the bill perfectly of making do with what ever is on hand to do the job.  I find if you look then the answer is always there right in front of you.  Life can be like this also.  The answers to all of the questions are right in front of us in nature.  We are these and these are us.  We are connected in a funny sort of way.  Reason why I have to create this space I call mine.  My garden is an important place and a place of regeneration, a place where I am constantly reminded of just how connected we really are.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Solitary

Solitary Confinement comes to mind.  I have no jail photos though.  I still have not had my journey take me via Split Solitary Island either this week so far ….  yet!

We fear violence less than our own feelings.  Personal, private, solitary pain is more terrifying than what anyone else can inflict.    Jim Morrison

Here is a solitary moment I had instead.

IMG 2834 Masterpiece of Nature

When I was a child in care, when I was 13 years old, I was placed in Solitary Confinement in the home I was in.  I forget now what I had done to get this punishment.  I think I was busted for hiding the yucky liver in toilet paper in my pocket.  I could not eat this stuff.  I would go to no ends to avoid doing this.

It was hectically stressful trying to secretly hide this stuff and not get caught doing it.   I would be near sick thinking I had to go through with this deception week after week.  None the less, I would somehow get it from the plate to my lap while the evil watch of the nurses on duty were directed elsewhere for a short time.  I had to wait for the right moment.  The other children in the home were give ups.  They would dob  you in to the staff  if they witnessed this also.  This was so awful and it was all about food.  Food that was almost  inedible in my opinion and I could not eat it.  I vomited many times trying.

Solitary was a small room at the end of the building on the underside.  Like a large outdoor broom cupboard.   Concrete on the floor and a mat and toilet.  That was heavy treatment for a 13 year old child.  I find it hard to find forgiveness for this treatment, given there is no respite or explanation to my own children or an apology even to them.

A letter from the Queensland government to my children to say Sorry to them.  Sorry they had to see their mother cry often.  Sorry to them for the mother who was more than over the top about certain things when some stuff ever arose.  An apology to my children that the situation was never rectified and since they ( government) were my parents then an apology for not teaching me better as their government child.

Yes that is what I would like in a perfect world.

A simple apology to my children from whence it should have come.  An apology for the damage that was inflicted directly by their OWN government hands.  I feel better now.   I wrote all that down.

This is the sort of thing that I contemplate in my solitary moments on the hill in the dark before dawn.  When the sun comes up and the dawn happens,  I stand in awe at the absolute simple but exotic beauty before me and I ask the sunshine and the light to shed light onto the world with my plea.  That is all I can do.  My little hands are tied by many knots and not all of these can be unraveled.  Many of the knots could be unwound though and I personally feel it should.

Images @ Melonpopzdropz Flickr

Read Moreyquotes

Please don’t get too hung up on this too much or feel sad for me.   It happened a very long time ago, to me.  I was always concerned that the treatment would cause me to end up being hung up.  I am.   Tthat is why I have PTSD.  It is manageable.  I do ok.  I am writing a book and this post is tagged to carry over to there.  The photo challenge of Solitary was one of those moments when it calls to be written about and for this I am sorry!

SORRY If this brings up sadness inside when you read it.   Don’t be sad.  Be righteously angry with the government
If you work for the government in queensland and you can help me carry this out then by all means make contact.   Apart from that lets all hold those up in our minds who carry the same sort of scars that others cannot see.   This sort of hicough in any child’s early life is heinous.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Solitary

The soul that sees beauty may sometimes walk alone.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

IMG 3034 Sungazer

Me being a Solar Tree / Solitary

Words are something I love looking at.  Solitary was playing on my mind.  Mainly because is starts with the prefix Sol.   This led me to think about the sun.

I observe this practice of checking in on the sun at dawn as often as possible and looking into the sun.  It is called Sun-gazing.   I was thinking today that I am in fact a Solar Tree.  I am standing there alone with just me and the Sun.  I am quite solitary in my quest,  therefore I am Sol ar tree.

IMG 3149 Full Blue Moon

This is me very solitary on the hill checking on the full moon.  I took this one on the timer.   It isn’t a fabulous image, but it is me and I am  solitary.
Images @ Melonpopzdropz Flickr

Memorial to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe on the ...

Memorial to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe on the hill near Brumovice-Úblo, Opava District, Moravian-Silesian Region, Czech Republic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)











POST SCRIPT:-  This is Wolfgangs resting place and it is also very solitary.  Image from Wiki commons.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Solitary

There is an island near here called Split Solitary Island.  The mutton-birds  nest there each year. Although it is so very special,  I have no photographs handy.   Perhaps by the end of the week I may have.  This first image is especially for Rommel,  I know he loves these so this one can go first.

IMG 2798 Golden Topping please

My first thought for this challenge is this tree that I photograph a lot.  It isn’t far from home.  I named  it “Solitary”.  Why?  Because it is solitary in its bid against the tides that never cease to be an onslaught to its survival where it resides.

IMG 9038   Waiting

The solitary figure stands alone high up on the balcony of the motel.  This image is of my daughters boyfriend  in early morning light of dawn at Port Macquarie.  The view from here was delightful.

0199 Mt. Conner, NT

This is Mount Connor in the Centre of Australia.  As the crow flies, it isn’t  that far from Uluru.   It is part of the Curtin Springs Cattle Station.  The Aboriginals call this place Attila.  It is a very prominent place in the dreaming of the people from this area.
IMG 9989 Uluru Dreaming 2012

The Anangu people of the Northern Territory, Australia,  who live near Uluru, ask people not to climb or to walk on the sacred rock.  It is the integral part of their ceremony.

Despite these wishes, people still walk and climb Uluru.  There are many stories of people meeting their maker not long after doing this.  Here a lone figure is solitary in his decent back down the northeastern face of this impressive monolith.

IMG 5685

There is that solitary same tree again.  This time the colours are different.  Every time the colours and cloud formations  are different.  I am often gobsmacked with the sheer beauty of this alone.  I get impatiently excited just as it is getting light.  Who wouldn’t when this is what you may see.

IMG 9410.1 Uluru Dreaming 2012

Three hours before, we flew out of Sydney Airport and headed west into South Australia before taking a big swing north towards the Northern Territory.  We were as far away from anywhere that you could be.  Looming in the distance is the single largest monolith in the world and its solitary.  There isn’t another thing anywhere near it for miles and miles.   Flying in over the top of this is very moving.  I gasped in sheer surprise at just how huge it really is and how solitary it is.

IMG 4095 Perfect

There isn’t a need for much explanation of  yet another image of my solitary tree in the rivers.  I particularly love the reflection this throws.  For once the tree has a mirror to see itself and to perhaps not feel so lonely.  Both are solitary figures though.  One real and one a mirror image.

Images @ Melonpopzdropz Flickr

Weekly Photo Challenge “Everyday Life”

I have been posting some of my  special images of everyday life.   I see now that others have shortened this to just life everyday.  Well everyday life  in the  Bellingen Shire in the tiny fishing village of Urunga NSW, Australia,  is slow at best.  Not much goes on around here in a great hurry.

A lot of shops have closed down and sold up recently.  We lost the hardware shop.  That was harsh!  There isn’t a lot of money in having a shop in Urunga.  This is a crying shame.  The place is glorious!  People are always needing hardware,  and I wish they didn’t go.

We have a post office and two butchers, three hairdressers, two clubs, one pub, one police station and a primary school.  We have two caravan parks  and an ambulance station and a Premier League Football team called the Urunga Raiders who are the most senior adult teams of Urunga FC.  They participate in the Premier League competition for the Mid North Coast area.

We live with a highway running through the the centre of the built up area of Urunga.  Soonish,  in a couple of years the new Highway will be built and the passing traffic will bypass us altogether.  I guess more shops will close then.  I certainly hope not though.
Pilot St East
Well this is something I see everyday when we walk the dog or go to the shops.  This is the street sign down on the corner of my street.  This is what street signs look like in Australia,  well in our shire anyway.  This image has been played with a little to make the street sign look better.  I have a few signs of my own that have manifested into my possession.  The joys of having teenagers and teens with friends.   One year I awoke to the round-a-bout sign being in my back garden.   My favorite is Keep Left, it gets used a lot.   Next door have a stolen sign also.  There sign is from the Northern Territory and it says Be careful as Estuarine Crocodiles swim in these waters,  the sign is on their swimming pool.
IMG 4315 Sacred Ibis with 1968 HK Kingswood
Like I said, nothing takes place in any mad hurry.  The Ibis clearly demonstrates there is plenty of time here in Urunga to walk on the road or where every you choose if you are a big bird.  He may have been looking at the 1968 Holden parked and left with the window wide open.  Perhaps the bird thought he may just jump into that window.  In Australia it really isn’t a good idea to leave your vehicle like this unlocked.  Many of us do though.  My friends, and many of them Never Lock their vehicles.   They say if they want it more than me then they can have it.   Nice way to look at things.   I think it works as none of these friends have had a vehicle stolen or anything stolen out of it.  Closest was an ex boyfriend one of my friends had,  he didn’t take the car.  He took the Rotor Button instead.

The Ibis (Bird) is such a common site here also.  They eat my onions, not sure if they like the onions but they munch down the green from the tops.  Very frustrating trying to garden between these and the rabbits of Urunga,  and the cows of the past.  Yes, gardening can be a trial with these.

IMG 2681 Bank Corner Bellingen Oak & Hyde Streets
This is the bank in Bellingen where I used to visit everyday.   Now, I don’t visit very this establishment very often, because I have no money,  in this bank or any other.  It is a snapshot of Bellingen and Bellingen is 10 minutes away from where I live at Urunga.  This is where the local High School is and the local Catholic school.  It is the home of the Shires Chambers for their meetings.  It was my home for 24 years.  I live not far away though.  This is where I go to do my radio show each week.  Radio 2bbb ( live streaming)

IMG 3861 Ocean View at Night
This is most likely one of the busier establishments in Urunga. The Ocean View Hotel.   I am sure some people visit here everyday.  I  see it everyday but I have been there a handful of times.  I went there for my birthday dinner this year.  The hotel is quite old and has been here as long as the town has.  Old to us here in Australia will never be the old that others in other countries speak of because our white history is not that old.  Around 2oo years ago a lot of white folks settled here compliments of Mother England,  Which incidentally is where the word POME comes from.  It is an acronym for “Prisoner of Mother England”.

IMG 8909 Shire Signage OK

You can’t go far anywhere here and not run into a  cow or a herd of them.  I lived on a dairy farm for ten years and these guys were my arch nemesis.  Undoubtedly, they are the biggest pest if others forget to shut the gates.  I have had my garden destroyed by cows more times  than I care to count.  It can be seriously heart rendering to see an entire years work down the tubes.  It is even worse seeing it from a distance and seeing the cows up on your verandah as you drive on in and up to the house.   Cows with flowers in their mouths,  my flowers.  I have lost it a few times.  I remember breathing a sigh of relief when we moved from the farm,  at least a flower will grow if I plant it ,I thought eagerly.   I had not been eager to garden anymore because of them.
The worst part about this is in the ten years I lived on the farm, every year this happened.  It was never us!  It was visitors every time.  They neither shut the gate or  they neither checked it was shut correctly.  In the end I got a pad lock and I padlocked the gates shut.   Not because I didn’t want visitors, but because while I was away, then no person could even look like opening that gate and wrecking it again.  If only I had thought of this nine years previous.  I may have been a happier person and not so demoralized for ten years.

Images @ Melonpopzdropz Flickr

Weekly Photo Challenge – Everyday Life

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
Pablo Picasso

Another post on everyday life… my everyday life of what I see is special.  I think that I am very blessed with what my everyday constitutes and therefore I could not let the week pass with out a submission of what is my back yard.

IMG 3143 Urunga's Full Moon

This is the true art of nature that I see in my everyday life and the kind of stuff I try to capture.  It is my everyday and its what I go out looking for each day.  The miracle of the new day or the new moon or that beautiful sunrise and all of it right at my back door.

IMG 9228.CR2 A Full Tide and a Full Sky
The sun rises and the sun sets in the west are always spectacular.  In the morning looking out of my back door over the Pacific Ocean is pretty damn special no matter what and here you can see the colour and the trampoline in my back yard as we look out over the fence to the ocean.
IMG 4057 Dawn in Spring 2012
Well it was a pleasure to present to all of my WordPress friends my everyday life and to see your everyday life and your very precious and close moments during the journey we call life.


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Weekly Photo Challenge – Everyday Life

What is everyday special life if not for every second being very special.  There are special places and special moments and times as well as  special people in everyday life.

SAM 6800 My Garlic I grew
I go out in my garden everyday.  There is something to do there always.  On this day though it was very special because I got to harvest the garlic in the back yard and it was fabulous and I was so excited by this so it was an everyday garden special moment of success and thankfulness.

This is my everyday Cup.  The cup I use for everything!  My coffee and my bourbon and my water and what ever needs to be drunk.  I have had this Batman McDonalds cup for over thirty years and I use it all the time and I even take it away with me when I go away.  That is how much it is in use everyday and it is very very special.  It has a little chip in the top and I have a back up but this is my old favorite.  The back up is a more modern version of the same thing but not the quality of this one.

Montana eating Juana food
How could I not submit this image again, my daughter in one of those golden moments of helping herself to the cat food and eating it in her little everyday life and the everyday life of Juana the beloved old pussy cat now deceased .  Its a special moment when  you spot the cat planning an actual revenge though.  All of this while hanging the cloths on the line to dry.

IMG 0895 Organised Organics
We eat food everyday to exist.  This is special food that I have photographed.  All of it is entirely organic and so that constitutes special.  I would prefer to eat this sort of vegetable and fruit than the type in the large supermarket chains.  That is not special at all.  Actually you could eat cardboard and get more benefit probably.
I hope you enjoyed my interpretation of everyday life that is somewhat special in nature for some reason.  Thank you and have a lovely sun shiney week everyone.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Near and Far

“When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.  Wayne Dyer

Near and Far.. sounds like a song to me.  The stars do sing a song in a way.  They resonate with  light and this does make a sound.  This is Near and Far to us all.
IMG 3564 Armidale at Dawn
This is the moon in the sky and really it looks a little close but really its far away and the bush is near and so I thought this might be a great submission for this challenge.  I took this a couple of weeks back when I was away.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Near and Far

IMG 8757 Foggy Pickett

Nunguu Miirlarl (Pickett Hill) from ( North Beach).

Just to confuse things a little more the little town in the distance far away there is Urunga, it is named after the aboriginal place (Long White Sands) which is North Beach,  which is not there.  It is here, where this image was shot. Someone got things very confused a long time  back.

Looking down the Bellingen River towards Urunga from North Beach and you can plainly see Pickett Hill way over in the background.  This  beautifully shaped mountain is  a sacred dreaming place and looms over the surrounding countryside from all angles giving a 360 degree view all over the district.

IMG 8739 Norty Fog

The fenced safe swimming baths at North beach are near and Pickett Hill is far over in the distance far away down near Valla.

The Gumbaynggirr Word Miirlarl means Sacred.   Pickett Hill is a sacred place of the Kangaroo hence the name Nunguu Miirlarl.    Urunga was also a sacred place and its name was Gilayjal Miirlarl,  Gilayjul means High Tide and so Urunga is the Sacred Place of the High Tides.

The Gumbaynggirr words for Near and Far depend on where the object is in relation to the speaker and in relation to the listener.

Near Me – Yilaa
Near You – Ngiling

Middle distance – in reference to the speaker – Gujuu
Mono's bookMiddle distance in reference to the other person – Guluu

Far from Me – Muluu
Far from You – Muu

All Gumbaynggiir from this book

Images @ Melonpopzdropz Flickr

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Free Spirit

For anyone to be a truly free spirit the human spirit needs places where nature has not been re-arranged by the hand of man.  I do get very concerned that our youth have less and less chance to actually be free spirits because so much is over legislated and its difficult for the child under these circumstances to become to full and rounded empathic human being.
Nature is now a concrete jungle for so many,  and just how does this effect the human psyche?

IMG 0692

These are funny photographs of my daughter who is in my opinion a true free spirit who laughs at herself and loves others with an open heart.  I am so warmed by her presence when she is near me.  This makes me feel free in my spirit also as our energies combine.

IMG 0688

I have tried to do my best to instill in her that she is capable of everything she dreams she can do and to be strong and not be easily led by others and to be her own boss.  I told her at the end of the day it is the experiences she allows herself to experience when she is young will define the health of her adult life.  Less baggage is always a benefit.  Nothing like less baggage to make one feel like they are a free spirit.

IMG 0687

Montana-Star sparkles like a free spirit would.  Every part of her is shining and sparkling with the effervescence  of love and Venus was around when she was born and so she communicates through her loving nature.    This is such a nice energy to be near.

IMG 06

She has swag.  That is a word that riles most.  These very young say it’s all about how cool you are and how nice you are about it.  You gotta have swag they say!  That isn’t a bad thing as hygiene is never a bad thing.

IMG 0711

Any time I get to spend time with her is special.  This weekend we are going to see a band together with friends hers and mine and its on our election night and its an all ages no alcohol event.  I look forward to dancing with her and having fun and being a bit of a free spirit myself.

nO.2 CANON 009

This sweet smile is no charade.  This smile is the smile of an angel, and the dog behind is another angel and she is phoenix and she loves Montana’s spirit as well.  Everyone who comes near her is effected by her love.  I am a truly blessed mother in this instance.

By Mezza – Images @ Melonpopzdropz Flickr

Weekly Photo Challenge – Free Spirit

“We are not humans having a spiritual experience.  We are spirits having a human experience”.
A quote by Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

(1st May1881 – 10th April1955)  He was a French Jesuit priest trained as a paleontologist and a philosopher, and he was present at the discovery of Peking Man

SAM 6379 Ladybird called Texsy

This lady beetle was special from the first moment when she landed on the sandy stone at the beach we were walking along.

It was only a number of days after I had lost my best friend in a tragic accident and lady beetles had been turning up in all sorts of strange places in the previous few days. People were conveying lady beetle stories to me as well which I found quite profound.  Then a lady came in the butchers while I was shopping and she was gladly exclaiming and showing off the beetle that had just landed on her outside of the shop.

I had resigned myself to the fact that each time I saw a lady beetle that this was the spirit of my friend.

Then when we go to the beach and this little character lands  on your stone just like a free spirit does, landing precisely on the stone you are examining.  It was like they just popped in to say hello.  It made me feel that Texsy was truly now a Free Spirit for real.

By Mezza Images @ Melonpopzdropz  / Flickr

Weekly Photo Challenge – Free Spirt

I have been away from my wordpress blog but it was only a temporary thing. I was setting up my images on Flickr and that has kept me more than busy and I can assure you the job is far from finished to catch up.  So the photo challenge is back for me at least I am now organised enough.

Personally I feel we are all beings of light slowed down by gravity and magnetism to a solid form and so the anecdote of capturing what being a free spirit is has  many connotations indeed.  My mind just boggled at the prospect.

8821- Crystal Christos

I decided to submit this image I am so proud of.  It is an exquisite crystal light catcher.
I chose this one because she always has reminded me of a free spirit.
I admire this piece of crystal so much and I was glad to capture such a fine example of it’s beauty and to have the opportunity to try to convey this to you  the reason why I call her a Free Spirit or see her as such.

By Mezza Images @ Melonpopzdropz Flickr

Weekly Photo Challenge – Purple


Miniscule Purple Flowers

These flowers are at my front door and are the flowers of a native grass.  It is nice to be back as I have had a busy time lately in the real world and doing a lot of study.  I hope everyone is doing nicely.

How could I possibly resist the purples posts as I am a purple child myself I feel.

Image by Mezza – Miniscule purple flowers

Weekly Photo Challenge – Purple

I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don’t notice it.
– Alice Walker –

The Purple Candle I saw in the window..   I could not help but notice how pretty it was and so simple but it was the light shining in upon it that made it feel this way.


I saw the light coming in the window on the candle in the window and I thought that it looked rather pretty.

Image by Mezza – Candle and holder

Weekly Photo Challenge – Fleeting Moments

Fleeting is something that is fleeing fast.  It is going.  A quick fleeting glance.  The fleeting moment of elation at the moment of giving birth.  The colours of dawn  are fleeting.  It changes so fast.  It all happens in a number of seconds and magically the colours change so magnificently.

This is my submission for fleeting,  I often describe it as just like this;  the fleeting colours of pre-dawn and dawn.

Image by Mezza – Urunga  bathed in colour at dawn

Weekly Photo Challenge – Create

If the statement in the biblical text of Genesis is true : that we are made in the image of God because they said they were going to do this.  Then, it would be safe to assume that we are all little creators.  We are the happiest and we are at our best when we are creating anything.  We have the best times at work when we are craftsmen or woman who use our skills on a daily basis.

This is a real connection to this and how the chemistry in the brain reacts.  The electrical impulses are of a different resonance when someone is participating in an activity that involves some form of creation.

The most beautiful creations I have had anything to do with are my three children.  These are the epitome of creation.  I was awestruck with this and I still feel the same.  They were fearfully and wonderfully created.  Today I chose not to post pictures of my beautiful kids and instead I have opted for a for of creation that has no rhyme or reason but in the end it’s all just beautiful.

I love to create something useful and beautiful from what others call junk.  I would say its a passion of mine as I am always making different things like this.  These chairs were in a throw out and ready for the scrap heap when the council comes around twice a year to gather up what people do not want anymore.  Such a fun time.

IMG 2126 Revived School Chair #1

The finished product, such a delightful piece.

Revived Chair #2
Various stages of the development of the project.  In this shot there has been no lacquer added yet.  When this stage happens it lasts for weeks as we put many many layers and when it dries I sand it back again and re do again and again.  This develops a depth to the work and makes it look more three dimensional.

304564 - The Onset

It is always exciting placing the first picture down.  Usually in the end very little of this will be seen in the final product but it’s all about layers.

307897 - The Chair seat

The base needed a lot of attention before we could get started on either of the chairs as the wood was in a very poor condition but keeping in mind that it would all be fully covered eventually , it was then a matter of strengthening and repairing.  I did this with what ever I have handy at the time.  This time I used a wooden chop stick and some match sticks and some brown paper even for one piece that had lots of splinters that were troublesome.

306792 - Tools of the Trade

Tools of the trade for constructing and covering the chairs.  Years ago I covered this little chocolate box these things are all in now.  I did this when the children were small about twenty years ago.  It is good to see the box is still getting very valid use.

Images by Mezza – My beautiful chair and its pieces

Weekly Photo Challenge – Close, close or Close?

Close, but no cigar.  This is a saying that always comes to mind when ever the word close (Klos) is mentioned.  It means to ‘Fall just short of a successful outcome and get nothing for your efforts’. ~

The origin of the phrase, and its variant ‘nice try, but no cigar’, are of U.S origin and date from the mid-20th century. Fairground stalls gave out cigars as prizes, and this is the most likely source, although there’s no definitive evidence to prove that.

It is first recorded in print in Sayre and Twist’s publishing of the script of the 1935 film version of Annie Oakley:
“Close, Colonel, but no cigar!”
It appears in U. S. newspapers widely from around 1949 onwards; for example, a story from The Lima News, Lima, Ohio, November 1949, where The Lima House Cigar and Sporting Goods Store narrowly avoided being burned down in a fire, was titled ‘Close But No Cigar’.

I went with “close” the adjective –  A short distance away or apart in space or time.   I  am scratching for time here at the moment, if I had more time to spend here with this I would like to add  many more interpretations.  I may just update later.

 8528 Rocky home

Close to Impossible

The intimacy of plants to the environment.  In this case the existence here is close to impossible and still a fern is showing signs of taking a stronghold in  the very harsh conditions of a rock face.   This is the defense that plants have developed to allow continuance of the species.   The vital necessary ingredient here is water.

Miniscule Purple Flowers

Up close and personal

This shot would not be the same if I wasn’t so close with the camera.  These flowers are a quarter of the size they are in  this image.

IMG 1651.CR2 Poinsettia Stamens

The flower of Ataturk

The poinsettia has a close association with Christmas in the Northern Hemisphere and is also known as the flower of Ataturk.   Its leaves have been used in history to produce dyes and pigments.  When you get in this close the stamens are truly a work of art and such a pretty creation.  These plants love the cooler temperatures.

IMG_9967 Uluru Dreaming 2012

The Uluru climb is set to permanently close.


To the Anagnu people of Central Australia, the close association to the rock is called Tjukurpa …. The Dreaming.  I had dreamed since childhood of being this close to the most famous land mark in Australia.   The huge single stone monolithic structure known as Uluru.   I was that close to the rock I could feel the vibrations of the ancestral beings as I approached the Mutujulu Waterhole.   This is the Earths Solar Plexis.

Uluru has had a long association with over seas visitors as a place to conquer and to climb.  The Anagnu ask you not to climb but that is the full extent of this.  Presently there is a bill before parliament to bring this to a close permanently and stop visitors climbing.  The Uluru rock central to their ceremony and Tjukurpa.


Close Relationships

All of us girls.  We are close friends  ~  but we have come from vast distances to become this close.  The Philippines, Portugal, Spain and Australia.   Here we are holidaying at the Gold Coast in the calmer waters of Tallebudggera Creek Queensland.
The image my mind conjures of the words “close friends”  symbolizes an enclosure of secrets of a personal nature shared inside the boundaries of friendship.  This is like an invisible corral  that contains the terms of the friendship.  These terms are centered around respect of one’s self and respect of the other.  This includes not divulging personal information to others outside the friendship group.  Some things are better shared in small group of trust worthy individuals  and it is considered a violation to take this further out to the harshness of reality and the conjecture of others.

English: American actress Glenn Close

Glenn Close

Glen Close is a sixth time academy award nominee.  She currently advocates against the stigma of mental illness and she will be a keynote speaker at the International Conference on reducing the stigma surrounding Mental Illness held in Ottawa Canada.  Mental illness is something she intimately aware of.  Her sister Jessie living with Bi-Polar being her motivation and passion.
One of her most notable roles in film in my opinion was in the 1987  movie “Fatal Attraction”.   In this film the happily married New York lawyer Dan Callagher has an affair with his colleague Alex (played by Close), and the two enjoy a love weekend while Dan’s wife and kids are away.  But Alex will not let go of him, and she will stop at nothing to have him for herself.
The movie was a tearaway success at the box office.  Much discussion has occurred since its debut on the silver screen.  A lot more understanding around Borderline Personality Disorder was certainly a positive outcome.  I wonder still if this was on purpose.   Until this movie men largely participated in extra-marital activity unaware of just how close they could have been to suffering a similar fate to Dan in Fatal Attraction.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Today

“It takes a long time to grow young.”

~Pablo Picasso~

Today is my birthday:


The second day of Winter here heralds in my birthday.  Today I decided to do what I wanted to do because it was my birthday.

Firstly I cooked two chocolate cakes and left these to cool.  My partner and I then went shopping at the large hardware shop nearby for garden supplies and black paint for my craft work.  I purchased a huge number of plants that were near to death for next to nothing.

On my return home I decorated my own birthday cake and poured a drink for my birthday.  My ex husband gave me a box of chocolates for my birthday.  It has been seven years since we split and much water has passed under the  bridge and yesterday he presents me a box wrapped in pink paper.  I was a little shocked for the rest of the evening after that surprise.

So this was today in my world, and it was a wonderful day as well and I am very grateful for good friends and my wonderful partner Brice and my daughter Montana-Star for making my day so special.

Image by Mezza – My birthday Cake I made myself

Weekly Photo Challenge – Hands

Hands across the water … Hands across the sea!  As soon as I found what the challenge is I commenced singing this for some strange reason.  Never mind me..

Recently I was missing in action and I went to the most fabulous place I have ever been.  I went to Uluru with Uncle Tom Kelly and his niece.  Uncle Tom shared a desire to go to the rock before he got too old to do this.  Uncle Tom is 88 years old and he was older than any elder that was at the rock.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I enjoyed the experience of going with someone so elderly as this slowed the journey down to a pace that kept me gobsmacked as I stood motionless in front of this surreal monolith.

Hands behind the back!

The Uncle Thomas Kelly finally touched the rock with his hands and it was a special moment for him as he leaned over to touch Uluru for the first time.

Touching the rock with hands

These hands are deadly… these aunty’s play music and collect food with these beautiful hands and it was an honor to hold these hands and feel the gentleness of the love of the earth as I held them inside of mine.  I miss the Aunty’s.

Hands that have gathered much food

It was hard to say good bye but I had to bear the thought that I probably won’t see them ever again.  This thought affected me and I had to go away and have a little cry.  I was very moved by these woman.

Goodbye Aunty!

Images by Mezza – Hands on deck at Uluru

Weekly Photo Challenge – Together

On being together..

Now these guys are my favorites … A beautiful togetherness as these guys share a conversation out on the railing.  These parrots are very noisy at times but they are so gorgeous.

Not far from home

Dune flowers co-existing together to hold the dunes together and not let them be needlessly washed away by human habitation so close to the waves we have damaged one of our most valuable resources, the beach.  This is a vain attempt to put this back together again.

This flagstaff (above) located on the hill at Port Macquarie is together and in one piece as apposed to the image below which is on the hill on the cliff near my gate over looking the Pacific Ocean.  The flagstaff below has been taken apart and moved and recently it was placed back in its original spot but sadly not in its original condition and it is not fully together.

Flagstaff amongst Fairy Floss clouds at sunset

Last weekend I traveled a few hours from my house with my daughter and her boyfriend pictured below and we met her girl cousin and her cousins son and partner.  For what it is worth this was a gallant effort on our parts to get together and become like family.
This is something that was foreign to all of us.  I often say that I am one of ten but I am only one.

This image was a must as this group of meat mincers sat up beautifully making quite a sight as they sat there silently together waiting for someone to separate them by purchase.

Now this is a new sport hitting the waterways around here lately.  I would most definitely be doing this together with other members of my family or friends.  For most it would be alright to be solo and just cruise around but for me I would much rather share the experience with others together.

In Australia we have the over 50’s Ulysses Bike Club, and below is a bunch of them together at the service station where we were leaving from in Port Macquarie.

Images by Mezza

Weekly Photo Challenge – Together

Together is an interesting topic.   I am especially excited by the challenge when I have the concept that we are all symbiotic and that we all work off of each other and that we are all relational.   I don’t think that we need to be together to experience togetherness but for the purposes of the challenge we will focus on subjects who are in fact together in reality we can physically all see.

Since I went to Uluru it is only fitting that I include for you this one of Uluru together with the Olga’s in the far background together with the recent perigee full moon in the beginning of this current month of May 2012.
IMG_9829 Uluru Dreaming 2012


Image by Mezza – Uluru Dreaming with the Full moon just before dawn.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Two Subjects

two subjects…

The thought of having two subjects interests me as I have read that in the scriptures it does talk many times of two people becoming a team, ie Mary and Martha,  Ruth and Naomi, Moses and Aaron, Cain and Abel etc etc etc.  It is always nice when there is more than one; which constitutes one more than one.
The nature of our very beginnings are protons and neutrons and that is about the most famous pairing in nature.

Two signs.

This image amused me.. well the  sign amused me so I photographed it.  The original has been trumped by a bigger sign by a successive Bellingen Shire Council Mayor.  This is the epitome of competitiveness,  politically, locally speaking.

Lets go shopping...

Mum and Dad.. going for a stroll.  These  birds are the ibis.  They get about everywhere at dawn around near where I live.   They are out looking for food here in this picture!


Aurora and Marilyn

Now here is a nice pair.

There are many beautiful trees near here and these are some pines down the road in the dawning light.

All images by Mezza – Subjects of two

Weekly Photo Challenge – Journey

I am going on a big journey soon in 20 days.  One I am very excited about because it is Uluru.  But for this week I have this:


I had to take a long journey to go fetch my new little car…


Images by Mezza

Weekly Photo Challenge – Arranged

I said I thought I would have a tough time sorting out images to submit to this challenge.  I did have a lot of recent ones, so this is the food department of this challenge.

Arrange the Jam Drops

I actually go to the trouble of arranging them beautifully to cool on the various racks.  It is imperative they get equal cooling time.   Why?  I don’t know!  It is the way I do it.

I purposefully arranged these delights on the plate next to the decorations so that I could take their photo.  I had never taken a photograph of my Rum Balls before.  They are coconut covered  heaven.

In this supermarket we visit, the  German owned  ALDI group save money on fancy shelving to arrange the goods on and this is to bring you cheaper food prices.  It must be true because you can save a lot of money on your food bill if you go there every couple of months for stuff like butter, canned tomatoes, rice, pasta, oil, toilet paper, detergent.  These are some of the main items we purchase enough of for two months.  Believe it or not this actually saves hundreds of dollars in the end.  No needless petrol guzzling trips to the shops to purchase each fortnight.  It takes an entire day to do this so it is good we don’t go often.

Images by Mezza

Weekly Photo Challenge – Arrange

My girlfriend belongs to all of these beauties.  She must clean them and then arrange them often.

I have never seen such a beautiful collection unless it has been inside of a shop.  I think she is obsessed with natural beauty and craftsmanship.

The boxes

On the various beautiful pieces of exotic furniture are collections like these.  They simply look stunning altogether when she turns the specific lighting on them.  She has to arrange them all and I think this is what mesmerizes me with this collection.  I hate dusting and I would not be able to have these unless they were safe inside some sort of glass viewing gorgeous cupboard.

I love these ones and in particular the smoky quartz to the right on the beautiful heart adorned and purple jewel encrusted stand.  I have a thing about hearts and so I often see the tiniest hearts hiding where others tend to miss this detail.

Hearts hearts and still more hearts

Real sentimental Rocks..

This is what I have to arrange.  My heart rocks.  I collect these.  The cat tends to knock them ar around and off the ledge and I patiently re – arrange them.

To arrange something is to make it look better than just a pile.  It usually means that you took time to put something together be that a floral, a collection like those above, A musical score is called and arrangement.  If I make a date, I have decided to arrange an outing.  Here is what the online dictionary says.


verb (used with object)

1.  to place in proper, desired, or convenient order; adjust properly: to arrange books on a shelf.
2.  to come to an agreement or understanding regarding: The two sides arranged the sale of the property.
3.  to prepare or plan: to arrange the details of a meeting.
4.  Music . to adapt (a composition) for a particular style of performance by voices or instruments.

Images by Mezza

Weekly Photo Challenge – Arranged

I eagerly logged back on to find out what this weeks challenge was and saw the most adorable arrangement of  roses.  I love roses and I love to arrange all myriads of things.  I am almost positive we will all have a wonderful week with this one.

Did I arrange the chocolate good Mum?

I have stayed away from the run of the mill flower arrangement.  I think it is because my image was on disc so I will have to find that one.  Above is my daughter and her cake she made the other day.  She was pretty happy with her efforts as she asked me if she had done a good job decorating it and arranging the chocolate on top.  This was our cake we call “The Cup of Coffee Cake”.  She hated this cake when she was younger when her sister loved it.  Now she likes coffee and so she now likes the cake also.  Funny how we change in our tastes as we mature.

Beach Structures

Every single time I  have walked out to the beach here there have been elaborate arrangements of wood and sticks left behind on the beach by keen beach structure builders.  I have never come across anyone building them.

sticks arranged on the beach

I go out there often and at odd times and still I have not witnessed this phenomena.  I have many images of these structures but today I have submitted an image I have edited to give it a look of  Turn O the Century feel.  I wanted to do this because I want to stress that someone has been doing this arranging for a lot of years as I have been here for nearly 30 years and I have seen these for that long so either the same person builds them or they are built by various different keen enthusiastic people as some of the pieces of wood would require at least someone else in the equation to help construct this because of the sheer weight of some of these.

My feathers in one place

Last of all for today.  My feather collection.  I remember most of these feathers and my beautiful bird ” BIRDEE” who was a beautiful princess parrot has his feathers here as well.  His feathers are the bright red one you can see and the pretty blue one in front of the red one and some of the other green ones.  He was so beautiful.  He lived for 13 years and dropped dead on Christmas morning a few years back now.  Needless to say that Christmas was not altogether a happy one.

Images by Mezza ..

Weekly Photo Challenge – Through

The sun shone through the clouds

Peek-a-boo I am going to shine through.

The last three months being the end of summer and the beginning of Autumn here where we are have been anything but sunny.  Seeing the sun peaking out through the heavy cloud is a comfort.  It just might be a nice day.  They have been rare, even in Australia.

The 'through' water course on the Golf Course in Urunga

So the sun shone through and the water also flowed through these large drains on the local golf course.  Really it has barely stopped flowing.  All of the rivers and their creek tributaries are full to the brim and the ground is a very heavy with moisture.  It feels like the ground cannot possibly take anymore falling rain.  Some places out west have been in flood for weeks now.

Those folks out west on the Murray and Darling Rivers  will be looking forward to these inland seas subsiding so that supplies can finally get through and life returns to normal.  Presently all of the supplies to survive are being flown into these isolated properties.

Images by Mezza  –  Dawn in Urunga and over the Urunga Golf  Course

Weekly Photo Challenge – Through

So it seems I have some luck with timing today.  I was out early this morning and I photographed this image of Pikett Hill through the footbridge slats.

It is a nice place to walk and I try to take some images looking through the various structural differences attached to this footbridge above.  When I get down and look through the view is usually very good.

Through to Pikett Hill

And so while looking through my images I decided to post one post with an array of  “Through” images I have taken recently.

The Underneath of Lavenders Bridge Bellingen

Looking through the underneath side of bridges can be and interesting experience and I enjoy to capture looking through these structures.

This is a controversial through image.  Recently a semi trailer plowed through this house in my town where I live  and a boy was killed.  There is an on going protest to change speed limit’s.   But,  in this case it was not the truck drivers fault.  Another vehicle was involved and this vehicle was on the wrong side of the road and the truck tried to avoid the vehicle plowing through this house pictured above instead.  The other driver driver also died.  It now seems this was his intention.

During the recent heavy wet weather we are experiencing, the local road was cut and no one could get through

This is an Australian Icon…..The Bottlo or the Drive Through bottle shop.


All farms around here that had dairy or cattle have these and they have a few purposes and in this case this The Crush / where cattle travel was used by the farmer to send them through and up a ramp onto a truck.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Unusual


Four very different  Skyline super hotted up cars parked in a row  outside a Bunning’s Hardware  Warehouse outlet at the Gold Coast.

This was and unusual for others to see but not if I saw this.  The silver RB-35 Skyline at the back of this impressive row of four is my son’s vehicle.

It is just unusual to see four in a row in a single workplace.  Proof someone thinks they are good cars perhaps.  Might have something to do with their age all around the 20 year age bracket.

Image by Jesse Baldwin ( my son)

Weekly Photo Challenge of Unusual.

I thought to myself that I should be able to find some more unusual images but I was struggling for a second.   Then I remembered these ones I took a couple of months back.


This is majestic to stand in front of and just gaze at the absolute detailed work involved.  It was approaching Christmas time and the must have reindeer are also pictured.  These were temporary and is now gone again.

This sort of work  is unusual in this throwaway society that continues now to make a habit of  substituting sub standard architecture and conning us all with fancy words.  This is workmanship.  Work today isn’t viewed the same as in yesteryear where some things are concerned.



This structure is in the main street of Nambucca Heads NSW.  This is a nearby seaside township.  Once enjoying almost the same fame as Byron Bay does today in times past.  This huge mosiac represents the life nearby.. the main focus of subject is the ocean.



I hope you enjoy these images.


Images by Mezza – Mosiac at Nambucca Heads

Weekly Photo Challenge – Unusual ..

This is very unusual to see a kangaroo swimming.



Most people who have seen this image say they had no idea that a kangaroo could swim.  He swam so efficiently it surprised even me.  I had never seen a kangaroo swim either.  I have to admit that it was the most unusual occurrence.    I cropped the image a little to enlarge it to show you a little better  here below.  I must apologize for the poor quality.

Somebody approached me while this was happening and it kind of spoiled the photographic moment for me as we both stood there aghast at what we were witnessing.  I resigned myself to the fact that I will never allow that to happen again as missing opportunities is the pits photographically speaking.

So this image covers the photo topic in another way, it is unusual I let someone deter me this way, I am usually fairly forthright.  Obviously not enough on this day.



Back in 2007 it was reported in the Geelong Advertiser newspaper in Victoria Australia reported that a swimming kangaroo had been witnessed to have fallen prey to a great white shark whilst going for a swim.. Please read the account below as it is a phenomenal story for interest of what sort of things happen down here in Australia. That story was then taken up by the Daily Telegraph.

More great images of Kangaroos swimming can also be found on this website below.  They are great swimmers but it is very unusual to catch them at this practice.  I am so glad I captured one in action just below my house here in the rivers.

Even the locals were surprised it says in this article above.

Image by Mezza – Kangaroo swimming at Dawn at Urunga NSW

Weekly Photo Challenge – Contrast

So now we might be pushing the issue here with this image but I think it sums up contrast very well with the use of deliberate over exposure of the image


The next one I added as a fun shot to depict contrast.  It is one I used from an earlier challenge for “Simple” . .. this shows that in contrast to my daughter I am short.


Awesome.. simple.

In the context of things I think she has been a tall girl for her age.  In the same context I have been a short person most of my life and before that I was just short. There is a sharp contrast in heights here.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Contrast..

I think I got the gist of this now..


This is an example I like.  The light at dawn causes the chairs and the trees to appear black against the bright of the dawning sky.

I love to walk down here at dawn on most days.  This is one of my favorite images although I have many favorites.  I do like this one as its just perfect.

Image by Mezza – Urunga Bench at Dawn

Weekly Photo Challenge – Contrast

Now that I appear to have the concept of what this word means then  I found it hard to stop finding images for this challenge..

This first image I have to say I absolutely love.  I am very glad to show it to you.


This old  Milk can reconstructed as a  mail  box I photographed against the luxuriously colorful afternoon sky makes for a wonderfully diverse shot from something so simple and something most drive past each day. The sky is a wonderful contrast.

The late afternoon is made spectacular here by catching the sun on the river and the puddles sitting beside here.  The light was causing these bodies of water to shine against the darkening of the afternoon around us.  This caused a striking image as I stood there!

Seagull against the backdrop of the river and yellow rock road Urunga

The early morning is always a time your guaranteed to see all of my friends  the birds out doing their thing as they do each early morning.  This sea gull perched on top of the fish cleaning bench at the river is a wonder image to display for contrast. Here the bird is striking sitting on the dark bench against the shine of the river and the depth of field of the houses in the background.

Images By Mezza – All Images shot in the Bellingen Shire NSW

Weekly Photo Challenge – Contrast

The balance between light and darkness..

I am hoping I understand contrast submitting this image. To me it is the difference between the objects in question in the image.  Something from nature and a man-made statue of a bird and my attempt to blend them to make an interesting capture of the moon down the road from my house.

The light balance had to be just right otherwise this image would not have looked alright.  This at least highlights the moons natural brilliance .

This bird sits atop of the gate that over looks the rivers below, the Kalang and the Bellinger combine in front of here to flow out to the sea.  The Gate leads to the Original Pilot house .. the house the pilot who piloted boats in over the dangerous bar that is at the mouth of these rivers.

Recently they wrote a book about the house and its important and integral role in the township known to the whiteman as Urunga but known to the aboriginal man as Gilayjal Murrlaarl.. sacred place of the high tides.  So this is my image.

Image – Bird Statue at the Pilot house and full Moon.  march 2012


Weekly Photo Challenge – Contrast

The Rivers, the Lagoon and a dawn high tide


Contrast is an interesting phenomena.  Because it is the act of drawing attention to the differences I decided to present this beautiful image.  It is the contrasting image of the rough water of the river and the calm waters of the lagoon laying still and full beside it on the other side of the rock wall.  A striking difference when you witness this sight for real.   One is usually running very fast at high tide which this is and the lagoon lays full and still, just as a fish nursery should be.  This is  Gulayjal Murlaarl .. the sacred place of the high tides according to Gumbaynggirr

  • To set in opposition in order to show or emphasize differences
  •  to distinguish or be distinguished by comparison of unlike or opposite qualities
  • “High contrast” usually refers to great difference in two colors’ value. In other words,  one is very light and the other is very dark.
  • There is a contrast ratio.  This usually has to do with LCD and monitors etc
  • These are just a few reference points for the description of the varied word contrast is.

Image by Mezza – The river and the lagoon side by side at dawn

Weekly Photo Challenge – Distort

Things appear distorted..

The Sun appears distorted on the horizon at dawn


This was an interesting shot I took this week earlier on.  The Sun totally appears to be distorted as it rises over the horizon at dawn.


The very next shot and the sun is no longer distorted.


I could see this while I was photographing it and I kept ducking out from the lens to double check.  I don’t know what caused this.  Maybe some of you do know.  If you do please enlighten me.

I feel it is our eyes that are responsible for seeing it this way and that it probably isn’t really like this.  I could ponder all day.  I look forward to hearing any and all explanations.

As an after thought and after looking again at this image I marvel at the fact of the likeness of this distortion to that of the Pharoahs sillouette.  What do you think?

Image by Mezza – The Dawning Sun at Urunga NSW 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge – Distort

“The human understanding is like a false mirror, which, receiving rays irregularly, distorts and discolors the nature of things” (Francis Bacon)

looking up the flagstaff


Sometimes we see things the way we want to see things and sometimes the view is distorted but we don’t seem to mind.

Image by Mezza – The Maritime Flagstaff out back of my house at Urunga

Weekly Photo Challenge – Distorted

Sometimes I suppose there are rare occasions it is good being short in  height and seeing stuff from down here .. that makes me giggle because I have to put on high heels to clean the microwave.

The picnic tables looking very much like a birthday cake.

I was walking along with my camera and I looked across from me and the tables which are in fact some distance from each other looked like they were on top of each other from where I was standing.  It caught my attention and I snapped this image.  I absolutely love this actual distortion as its there all of the time and you just have to look for it.

Hope you like my edition to the Distorted camp.

Image by Mezza – Urunga foreshore picnic tables

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Distorted

Down low to the ground in my back yard..

On the ground with Mezza

When I took this image it thoroughly amused me and so I am pleased to present the various distortions from the original unedited distortion above here after.  I stopped at a couple as I had so much fun with this one image and It just went on and on and all of them were brilliant. …  To Me.

"Heaven on September 11 2001"

I used this image to represent the people in heaven after September 11 when I wrote a rhyme for their memory called “Angels play a dope Game”.  Its on here in my rhymes department.

Red Clover

When you get down really low to something thing,  the entire aspect of everything changes and this can cause amazing distortions in appearance to normal everyday things.   Personally I make a habit of doing this as part of my photographic exploration of everything and the desire to see things from every angle!

This will be an enjoyable challenge as they always are.

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Indulge

This was the maddest indulgence yet..

360 / No 1 on everything at the moment with 2 songs in the top 10 of the top 100 for 2011

I recently indulged in purchasing tickets for us to see him again.  I have seen him a few times now so I guess this typically qualifies under the heading to Indulge.

I think its a great pic I got of him as well.  I feel pretty lucky for this one.

That sure was a lot of numbers there in the caption of the image.  So may I introduce you to 360 the artist who birth name is Matt Collwell and  he is an Australian  rapper from Melbourne.   He is either loved or hated here in Australia at the moment and personally I feel that is an entire publicity stunt as  He and MC Kerser who the so called rivalry is all about, is his mate.  Leaves the mind ticking over.  Maybe because I am older I can see this and I think its a great lurk.  Why not use the media for you own benefit.  The rich do it each day with ease.

Recently I went to see 360 perform. It was fantastic  and so I purchased tickets to a festival a few hours away for Montana and I to go see him again and 360 is the headline act along with many overseas great names in the music world at the moment.   The world famous Hilltop Hoods from Adelaide will also be performing and City and Colour from Canada.  It will be awesome. The festival is called “Groovin the Moo” and its in Maitland NSW Australia.

So you  see I could not help myself but to indulge in this opportunity to see 360 perform while he is on the absolute top of it all.  Recently he announced his engagement to his girlfriend Chrystal Bale.  He proposed  in bed and she made him get up naked and re-do the proposal on one knee … naked.

He said all of this on air yesterday in an interview.  He also said that he is finally happy.  Because 360 reminds me a lot of myself.. over disclosing too much at times for the simplicity of always keeping it rea I know personally this can be tough on a person at times and sometimes even I get scared what he is gonna say at times. He is a radio programmers nightmare as he is likely to come out with anything in an interview and he has left the best of them absolutely speechless.

Recently a tattoo artist offered to tattoo ’60 for free and now he is allowing himself to indulge in this expensive act because it has been simply offered to him and the artist is so good.  He would be mad not to indulge in this offer …  Yep so that is 360.. He is cute I think.

Image by Mezza – 360 at Sprung in Brisbane Qld.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Indulge

Mmm  yummy..

These fiendish little things in the red innocent looking paper are none other than Red Velvet Chocolate Cakes with incredible frosting.  This was something that my daughter Montana felt she wanted to indulge in.  So much so she bought the Packet Cake mix for these and was chomping at the bit to make them.

I am not a purchaser of packet cake mixes at all.  I think it is just as simple to crack and egg and cream the butter and sugar and add the milk and flour so this packet affair is the epitome of what it is to  “INDULGE”.
Montana was so pleased with her efforts that she promptly sat down and ate several… in a row.
This week she asked me is there any secrets I have to ward off the major break out she was having.  I did smile and think perhaps 6 chocolate cakes in a row may not have helped.  I didn’t though.   Instead I replied, ” Try washing your face with some salt and then apply a light honey mask and wear that for an hour and wash it off and moisturize as normal”.

Image by Mezza – Montana’s Red Velvet Cakes

Weekly Photo Challenge – Indulge

I was at this market recently up the coast when I was away on a road trip and I came across this antique water pipe which I felt was delightful.

The peddler pulled the entire thing apart and showed me how it all worked and he himself was getting on in years and he was very amazed at the fact that water was used to cool the smoke.

Because it was absolutely delightful I had a real tug-o-war with myself and I so wanted to indulge myself.  I wanted to take this fine piece of craftsman ship home with me.   I didn’t need it though in any shape or form.  I merely desired the thing because it was beautiful.

If I had weakened and purchased it, I would have been spending money I needed while I was away from home and really that would have been big.  I didn’t think I should indulge myself this time.

Image by Mezza – Water Pipe at Pottsville NSW

Weekly Photo Challenge – Indulge

This is most definitely something I love to indulge in..

To indulge at Christmas time is perfectly normal I suppose if you can afford such things in this day and age when watching the pennies is important.

I don’t as a rule ever over indulge.  I find that to be a very distasteful practice and I hate waste of any kind.  Over eating is a waste as the body doesn’t need it so why have it.

So I put a lot of time in between bouts of eating such things as I have photographed above for you for  my “indulge” shot.  I made this yummy pavlova, as you can tell it is rather amateur in its entire presentation, however above all it tasted brilliant.

Image by Mezza – Pavlova

Weekly Photo Challenge – Indulge

When my partner gave me 36 Red Roses I felt really quite special but it wasn’t the same as we bought a mirror ball.  It was a nothing sort of thing that we both loved and felt we could no longer go without because our last one was broken.

We had sufficiently justified to each other that we deserved to have this and so we excitedly took the box the the sales assistant to purchase it.  At night we always put in on as it spins by itself and it is so pretty.  It has little colored lights that flash pretty lights all around the room.  It is in our bedroom but we often move it to where we can take advantage of this indulgence …

We sit in a kaleidoscope of color and ever moving shapes spinning around the room.  I would recommend it as its very soothing.

So there you go my first addition to the challenge of Indulge.

Image by Mezza – Self Portrait.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Down

The boi’s are getting down with some fine underground aussie hip hop.

Simplex and Social Change

This weeks challenge was certainly a beauty.  The word down constitutes so much these days in its meaning.  We can still  always get down about something.  That is the classic terminology.  If your down, you are kind of sad.  But as always the youth put a much different spin on it and “down” to them means so much more

To be “down” means to be “with it”.   Respected in the thug community.

“What do you mean, no? I thought you was down”.

You gettin’ down, boy!

Last Saturday night I was getting down with some great underground hip hop.  I was getting down with my friends having a great time.  So it is interesting to see how the youth have manipulated the meaning from being something sad to doing something that is lots of fun ie. going out to see rappers perform and being with all of your friends.

The word down can refer to having a full understanding of a circumstance or situation and in that case they would say that they have that down or they are down with that.

The first three images I submitted have been what ordinary folk may see as down,  usually going down a road or looking down from a height.  But really I was only touching the proverbial iceberg.

The Urban Dictionary,  which is an alternative dictionary with a data base of street language and the term DOWN is fully covered in some of the terminology below quoted therein:

 DOWN: To be ‘With It or in ‘the know how’, knowledgeable about something, or to give respect/recognition to something.
To be keen for something.
To be friends with someone or to spend time with them. ‘Gettin Down’ means to have sex with them.
To have something ‘Down Pat’ or well perfected.
To agree with someone or something.
“Oh yeah…I’m down with what yo talking.”
“I’m down for some Redman.”
 “Are you down to get a feed?”
“I’m pretty down with her.”
“I was ‘gettin down’ with her the other night.”
“You gotta have your kickflips ‘down pat’.”
“Wanna go for a skate?” …  “Yeah, I’m

Image by Mezza – Simplex and Social Change, Australian Rap Artists

Weekly Photo Challenge – Down..

And once again the waters recede and the height of the river goes down again leaving behind the usual devastation of everything this flooded river touches

I have lost count the amount of times that I have witnessed this scene as the waters go down again.  In the final year I was living not far from here and we were inundated with 6 quite large floods during that year.  These days we are on a hill and not a river bank and life is a lot sweeter.

Image by Mezza – Bellingen River post flood

Weekly Photo Challenge – Down. .


Cathy looking down over the edge at Byron Lighthouse

My friend is caught here looking down to the sight below her.

I clearly love this shot not only for the fact that its satisfies the challenge parameters but for the fact that she is wearing two sets of glasses and a knitting needle in her hair!

Road tripping with your friends is always fun like this.  This was one of these occasions where my friend  were off on a road trip up the coast and I am so glad we stopped here and walked up the giant hill to this spectacle.

Image by Mezza – Cathy looking down at Cape Byron Lighthouse NSW

Weekly Photo Challenge – Down . .

Down ..

The walkway down to the fields

I love this walkway.  It’s not far from my place and so I see it regularly on my many wanderings.  The fields are quite a way down at the bottom and this walk way looks quite ancient to me.  Perhaps built around the seventies.  I will investigate this.  Did council place it or a Lions or Rotary or perhaps the sporting clubs themselves.  I am curious!

Image by Mezza – Going down to the fields in Urunga NSW

Weekly Photo Challenge -Down . .

Down . .

The levels must be acceptably down not too much in the red.

When I am on air broadcasting we have to be ever mindful of the levels and not to ever let them get to high!  One is always adjusting the levels down.  If you left them up it would sound rather distorted out there in radio land.

In this pic that I snapped last night they are acceptably down and could possible show a small patch of red, however for all intents and purposes these levels are down nicely.

Image by Mezza – The Volume window on the Radio panel at 2bbb

Weekly Photo Challenge – Down..

Down . .

Looking down from up top of the rocky outcrop of Byron bay Lighthouse

I took this image a couple of weeks ago at Byron Bay.  I was looking straight down into the Pacific Ocean from a terrific height and the sight of the famous Byron Bay Lighthouse and its various out buildings.

It was indeed a sight to behold!  I could see turtles and manta rays swimming in the crystal clear waters below me because I was looking down from that great height.  It was more than impressive and well worth taking that vision into your eyes.  It was spectacular.

Image by Mezza – Looking Down at Byron Bay

Weekly Photo Challenge – Regret

My daughter / and her ticket
 From the free dictionary on line because I needed help!  I managed two images and I was struggling.  So when I am struggling I go to my good old friend the dictionary.

re·gret  (r-grt)
re·gret·ted, re·gret·ting, re·grets
To feel sorry, disappointed, or distressed about.
To remember with a feeling of loss or sorrow; mourn.
To feel regret.n.
A sense of loss and longing for someone or something gone.
A feeling of disappointment or distress about something that one wishes could be different.
regrets…A courteous expression of regret, especially at having to decline an invitation.

I have tried all of my life to not regret anything, although I do have a few but find that I cannot photograph it.  I was really starting to feel like I was failing because nothing was coming to me.  I could not think how I could photograph my regrets.

So after much thought I remembered this incident of fairly recent times and I felt it fitted the bill. It was indeed what is described here below:

1. To feel sorry, disappointed, or distressed about.
To remember with a feeling of loss or sorrow; mourn.
A funny story.
So it goes that I remembered this funny moment of absolute regret.  One of our favorite bands were headlining at a local Outdoor Venue and we had tickets.  I had purchased three tickets and I had won two tickets.  As the time for the event drew around we were experiencing totally inclement weather and the concert was cancelled eventually on the day of the gig.However, Montana my daughter pictured here was adamant they would not call it off and made me get the tickets out and give her the ticket she was allotted as she was still going in with all of her friends regardless.  I was concerned she would lose her ticket and fussed a little.
I had fully prepared to go and had wet weather gear out in the bedroom to take etc.  I gave Montana her ticket and put the others on top of the clothing in the bedroom.  Something else was put on top of that and I forgot the tickets were there.  My partner put the wet weather gear away the next day not knowing the tickets were there and no one said anything.The day of the re scheduled concert comes around and we are getting ready to go and my partner said to me to get my tickets out and I joked and said to him, “No, you get my tickets out as you have them”.  He looked blankly at me and said No I don’t.  A mad panic ensued and the tickets could not be located.  We tore the house apart and didn’t find them.  Luckily though I had won 2 tickets and they were at the gate waiting for me and I gave my neighbor the money for his ticket I could not find and he bought a ticket at the gate.
Two months after the concert was over tidying up the cupboards I move this wet weather gear to put it some where else and what do you think I found?  Yes, the Bliss and Eso Tickets.  Now they are like proud relics on my wall in the lounge room.  I regret not thinking that day and being so concerned with Montana losing her ticket that I lost my own and other peoples tickets.  Kinda funny in hindsight!
Image by Mezza – A wet Montana with her Bliss n Eso Ticket.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Regret

This is Matilda…

This is my daughter and she turns 21 in 12 days.   When she was born she was born very tiny but full term.  She was four pound six ounces.  She was born with the umbilical cord around her neck four times, upside down and back the front and I had “placenta-praevia”..  she was delivered by emergency caesarian being performed.

I regret that I did not stress to the various medical practitioners involved forceful enough when I did complain about various things during my pregnancy.

I regret not demanding a Caesar at eight months gestation.  Matilda would have had a better chance.  She is still tiny in stature but big on attitude and heart.   She would have picked up this trait In-Utero having to fight for her very breath.

At seven months she kicked for 48 hours plus, I went to the hospital but was told I was being a bit over reactive about it.  I could feel her inside me and I could feel her panicking.  I was trying as hard as I could to get them to understand what I was feeling.  They were not prepared to listen to me.    I had a clear visual picture in my head what was going on inside of me.

Even until the moment of her birth they still disbelieved me.  There were a lot of people who were trying to save face after that nearly dire episode in my birth experience at Bellingen Hospital, these people played God with my motherhood.

I regret not suing the pants off them for the hardship that Matilda was to face in her life with learning and being tiny.  I regret that.

Placenta previa or abruptio  is where the placenta ruptures and comes away from the wall of the uterus, then internal bleeding occurs.  My placenta was growing over the neck of the cervix and had ruptured and the way out of the womb was completely blocked.  Matilda was never coming out that way.    Forty years ago we both would be dead.  We both would have died in childbirth.   I don’t regret that.

I regret that I ever trusted any of them.

Image of Matilda Sunshine Katherine Baldwin –  taken from Twitpix – Montana Baldwin ( daughter’s)

Weekly Photo Challenge – Regret..

There was movement at the station as the word was passed around that the colt from “Old Regret” had got away and joined the wild bush horses.   A B Patterson – Man from Snowy River

This is one of the things I regret.  I regret that I no longer have my great commodore station wagon.  It had a problem and it was getting on in years and we retired her to take up with a tiny little car that was astonishingly economical on fuel.

Although it is great on fuel, I regret not having my old car every time I want to collect the junk I usually collect along the way or to transport things.  Not much room inside my present vehicle for doing this sort of thing and so I have recently felt a level of frustration due to this.  When this happens, the next step is the fleeting sense of regret surfaces one more time.

Time will heal my temporary sadness around this regret.

Image by Mezza – Brice working on the commodore in Urunga

Weekly Photo Challenge – Random

This week has been a break from the norm as one of my followers commented heartily.  I also think the same.  A chance to show you some images that really are pretty random and so they now have their own place.

It reminds me of me in a way.  I feel pretty random in the way I actually view life and everything in it on a daily basis.

The most random things happen to me.  I have some quite random thoughts at time that turn out to be rather psychic impressions more than random thoughts down the track looking back in hindsight.  That is fairly random when it happens to.

I used to feel stuff if an article wasn’t with its proper owner, it would appear to feel like it was calling out to me.  My girlfriend Anne used to laugh when this happened.  That was years ago now and the random thing is I still get impressions but not the same. I feel like a vibration in my spirit when it does happen now.

Image by Mezza – Metal Pelican at Currumbin QLD  Feb 2012


Weekly Photo Challenge – Random . .

This is pretty Random too..

I come across these dolls all hanging like this at a market.  They made me smile.  I felt it looked really random as the dolls are called baby born and they are incredibly life like little dolls.

Dolly hanging..

They in fact reminded me of this idea I had once to have a heavy duty Velcro wall in your house and to have an equally heavy duty velcro suit and place the small child in this suit and attach to the wall as a way of keeping them in one place to feed etc ..  The mere thought was fairly random for a start and it was all in jest – no babies were hurt during the random thinking of such thoughts.  Still I think the idea has merit.  Hope you like this entry for Random.

Image by Mezza – Dolls cloths at Pottsville Markets

Weekly Photo Challenge – Random . .

Random chic

Yesterday this girl got out of the car in front of me.  She is a stranger.  What is so random about this shot is the fact that she was so absolutely beautifully immaculately dressed on Tuesday at 11:00 am in a town that is primarily hippy surfing back packing dudes from all over the world.

Byron Bay is well known as an Australian iconic coastal township on the North Coast of NSW.  This girl looked more than random amongst all of the other people on the street around her where she stepped out on to.  I for one was immediately captivated by her image and quickly snapped this gorgeous image.

I hope it fits the idea of random.  What is random to me may well be quite the norm for some of you.  Here where I live this would be even more random than where I shot this image.  So I personally felt it was an image that sums it up for me.  Hope you enjoy it.  Wish I could give the girl a copy.  Sadly she was gone though.

Image by Mezza – Girl at Byron Bay

Weekly Photo Challenge – Random . .

This is pretty random image to capture..

A wall on the side of a shop in Currumbin QLD.

I was waiting for my friend to drop off her car at the air conditioning shop and so whilst wandering around aimlessly as I do I came across this rather ironic image that I felt was random.

Image by Mezza – Random

Weekly Photo Challenge – Hope


I decided to post this image to the challenge because my daughter made these cupcakes and she is 15 years old and so this instills in me a sense of hope.  Hope that she will be a half decent cook as a person in her life when she leaves the parental fold.

When she was little I nicknamed her the project manager because she was always the one who organized everyone in the family around particular activities etc.

Today I saw this same organization as she quickly organized our day around making Red Velvet Cupcakes.  She had been wanting to make them for a couple of weeks and today the circumstances were indeed favorable to do so.  I laughed to myself as I grabbed the camera to take a pic of the masterpieces and as I did so I really did feel true


Image by Mezza – Montana’s red velvet cupcakes in Feb 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge – Hope

the sprouted seed of hope

This is one of my beans sprouting,  I always have a feeling of hope when I see the seeds in my garden sprout and then I see them grow into strong plants providing a bounty to us.
This last year with the inclement weather we have experienced where I live I always plant and hope.
It pays to hope.  I think while ever there is breath there is hope.


Image by Mezza – Bean sprouted

Weekly Photo Challenge – Hope

Over the centuries the cross has been seen as a symbol of hope.

Steeple of hope.

Today I wandered around the town I previously lived in for nearly 30 years while my friend enrolled her daughter in school.  I didn’t have too much time to hang around as the town is under threat of flooding again for the third time in two weeks.
I managed to snap this shot of the Anglican Church at the top of the main street of Bellingen.  It is shot I think I like a lot.  I do hope you do as well.
Bellingen is a tough little old town and so with that in mind I give you some history of the above house of God.


St Margarets Church of England Is being erected at Bellingen at a cost of about £2000.  The new building which has a commanding site at the top of the main street of the town,  is designed to seat a congregation of more than 100 people in the nave.  In addition,  it will have ample choir and sanctuary space as well as vestries and an organ chamber.

The church is being built of concrete, which will be left in its natural state on the ex- terior, but which will be plastered internally The roof will be of mottled terra-cotta tiles which are calculated to furnish the colour desired as a contrast to the walls.   The building will be lighted with amber lendllghts in steel frames, which will also provide good ventilation. The architectural interest of the interior will depend largely on the timber work of the roof, which will be visible. The chancel and sanctuary floor will be tiled In harmonious colours.

The architects are Power, Adam and Munnings, and the builder B. McNlven, of Hurstville.
Sydney Morning Herald 29th May 1934

Image by Mezza – St Margaret’s Bellingen 1st Feb 2012

Weekly Photo Challenge – Hope

The door is open..


Capturing hope has been fun.  I love this one of the open door.  To me it epitomizes hope  and is symbolic of hope.  When you hope that someone will see things differently it helps with the healing of the damage if some one leaves the door of hope open.

Image by Mezza – Open Front door Urunga 2012


Weekly Photo Challenge – Hope . . .

Hope is to anticipate, usually with pleasure.  It is expectation, or confidence. Hope looks to the future, not the past.

"I Hope I make it"

Montana is ever hopeful of making it to the toilet in this image, dress up and knickers off and running at pace in the direction of the toilet to do a wee.  She was such an easy baby to toilet train.

When she was 14 months old, her and I were stranded at my friend Cathy’s house in Bellingen without any nappies.  I layed Montana down on a towel doubled up a couple of times and all I had was hope.  Hope that she would not wet the carpet where she was laying on a makeshift bed I had prepared for her.

My hope must have been strong because that was the last time she ever wore any nappies in her little life.   Hope is an essential ingredient to getting through something that one must “live out” so to speak.

Hope is a state of mind and it is for the most still relatively free.  It is the faith in the creation that things will improve or either physically, spiritually and emotionally.
Image by Mezza – Child running for the toilet in hope to make it

Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

Weekly Photo Challenge – Simple

The simple Plumeria Flower

Because of this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge, I have really had fun looking at things and weighing up whether or not they are simple.

Trust me to make something simple complex.  Typical blondness again I suppose.

I was out photographing the evidence that our district is in fact in extreme flooding at the present moment here in Australia and I found this little wet flower laying on the green grass.  It was so beautiful, so simply beautiful.  I love these flowers and always bring them home with me because of the delightful perfume.

Frangipanis (known by their botanic name Plumeria in America) bring a heady, romantic fragrance to the garden, as well as a wide choice of warm, tropical colours.

Frangipani was the name of an Italian perfume used to scent gloves in the 16th century and named after its creator, the Marquis Frangipani. When the frangipani flower was discovered its natural perfume reminded people of the scented gloves, and so the flower was called frangipani. The genus name, Plumeria, commemorates Charles Plumier, a seventeenth century French botanist.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple

Awesome.. simple

If something is easy to look at and is guilt free well I think that is simple.  You don’t get locked up for looking at a rainbow.  The simple things in life either cost nothing or very little.

On this occasion it was completely free.  All we had to do was gaze upon the beauty that was just before us.  We were so excited by this.  It was all relatively simple.

Image  Bricee / Mary and Montana looking at the rainbow in Urunga NSW
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Simple..

What an interesting subject we have this week for the photo challenge.  Its simply interesting to look at what I perceive as  simple and photograph that.  I love simple.  Simple for me means quick and without  fuss.  This rock to me is Simple.

Simple beauty in Stanthorpe Queensland.

It would be considered a simple request to not de face the beauty of this rock.  It looks to be very special and simply should remain this way.  Simple requests are granted without too much ado because really its that simple.

I will explore the simplicity of beauty, that is really simple to do and I am sure that I will see some very complex things in doing so.  Nature is still simple though.  I make a cup of coffee in the morning and that makes me happy.  That is pretty simple to do.

Image by Ian Barlow (Close friend of Mezza) – Granite Rock at Stanthorpe Queensland.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Peaceful..

Peaceful Pelican

Oh my its it Friday here again in my part of the world at least and today I am feeling pretty peaceful.  This image is a common sight around here.  Old Mr Pelican .. his beak holds more than his belly can.  This was always a common rhyme when I was a child.

They have a peaceful easy flight if you watch them, ever so graceful for such a huge bird.
I hope you enjoyed my images of “Peaceful” this week.  I most certainly loved it and I loved looking at all of your peaceful images too.

Image by Mezza – Pelican on the Kalang River

Weekly Photo Challenge – Peaceful..


Even these words evoke a sense of feeling peaceful

Image by Mezza – Beach House Rack at Cathy’s house

I think that it is amazing that just looking at these very words carved out on a rack as they are photographed above on a nice blue wall and the sign a washed out white can give one a sense of feeling peaceful and relaxed.

That is what I felt when I looked at it on the wall.  I thought the beach house sign did the job proud for this weeks photo challenge.

It was peaceful as I looked at it hanging there on the wall not getting in the way,  and ever willing to assist and tell you where you are.  Your at the Beach House.

Imagination is a wonderful tool to bring about a sense of peace.  If your in a dry place just imagine the feeling of be quenched and sitting back in the peaceful afternoon feeling the sea breeze brush over your skin at the Beach House.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Peaceful..

It is in love where happiness is born and where peace grows and where hope lives forever.

Cathy's Peaceful window

This is a shot I took at my girl friends kitchen window.  I was standing at the sink and I grabbed the camera as I felt this was such a peaceful shot!  Perfect I thought for my photo challenge of peace.
Peace is something that can allude us at times.  I find peace in taking photographs in fact and walking and looking and searching for the illusive perfect shot.  I receive peace from knowing my children are all ok. I hope I find peace when I have passed to the other side.

Image by Mezza – Peaceful window in North Beach 2012

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