Base Waves

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Macro ….. Micro …. and everything in between..
all that can be touched and all that can be seen..
The fractal patterns repeating in waves
Our hearts beating…meeting it in the octaves.

All the way out and all the way in
And everything that was, or has ever been
It’s contained on the print of your babies hand
Such astounding understanding
No matter at what point you stand…
Man! its grand!

The body of the land isn’t fairing so well
So many places they left her to smell
Her body cut open and bleeding ..
the blood of her arteries is seething …
all the way out and all the way in
Its sick its not seen as the same freaking thing

Stop raping my mother and destroying her soul
Stop gouging her body for your useless economic goal
Stop poisoning her veins for such insane gains
Stop testing her… Stop arresting her and causing her pain

Stop messing with my mother coz your messing with me,
We are the very nature that we can see you see, same!
It’s oceans of love and rock hard laws
They will be here singing
Long after this psychotic pause of shame

Cause ..and effect .. to stop the insane self elect.