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Bags of Puss

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Bags of puss are next to us
Get ur bags of puss to discuss
Bags of Puss
Bags of Puss
Get ur puss next to us
Showing true colors next to us
Selling to you in such a rush
Bags of puss
Bags of Puss
Bags of puss you can’t trust
Touch my stuff  I’ll will play rough
Take your bags  from my stuff
Bags of puss bags of puss
Take ur bags of puss from my stuff
I write this down coz I’ve had enough
had enough of the bags of puss
Bags of puss
Bags of puss

I’ve had well enough of these bags of puss.

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

This rhyme was inspired by the cathartic process of releasing pent up emotions about a disgusting on going situation I live with.
Just recently I discovered that my car had been maliciously damaged by none other than my neighbor. It was clear where the splatter hit the back of the vehicle the angle at which it was thrown. This showed it was the neighbors kitchen window.
My other neighbor called the feds.   I already knew that would be a waste of time but Si la vi.
Now, I house my vehicle in the locked shed not the carport.  I don’t want my car damaged any further.
I have continued to take everyone’s advice and not acknowledge the button pressing garbage that hails from next door. However, this is what I get for my vigilance – “There take that, now try to ignore me”!
I am absolutely aware of the tactics employed here to cause me to react. My higher self is aware of this, my lower self is always what I am concerned about.
All of us as humans have a point at which we draw the line and say “Enough is enough”.