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East Coast Trippers

IMG 3232 Lagoon at Urunga NSW

Urunga’s Lagoon.  Toxic from Antimony processing and the toxic waters of Station Creek flowing into the precious ancient waterways of the lagoon. There is a “Tumor Cluster” evident in the township from personal observance.


The East Coast trippers
Got bad livers..
They live like Smyther’s
Right next to toxic rivers..

Tick Dips ticking,
The grasses children licking..
Little boys poking
At the strange things growing.

A tumor here …
A cancer there..
And down that road
they ain’t got no hair.

Lost it all
In one go.
Governments cover up
So no one knows..

East Coast Trippers
Life saving Nippers
Swimming in the mouths
of all those toxic rivers

Poisoning the people
its all quite legal
Department cars
Sport that trusty decal

So, East Coast Trippers
Do some healthy flippers
Check out the histories
Of the Carcinogenic rivers.

its not a poem
its a simple ditty
Do yourself a favor
Leave those east coast cities

Images @ Eminpee Fotography

Weekly Photo Challenge: Comfort


Bellinger River ….A major comfort in the heat of summer.
This is the very famous Bellinger River located on the Mid North Coast of New South Wales near the town of Bellingen.  My children all grew up swimming in this river and it has many many special swimming spots, especially further up the valley nearer the source of its beginning.  In the photograph here the water is brackish,  it is fresh water further up stream.  An absolute jewel in natures crown.  In those beautifully secluded swimming spots the water is icy cold and crystal clear and as fresh as the driven snow.
I chose this photograph because the word comfort immediately reminded me of being uncomfortable and to then ponder the opposite… what made me comfortable.  When I was pregnant in summer one year this river was my God send.  I was just so hot and the river offered me much comfort.