The Little Brown Hairy Man: Junjudee

They say they leave sticks stuck poking up out of the ground . Out in the Pilliga west of where I live these hairymen are Yowie and the ladies are Yuri.

Dr Karen Thurecht PhD

Australian Aboriginal people tell stories of little brown hairy men who roam the Australian bush. In South East Queensland, where I live they are called Junjudee, but in other areas they have other names. My children grew up on North Stradbroke Island sharing stories of the Junjudee who live in the scrub between our house and Brown Lake.

Newspapers from the 19th century have many stories about the little brown hairy men. This story from the Evening News published on February 27, 1897, is a typical example.

One cold winter’s night when we were camping by the Bay we heard a terrible cry. We had Tom’s mother with us. She was 87 years of age and her recollections went back before her tribe had ever seen the White man.

We were all squatted snugly around the fire when we heard a fearful yell ring out. It made me feel…

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